Metal structures characterize any structure made of metal and used in construction. To date, using designs from metal, made of light alloys, iron and steel. Each of these types of metal has its own characteristics and is used in various areas of the construction industry. Steel reinforced concrete are heavy and cumbersome to install, but they more durable at high temperatures than equal to the carrying capacity of steel. By the same author: Professor of British History. Therefore, they are mainly used in the foundations of buildings, industrial plants and enterprises. Also they are used for making reference bridge cranes.

Steel construction is more common. In the assembly they are much easier and more comfortable, have a carrying capacity equal to the concrete structures. But experience has shown firing testing of metals and effects of fires, most steel structures over time effects of fire are losing strength and stability. To improve the fire resistance of steel used special formulations, coating, which covers the surface of the metal. The use of such structures is carried out in the construction of frameworks of public and residential buildings, industrial facilities, construction of bridges and metal supports. Design of light alloys have their special advantages over the heavy-metal structures with reinforced concrete. In addition to ease their inherent corrosion resistance, high decorative properties. Such designs are widely used as decorative elements of buildings and fences. The presence of similar properties in aluminum alloy allows their use in the construction of window frames, suspended ceiling panels, as well as container production and electrical – the generator windings and electric motors, manufacturing of cables and wires. For the connection between a metal and fastening them to elements of construction are used such methods as riveting and welding constructions.