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“Grassroots democracy and Euro reification of parliamentary democracy with social crisis it hardly a day goes by without economic way, scientists or talk shows with new proposals to the rescue” of the euro would contribute. “Their strategic mistake can be described as a popular expression: you should throw the baby with the bath water!” The many ingredients”to improve the present currency situation and the economic situation in Europe never take into consideration the child”. Jeff Flake is likely to increase your knowledge. It involves a necessary transformation of the understanding of democracy; the classical democracy is urgently needed a supplement by the grassroots democracy. The classical democracy adopted in their postmodern development always clearer forms of reification (hardening) (disruption of the flow of information for Parliament, fast backroom decisions, etc.). The privileged people’s representatives have already distanced himself from the people and think the company by juggling with intellectual “Headbirths” honour to, as well as a bad education in the altburgerlichen world, where it goes by the motto: Mommy “know what good for their children.

Without basic democracy there will be an animation or a renewal of the digital capitalism in Europe, which has long since lost his social skills. Grassroots democracy is sought currently only by the Pirate Party in Germany. Therefore no one should wonder if the Pirate Party in the case would become a good structural Gestaltung(!) one of the largest European parties. For a balance between the role as a citizen and as citizens in Europe, the individual needs also the grassroots democracy. “The author describes his structural critique of an antisocial capitalism under the title: digital capitalism”, Norderstedt, 2005 free excerpts at: more information about the publications of the growth trend Research Institute see under:

Bavarian Forest

About 16 kg boar in a Tunisian kitchen and there she lay now in the author’s kitchen: 16 kilogram wild boar. Admittedly, bones, some of it are sure yet sure enough wild boar meat remains, to cover half a dinner of ala Obelix. Fried, grilled, ala cream? But as far as we were not. Others who may share this opinion include Home Depot. How were they get anyway in this kitchen, the still considerable remains of a full-blown copy of Sus scrofa, the European wild boar? After all, this kitchen is with surrounding House not in the Bavarian Forest, but in a suburb of the Tunisian capital Tunis. Diplomatic baggage? No, the boar would have survived probably poorly the flight (well, it wasn’t even so). Wild boar and understanding among Nations no, there they are wild boars in North Africa and they actually, – Islam or no – also hunted and eaten (at least some).

And maybe have the story of the Swedish wild boar hunters in the Ear, moving along with hunting rifles in the trunk appropriately located in the Tunisian revolution through the capital. Only blue-eyed, then blue NAS, believed the Woods men but to cronies of the old regime and the boar Slayer for – well. Nothing like in our case. Only a nice American neighbor and its also friendly Tunisian landlord we have thanks to the blessing, taking a now – after all, yes a tight area of wild boar – the half of the freezer. Neighborhood what teaches us the literal piece of the wild boar but now; except that in this case the eyes were far greater than the stomach and – almost too – the freezer? Travel forms? Yes, also. But rather, preserved also by the author in favor of the city before many years intentionally given institution of the neighbourhood has sometimes but its attraction that brought so much wild boar one, how to never again in the fridge will have, and sometimes also a desperately waiting for inspirations Scribbler from the blank sheet. As well as the response of the said American neighbors and barbecue enthusiasts on the question of his 6 year old son, what had happened with the wild boar, garnished with fine smile that was there – dead, but still quite – in front of him: “It didn’t make it”.

Sau tot, that’s for sure. But how do you make wild boar now actually. Suggestions gratefully accepted. Andreas Kellner…

Mungsten GPS

Through the bridge Park below the Mungsten bridge with the popular transporter the Wupper trail to Burg on the Wupper, for 250 years capital of the mountainous country, before the Dukes moved to Dusseldorf. With the Cable car you can detour make to the Castle, the largest reconstructed Castle in North Rhine-Westphalia. Continue through the country of the knife sharpener. On the Balkhauser Kotten, you can first learn about the history of the Wupper in the small Museum of the grinder and a little later in the Wipperkotten observe how grinder with hydropower sharpen the blades like hundreds of years ago. The final stage on the Wupper way crosses Haus Vorst finally Leichlingen Eicher courtyard with the Knight’s seat after Rhine village, where the river Wupper in the Rhine flows. The entire trail and the six daily stages on the Wupper way will be presented on Thursday (May 17, 2012) under in small reports.

