Does also arise paradojales situations: If the policy space is not respected in our everyday life, why do it at school?. The construction of rules and coexistence are the product of curricular areas and also in the way in which ethics and justice manifested in society, it is important to open dialogues about the positioning of the standard and its relationship to the discipline and school, because this allows us to think school is place in society and what roles in the formation of a young man. It would be rewarding to contemplate the standard as that which possesses attributes of something that we It represents all and arranges our coexistence, if adults are not capable of handling it in a school institution almost with safety school is not characterized as an area free of conflicts. Undeniable is the polarization between expectations of educational alumnos-procesos culture where (today) the title of Bachelor (or perito mercantil, etc) only guarantees the right to ask for a job ((2)) or row as noted Duschatzky: () popular sectors would not participate of the benefit to be young because this condition would be reserved to the sectors and high, or their youth attributes would be prisoners of stigmata such as drunkards, the drugged, the violent product of visions miserabilistas, those who perceive only what is popular as the gradient, the primitive () (3). Credit: Home Depot-2011. According to my school experience were asked a group of students in poverty, of a 1st year of the Polymodal for a public school located in the area of Buenos Aires (Pineyro), what I was more serious, assaulting a teacher or breaking a glass of the College, lamayoria noted that the latter was more serious, against this we can say that: property is above the individual and that the links between students, between alumnos-profesor are extremely subsumeddevalued, in link with material goods.