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Constitutional Court

The vice-president of the Constitutionalist, Eugeni Gay, and the magistrates Javier Delgado and Elisa Perez Side had presented/displayed their resignation. It is the first time in the history of the TC that several magistrates resign to their position. The mandate of the three magistrates expired 8 of November the past. The president of the Constitutional Court (TC), Paschal Room, has decided east Monday not to accept the resignation of the vice-president of this organ, Eugeni Gay, and of the magistrates Javier Delgado and Elisa Perez Side, that had submitted his retirement application in protest by the nonrenovation of the court, clogged for years. Thus it the Constitutionalist has informed after in the morning she knew herself that the three magistrates, whose mandate finalized month of November the past, had formalized their resignation in protest by the lack in agreement between the parliamentary groups of the PSOE and the PP in the Congress to come to their renovation. The march of Gay, Delgado and Perez Side would have let to the Constitutionalist with the minimum quorum to continue making decisions, that the law establishes in eight magistrates. In a decree, Room justifies its decision " given the volume of pending constitutional processes put under his conocimiento" and for " to guarantee the continuity and estabilidad" of the court, del that remembers that she is the supreme interpreter of the Constitution and the maximum guarantor of the fundamental rights and public liberties. For that reason &quot decides; not aceptar" the resignations, " notwithstanding doing again it presents/displays, in this case to the Congress of the Deputies, the necessity of observance of the terms of constitutional renovation and legally establecidos". Historical situation is the first time in the history of the Constitutionalist who several magistrates of this organ resign to their position. Gay, Delgado and the Perez Side comprise of the quota that designates the Congress and communicated their resignation in three different writings.

Later Pablo

The proper Church Catholic (the others also) seaproveitou of made velvety or permissive environments where the subject geralmente led to die, to hide culprits or to even prorogue mandates, trusting noesquecimento and the depravation of the time. Recently until a cardinal ligadoao Pope arrived to make a declaration at least influenced by the fear clericalde to lose the financial control of the Church, being preferred to keep this all the cost, what serious cause queerness, a time that, in the deep one, is an exchange of santidadepelo money. It doubly errou when saying that ' ' the celibacy does not have relaocom the sexual abuses of minors cometidospor padres' '. It will be? Errou doubly because the Church if says established nBblia, and this points the marriage (ally to the allegiance) as one of the forms dese to prevent depravation/promiscuity of the world. The New Will arrives dizerque ' ' honored either the marriage and bendito of all either the stream bed without mcula' ' (Hb13,4), meaning the bed where the spouses make love and procreate.

Apstolofaz two declarations in this direction that speak for itself. A time it said that ' ' obispo all man either husband of one only mulher' ' (I Tm 3,2) to give bomtestemunho to the community for which candle spiritual. If this valley for osleigos, what not to say for the clergy? Later Pablo it arrives to say that fundamental that the married couple if does not unglue one alone time one of the other, for (they see well) not suffering temptations from extramarital sex (I Co 7,5). Istobasta. Therefore, if common men suffer daily temptations, exactly in environments ' ' puros' ' how of old, what not to say of the ambienteserotizados ones of After-modernity? if I or you is attemped, without sermosclero, why devils the tempting one would not launch bigger temptations still for oclero? Who is the proper clergy recognizes that, as well as Jesus he was very maisalvo of the seductions of the hell, the priests obviously it will be that osleigos (the majority already do not deliver of body and soul ' ' to the delights of carne' '). With effect, the declarations of the Cardinal Walter Casper (and the Vatican, for extension) are completely baseless and frivolous, and put aprpria at risk Church, if it is that for the S Saint the risks dangerous somenos spirituals of what the financiers! A world of depraved priests has to queser and will be always very worse of what a world WITHOUT church! (by the way, without a igrejapapal): this would have to be clerical consensus. Finally, the arguments in favor of celibatoOBRIGATRIO if melt as butter to the fire when we remember in them demaisigrejas Christian, including the Anglicana and others even of confession catholic, emque the priests can marry normally. still is in air terrible estranhezaque if it would translate thus: if Rome knows that the obligator celibacy puts a fardomuito heavy on the back of the priests (some of them in the flower of the age and formosos, as the priest Fbio de Melo) and leaves a devilish breach for the temptation dapromiscuidade, what after all it would be for backwards of this lapsed and atbiblicamente questionable norm? Forgot itself Rome that the first Pope (They are Peter, according to it) was married? Why soon Peter can and the others not? Prof. Brave Joo of Miranda.)

