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Creation Of Websites

Structure of elements on a web page to begin the design of our website, should carry out an organized structure of all elements, both visible and invisible. In this way will be easier navigation by users, as the way of indexing our Web site through search engines. Title the title of the page included within tags and, appear in the results after a search. Include keywords within the title, without exceeding in more than 60 characters goals keywords include approximately 15 key words in combination of two words, separated by commas, including misspellings. Imagine for example a company selling televisions in Madrid: sale Madrid TVs, TVs for sale Madrid, Madrid televisions for sale, buy telebisores Madrid. Meta description this part it is recommended not to omit, since in the search results, is what users will see and there is where will depend on that to click or not. Include a description of at least 200 characters.

Use of javascript in the head if we use part of code written in javascript that uses functions within the header, will include the code after the tag description. Use of dynamic url avoid as far as possible the use of dynamic urls type pagina.php? id = 60, using modrewrite to make urls user-friendly, similar to e.g. venta_coches_renault.htm and with associated titles the file in particular. Structure of headers to the search engines likes the use of headers h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6. If there is some kind of problem with the font size, use style sheets for formatting. Distribution of links any file should remain orphaned, that is like an island. All bound and distributed into sections by sections must stay. We have an example of a company that sells sports accessories;Section tennis: slippers-tenis.htm racquets-tenis.htm socks-Tenis.htmseccion football: boots-futbol.htm t-shirts-futbol.htm pants-futbol.htm create a map of the web in the same way we can create a map of the site with all the links.

In this way we will help to better indexing search engines. We reached no more than 100 links per page. Finder on the web do not forget either, the inclusion of an internal search engine, for the execution of a quick search.

The Intention

Then ask for personal interviews, appointments, landlines, and a series of nonsense that are no longer required due to that if you want one learn can see the company, website if you want to buy can pay with western union or deposit to the account of the company. But they don’t want that, they want to be opposite from its competitor, meet his local, the exact address, to make false accusations, with the municipality, with other authorities, etc. These are the so-called Fizgones of Internet. Fizgon is a bad intentioned person who wants to find out everything possible, that seeks to frighten someone with the tale’s Criminalist, police Secretary of court, who works in the Prosecutor’s Office, but that is not more than a fake, professional, delinquent resurgimiento de neck and sophisticated tie. In addition to the Fizgones, we have other rats, we have unfair competitors. So we have that there is a man who is professional, who works for a miserable salary administration publishes and who does not know that do to change jobs. Don’t know to to get an entry more.

These unemployed, underemployed, are like that of requesting reports by taste to all e-mail addresses, to request personal interviews, with the intention that the company that advertises on the internet, know it and see it in person. They are idiots that they imagine that they are very beautiful, sober, elegant and impressive and that a title old under the sleeve will impress company and this you will work.What they seek is to speak and talk about them and their great deeds when it was made decades, police, military, Chief official in such or which site. What they seek is clear, to offer them work, because they are unemployed or earn miseries.Other more cunning they send messages and say that they want to be partners, who want to invest, but when are already on the site, refuse to invest in advertising on various pretexts.

Mitch Winehouse

/ Ensures that drug taking to alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal, the Librium, increases the chance of a collapse. He admits that Amy Winehouse did everything with excess. Definitive reports of his death have not been disclosed. Amy Winehouse’s father, Mitch Winehouse, has granted the first television interview since her daughter died. The progenitor of the singer has provided new clues about the cause of the death of the singer. According to his version, was hard detoxification that was submitting and the use of a legal drug for this purpose, the Librium, what killed her. Everything that made Amy did in excess.

He drank too much and made rehabilitation in excess, indicates the father of the deceased singer in an interview with the talk show Anderson Cooper that airs this Monday. The diva of soul, which for years fought his addiction to drugs and alcohol, was found dead at his home in London on July 23. According to his family, toxicological reports indicate that there was alcohol in your blood, but it is not clear that this contributed to his death. Mitch Winehouse, during an emotional interview, also adds that the analysis revealed traces of Librium in his blood, a drug that is administered to combat anxiety and other symptoms in alcoholics who are in rehabilitation and that, according to their statements, increase the chance of a collapse. Taking Librium daily, said. In this line, Mitch regrets that Amy Winehouse would disengage without the help of a professional, because periods of abstinence were ever longer and ever shorter periods in those who drank. I was in the right direction, says. In addition, the father of the singer explains that Amy suffered from attacks that could cause you to lose consciousness in recent months before dying, and that might be a good explanation for what happened that July 23. When not drank, was the owner of the world, recalls during the interview, whose fragments were issued by TMZ, the father of Amy Winehouse, which ensures that not blamed her ex-husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, of his death, but only of his affection to drugs hard. Source of the news: the father of Amy Winehouse believes that his daughter died from an “excessive rehabilitation”

Spanish Agency

The Spanish Agency of data protection is already implementing the figure of the admonitory regulated in article 45.6 of the LOPD. This figure was introduced by law 3/2011 sustainable economy which modified the penalty system of the data protection act. Empowers the Agency, in exceptional cases, to not open disciplinary procedure against the infringer and instead culminated him, understood as making a reproach, for minor or serious breaches that the offender had been committed, forcing him to take corrective measures that are choosing to restore the initial situation, within the period laid down by the Agency, and not to again produce the breach of the law for the same reasons. If it is not restituyese the situation within the stipulated time limit, the Agency would continue with the opening of the sanctioning procedure. For the implementation of this new figure required main, or previous requirements are that the offender was not punished or learned previously and that the facts were constituent as mild or severe infringement according to the law; and accessories requirements, that by no means less important, regulated in article 45.4 and 45.5 of the Act such as the recognition of the responsibility, the intentionality, volume of business, profits, regularization of the illegally in a diligent manner the national audience for his part also is recognizing implementation of this figure, when the Spanish Agency has not done so, and the requirements demanded in the law (judgment of 17 June 2011). The procedure would be as follows: the AEPD receives complaints about possible infringement of the right to protection of personal data. Opens the dossier for verification of the facts, prior to the opening of the disciplinary record. In test phase the AEPD may ask the alleged offender how much documentation considered pertinent. Although the data protection act does not indicate nothing about the right of defence of the alleged offender, pursuant to article 79 of law 30/92 of the procedure Administrative, this may be how many arguments it deems appropriate; perform on-site checks, and in this case the inspector shall draw up a record that will be offered for the signature of the person under investigation where this may also make allegations.