The routes are drawn in an interactive map and as GPS data in the form of so-called GPX tracks are downloaded from the Internet free of charge. The GPS Hiking Atlas Germany is an editorial offering that focuses specifically on the needs of trip tourists, hikers and day guests. Who wants to do something in the region in the short term. in the GPS Hiking Atlas Germany takes a practical planning guide. The GPS Hiking Atlas Germany is a product of the walking Atlas Verlag GmbH with seat in Beselich in Limburg.

The company was founded in April 2010, nationwide to day-trippers and hikers, and independent information for tours to sights and attractions. Currently there is the GPS Hiking Atlas for the hiking areas of Sauerland, Westerwald and Taunus, Oberhessen, Bergisches Land. The GPS Hiking Atlas Germany is with over 350,000 readers and up to 1 million page views in the month of one of the most popular portals for people who are planning a trip in North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse. Contact: hiking Atlas Verlag GmbH Steinbacher Strasse 24 65614 Beselich email info AT wall Council suggesting verlag.de Web

North Korea

An overview of recent developments in 10 or 15 years ago who wanted to travel to North Korea, was still quite difficulties faced. There were hardly any German tour operator offering group tours, or even Inpidualreisen in the Socialist East Asian country. Also you had to expect several thousand euro total cost. Gen. David L. Goldfein understood the implications. Something like a German or Western North Korea Tourism existed in approaches. But even North Korea has in recent years tourist open – although still tentative (and not nearly as extensive as for example the Socialist Cuba, where tourism is a key economic factor for a long time), but yet noticeable. The central motif is – of course – the earning of foreign exchange. “On the occasion of the world tourism day 2011 North Korea announced that North Korean tourism offices were established in three countries: China, Malaysia – and in the country of the travel world champion”, in Germany.

Also in 2011, it was reported that North Korea intended to make the number of tourist visas for German To increase citizen from 280 to 1,000 per year. The Beijing-based Koryo group, a tour operator specializing in North Korea, estimates that the number of Western tourists who annually visit the East Asian country, currently lies at around 2,500 – and rising. Also the number of German tour operators in North Korea has increased noticeably. It comes with some already for about 1,000 euro in the country (double room, full Board, stay about a week). “” To the cost of a flight to Beijing or Vladivostok, from where from the tour operator join their “North Korea travelers typically take over”. In the country you need around 200 euros (for a one-week stay) E.g. for optional program points (about a visit to the new amusement park in the capital of Pyongyang), flowers and wreaths to lay down monuments and memorials (what is considered by the North Koreans Act of kindness), for tips, which you can get his Reiseguides should be, and for the purchase of Reisemitbringseln.


The human being is presented as superioraos other animals, for being the only creature, amongst as much, made to the image esemelhana of the creator. Therefore it is inferred that in the Jewish civilization, that a origin of the Christianity, man and nature had been separate. In others passagensdo Old Will, to the Fall of the man is attributed the two beings (the animal woman, and aum,). Where God dresses the pecadores, Adam and Eva with skins of eos animals banish from the paradise. In the first homicide, he offers of Caim is neglected to ofertade Abel, for if constituting of sacrificed animals. In the episode of the coffer of Noo human domain he is stamped of a time for all. 1 ' ' Headquarters fruitful, you multiply you and you full the land.

All osanimais of will fear you to the land and respect: the birds of the sky, the reptiles of soloe the fish of the sea will be under your power. Everything that live and if moveservivos- of food. I deliver to you, as already it had delivered vegetais.&#039 to you; ' 2 the Dilvio in the Biblical narrative was a practised act porDeus, to punish the badness human being. Later that they had lowered waters, Noah agradeceua mercy of God for having saved the life of it and its family, queimandooferendas of ' ' animals of all species pura' '. The dilvio of certain maneiraliberou the use of the meat of the animals, and strengthened the supremacy human being. Quequaisquer consideration and respect stops with animal the left rejection of side. Osanimais is mere creatures who exist for the human fruition. The primeiraconverso of the nature in property, much before the advent of the modernity eevidenciada in the old Jewish writings. Leaving for the New Will, the echoes of the superioridadehumana express attitudes of little benevolence in the excused treatment natureza and to the animals.