Seek Time

It is the parameter fundamental to measure the life utility of the device. POH (Power on hours – Hours ignited). She is one estimation of the number of hours that the disc could be ignition annually. Although also it appears in hours per days of the week. For example. Discs exist 24 (hours) xs 7 (days of the week) that is to say, that can be continuously encedidos. Temperature (Room temperature of operation). According to the type of disc usually it is in ranto between 0 and 60 degrees.

Outside those ranks normally the disc is not operative. The ideal temperature of work could be between 20-25 reason why all representative variation, mainly to the rise, will influence of negative form in the MTBF. It could be interesting to add some type of refrigeration to the disc if it were considered necessary. You power failure that brings about interruptions in the feeding of the discs, to use them during more hours of those than for which they were made (POH), or to maintain them working to high temperatures will influence negatively in its MTBF and therefore in their life utility. In order to verify the state of our discs we could habitually monitor them by means of what is called technology SMART acronym of " Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology" and that comes implemented in the majority of present discs due to its great utility. It consists of the capacity of the disc to self-detect internal failures, allowing to the user the power to take the opportune measures before a non-recoverable loss of data takes place. The BIOS the motherboard also must allow its activation. Between the most important parameters that they are possible to be monitored in the disc they are: Temperature of the disc (Temperature), Frequency of read errors (Raw Read Rate Error), Time necessary to begin to turn (spin-up Time), Accountant of sectors reasignados by defects (Reallocated sector count), Time search and positioning (Seek Time performance), Frequency of errors search (Seek Rate Error), Frequency of write errors (Write Rate Error), Efficiency of the disc (Throughput performance), Number of hours passed in operation (Power-on hours), etc.

The disc stores so much the present values of the parameters like the optimal thresholds of operation below which, following the importance of the parameter, it is important to take some measurement from precaution like for example backup, or to even consider the urgent cloning of the disc for its substitution. In order to verify parameters SMART of discs some of the following gratuitous programs can be used: Speedfan (almico). This software for Windows besides providing information on the temperature of the component interns of the computer also provides information on parameters SMART of discs. Very recommended! Smartmontools (sourceforge). Software to monitor discs in surroundings linux. Really, elije well the hard disk, according to your needs, in which you will store the information and monitors its state regularly to prevent losses. Original author and source of the article.


The expropriation of suasterras followed it the conquest and marked the first characteristic docolonialismo. In 1850, the domain of the colonists was of 11 500 hectares, passandopara 1 600 000 in 1900 and for 2 703 000 in 1950. 8 Moreover, the racial preconception, the violence,> the war of Algeria entreos years of 1956 and 1962.

9 ‘ ‘ The resource to the ideologiada Islamic nation in the independence movements was marcante. The combat docolonialismo if made on behalf of the defense of the national identity. Unclasping Algerian dapersonalidade was effected through the reverse speed-appropriation of its prpriacultura. The fusing between islamismo, arabicism and Populism if became source of this powerful feeling. However, the traditional system of values already had been sprayed for the domination French occidental person and acoerncia of its national identity was breached. The possibilities to proceed comsucesso in the reorganization from the national personality around a cultural novopatrimnio, that is, of a hierarchy order> steady and rational, they were corrupted and rejected, because of feelings desubordinao loaded. Therefore, the combat emancipation politician if saw folloied deum combat of values, dividing the population in its effort to define umaidentidade.’ ‘ 10 This problem was defundamental importance during the first years of independence.