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Jose Angel Valente

But of limited form, like the train that travels by the route. It has a real progress, nobody it can deny that nonadvance, nevertheless always follows the same route, the same route. Any modification of the passage beyond the route makes derail. It is designed to advance previously following a line drawn up, without improvisation option some. In the meditation there is no noticeable passage. It is not a route, is not a theory. The meditation is the entrance towards the freedom.

And like so, it does not have maps, organization, structure Is pure infinitud of space and time. We cannot know the time, but the time knows us very well. The time knows where we are although we do not know where it is the time. You see if it already it has gone. If it give account you of which you see it that it is the unique conscious way to see already has escaped to us. For that reason we cannot stop the time, because the nature of the time is its continuous movement, its impermanencia. Flowing del that Heraclitus spoke to us.

And del that also Buddha spoke to us. Jose Angel Valente are verses of the Spanish poet who says to us much in this respect: " When no longer it is left us nothing,/the emptiness of not being/could be to the useless end and perfecto". To meditate is to undress of the ballast of I. To make us lighter, simpler, more fundamental. Of progressive form we are untied the knot that throughout our life has been acquiring an intrincate complexity. In verses of Valente we see that after nothing appears the emptiness . " When no longer we have left nothing, the emptiness of not being " Making an interpretation Buddhist we would say that I am to to which it does not have left nothing, I released of the ballast of the ego or identification with the form and image of himself-same.


To work in House is synonymous of: comfort, flexibility, freedom, accessibility etc. This Dreams rather well, you do not create? Then something very important is not to mix the daily activities of the House with Working in House. For it you dare a few simple but effective ideas to put in practice and more productive being to Trabajar in House: 1. – To define your work area: it looks for an independent area in your home. Would be to you a little complicated if you live in a small apartment; if this which is your case you must make looking for a fixed area where carry out your work eliminating the possible distractions. 2. – Organization of your time: This item is very important since commonly usually they mix the personal times with the professional times, therefore is fundamental to organize our day to day. As example I can say to you that if you have a routine to leave to walk every day, the best thing than you can make always realise this activity to the same hour.

These must be fixed goals that you trazes, although even find a by far job you. This you it will help to maintain a routine of work under control of schedules or before or after realising your daily activities. 3. – To automate your work more than you can: You always must consider that in Internet you can find a infinity of resources as much to organize as to manage your Work in House. For example: If these designing Pages Web, already look for groups prepared to only include your information. 4. – The USA technology for your Well-being: It collects all the equipment that you consider necessary to be able To work in House. Aside from your Computer, it must exist a Printer, Fax, Scanner, connection to broadband Internet etc.