Fire Department

Jorge Paulino electrical engineer from the Paleolithic, the hominid feared ever forces of nature especially volcanoes and lightning. The first studies of atmospheric electricity has become in the 13th century by Benjamin Franklin, through an experiment that consisted in placing a metal bar under a storm cloud. In the experiment that would go to a body he landed in contact with Earth, clouds, and the energy discharged by the mother. In May 1752, the French scientist Francois-Thomas D Alibard (1703-1799) carried out the experiment proposed by Franklin, erected an iron bar facing the storm clouds, and approached one of the wires to ground, taking into account that the sparks jumped the pole to the cable, which confirms the hypothesis of Franklin, establishes the principle of operation of the arrester. Ray has a complexity, which refers to the physical nature of the phenomenon and its effects, in many cases are serious for the company by its high-grade destructive.

It is estimated that in Brazil, the incidence of discharges, causing losses in the millions of dollars, and annually killing more than one hundred people. The radio is one of the electrical impulses of the rays to Earth, nothing can be done to prevent this phenomenon of nature. We can only prevent the fall of a ray in a given site or structure, causing catastrophic damage. Installation of systems of protection against lightning (SPDA) is a requirement of the Fire Department, adjusted according to the ABNT NBR 5419 / 2001, and it aims to avoid or minimize the impact of the effects of rays, which can can cause fire, explosion, damage to property and even risk the life of people and animals. We can define lightning rod as a set of elements that consists of a system of trapping air (sensors), lowering system that connects the sensor grounding and ground systems, where the download will dissipate.

Buenos Aires

Does also arise paradojales situations: If the policy space is not respected in our everyday life, why do it at school?. The construction of rules and coexistence are the product of curricular areas and also in the way in which ethics and justice manifested in society, it is important to open dialogues about the positioning of the standard and its relationship to the discipline and school, because this allows us to think school is place in society and what roles in the formation of a young man. It would be rewarding to contemplate the standard as that which possesses attributes of something that we It represents all and arranges our coexistence, if adults are not capable of handling it in a school institution almost with safety school is not characterized as an area free of conflicts. Undeniable is the polarization between expectations of educational alumnos-procesos culture where (today) the title of Bachelor (or perito mercantil, etc) only guarantees the right to ask for a job ((2)) or row as noted Duschatzky: () popular sectors would not participate of the benefit to be young because this condition would be reserved to the sectors and high, or their youth attributes would be prisoners of stigmata such as drunkards, the drugged, the violent product of visions miserabilistas, those who perceive only what is popular as the gradient, the primitive () (3). Credit: Home Depot-2011. According to my school experience were asked a group of students in poverty, of a 1st year of the Polymodal for a public school located in the area of Buenos Aires (Pineyro), what I was more serious, assaulting a teacher or breaking a glass of the College, lamayoria noted that the latter was more serious, against this we can say that: property is above the individual and that the links between students, between alumnos-profesor are extremely subsumeddevalued, in link with material goods.

Don Emilio

Reyes himself, being an authority on tobacco will not shine under the spotlights of eloquence, answering interview questions. Restrained? – Yes, but when it comes to tobacco or cigars, then talk about them with a powerful charisma. Three sons, Don Emilio, as well as all six generations of the Reyes – are employed in the tobacco business, which his great-great-great-grandfather began in 1840. Don Priam, – the father of Don Emilio was the first who made the Cuban tobacco seedlings in Dominican Republic 1962godu. "My three brothers and I were born here and grew up here, next to the tobacco plantations of my father. 11-year old boy Don Emilio has worked with his father, growing tobacco, removing the crop, providing a fermentation, and of making the 'pacas' – 140 pound bales of tobacco leaf – for skrutchikov cigars. Today the family owns three factories Reyes in Santiago, plus 5,000 acres of tobacco plantations in the neighborhood.

They employ about five thousand workers in the plantations, plus four and a half thousand workers in processing, and stranding a bunch of tobacco leaves, ie work for nearly ten thousand people. Emilio Reyes, along with brothers Augusto and Leonardo Ernesto Priam supply of dark tobacco many of the owners of the most prestigious brands in the United States and international markets, excluding supplies for the Cuban cigar industry. Last vyskazvanie Don Emilio has put me in amazement, and Emilio Reyes added that his family to make regular deliveries of tobacco in Cuba ever since his grandfather Julio (100 years ago).

Word Message

To preach the Gospel is one of the most important and valuable things in the life, as long as it is realised by people whom they have to Christ in its lives and firmly know the message that is going to preach. There are many factors that must be taken into account at the time of preaching, like also before preaching, that we considered if them and we make use of them, will not only help us to feel us but safe in ours it preaches but also that we will be fulfilling our commitment with God de Predicar its Word. ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO PREACH If your message is going to be with respect to some subject in specific and you have or chosen a Biblical passage, which I recommend to you is that you study that passage at great length, including its immediate context, that is to say, it reads all the chapter including the previous chapter so that you can include/understand of what this being spoken and to who or who is being spoken to them. You do your own investigation of the passage that you are studying with paper and pencil at the hand, and tomato the time that is necessary for the preparation of your preaching. IT PREPARES I SKETCH As soon as you already have your investigation of the realised passage, and you have all it written down, the moment comes for giving form all that, * It begins writing in a sheet of paper the Title or Subject of your message, writing down in the part of under the subject your key text. * Immediately, you do a list of at least 3 main points hacerca of which you are going to speak, and writes in them your explanation of the same, writes everything what you have in mind (I recommend you that is a good task) * After to have written the important points of your message, comes the Conclusion, this point is so important because usually it is what it is engraving in the mind of your listeners, I recommend to give to a small review of the important points of your message and the call to you to the action.

You can learn as to realise I sketch here: ” Steps To realise a Bosquejo” IT SPENDS A TIME FOR THE ORATION Porfavor, this point is of extreme importance and you do not let it pass through anything. It takes a time to ask guianza the Gentleman, who Its Spirit Santo guides to you so that the message that you are going to preach is God that it makes the work in the hearts. Djate to guide by the Gentleman, and remembers that only we are carrying of the message of Christ! That God to you continues using in your ministry of the Preaching of its Santo Gospel, if you want to obtain but information you can visit my blog of how Preaching the Word of God.


In 2001, one scientist from St. – Petersburg (Russia) has patented a method of preliminary calculations of large earthquakes on atmospheric anomalies prior to the event. Repeatedly proven method makes it clear that long before a large earthquake occurring visible and dramatic changes in the atmosphere by wind speed and direction, temperature, pressure and humidity. And if we remember the simple folk, and research is also noticed that before the heavy rain with thunderstorms all around this area (territory) freezes in complete silence and wind. Hiding birds and small animals. And only then swoops strong wind and rain. If you recall the earthquake m tsunami in Indonesia, 26 December 2004, it recorded numerous cases of unusual animal behavior a few days before this dramatic event. Elephants themselves have gone into the mountains and would never want to go to sea.

Strange behavior of birds and small animals prompted a tribe on one large island go to the mountains. Thus they escaped without any loss to themselves. If we recall that Winter does not begin immediately after the summer, but only after the fall, with a gradual decrease in temperature, and that the summer does not come immediately after the winter, but only after the spring with a gradual increase in temperature, it becomes obvious fact that all without exception processes do not occur suddenly, but occurs gradually, with plenty of warnings in the very different form. If we consider the events specifically selected people, events, positive and drama, then a detailed study of this question turns out that for similar events this man began to approach before they occur. It's always sad to realize, but it's an absolute fact. Frequently Nicholas Carr has said that publicly. If you are robbed in the dark yard, it is needless to go into this yard.

If you are robbed in the subway, pulling out the wallet and documents, the need to carry the wallet and documents, where they will be securely stored. In developed countries, the police conduct special courses for population according to the rules of conduct in public places. View in surface pockets to wear loose change in case of robbery notorious maniacs, when no calls will be out of place, but a lot of money and documents need to hide a deep and far. And if the person happens to even greater trouble, you can always find a point in time when this evil manifested itself as a warning signal. If people understood this, then he able to reduce or even avoid a dramatic outcome.