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Economic Plight

We all are aware of the current economic plight of our country, is certain that it has habit times worse, since then than Yes, but we were accustomed to a standard of living and a series of certain benefits which are being suppressed because of the readjustment needs economic and the measures taken by the Government. There are many cities that have built new flats, or semi-construidos and they can not give out, nobody buys them, banks do not offer credits and pay all the money at once is something that very little lucky can do, therefore we see lots of posters that quote: for sale flats Valencia, for example, or sell apartment Madrid in recent years, the prices of rents have soared making that most interested acquire own housing rent it, since the money was not a problem, banks lent it easily to all kinds of people that met a few ridiculous requirements next to the current. When the economic situation is so complicated like the present, it is always easier be rented that mortgaged owner. For example, if work is lost, would comply with the payment of the mortgage payment probably be difficult or impossible in the majority of cases, and if the subsidy runs out, could be the point of having to sell the home at a price that, in the best cases, cover the outstanding amount of the mortgage. The advantages of living in rent in a similar situation are several, no obligation, rather than bail in most of the contracts, which could leave the floor and save part of the rent moving to one more economic to either save the entire occupying the House of a family member. Therefore, when we see these ads above flats Valencia so attractive, we need for a minute and think a number of things like for example, if we really have the capacity to deal with the payment of the mortgage on the floor, or rather, we must fix our gaze on other posters of the type of rental flats Valencia and opt to rent a house in place negotiate a mortgage with the Bank. Logically, opting for one or another election will depend on stability, savings and situation of each person or couple or family employment.

Northeast Professors

It is important to observe that, usually, the number of institutions of the units of the federacy tends to wait direct relation with the population. Thus, for example, So Paulo, MinasGerais and Rio De Janeiro, the states most populous of Brazil, also they are osestados with the biggest number of institutions of superior education. Already estadosdo Acre, Amap and Roraima, of lesser population, is also the ones that have menornmero of institutions. The state of the Paran, however, is exception: inferior compopulao to the one of the Rio Grande Do Sul and with approximately 5 dehabitantes million to less of what Rio De Janeiro, the Paran has the nmeroexpressivamente biggest one of IES' '. (INEP, 2005). National Cadastro of Professors of 2005/1 registers one totalde 230,784 operating professors in the Brazilian superior education.

Of these 48.0% atuamna Southeastern region, 21.1% in the South region, 16.8% in the Northeast region, 8.8% naregio Center-West and only 5.2% in the region North. We can observe that opercentual cumulative between the regions South and Southeastern of 69,1% of the docentesatuantes in the superior level. Except for the historical proportionalities and we econmicaspodemos to evidence the enormous abysses and or challenges of the qualification technique dosprofissionais that works and lives in the region. According to INEP (2005), of the 230,784 active professors superior daeducao in 2005/1, 52,376 are doctors, after-doctors oulivre-professors, representing 22.7% of the total. The masters constitute maiorgrupo: 80,787 professors, a 35,0% index. The number of specialists is de67.822, representing 29.4%. But graduated acting as professors the educaosuperior they are 27,334, an index of 11,8% in relation to the total. Pequenogrupo of professors without graduation has one (that we could call professors for well-known notriaespecializao or to know) and that they are 2,465, representing 1.1%. Somadosos masters and doctors (including after-doctors and free-professors), therefore, representam57.7% of the total of professors. More important still to observe is the distribution dastitulaes for region, as we verify in the representation of the doctors, in regiesNorte and Center-West is the ones that more were distanciam of the average national, comapenas 12.7% and 16.2% of doctors, respectively, for a national average de22.7%.

Ambient Justice

In face of the current partner-economic crisis of nossoPlaneta, becomes each more urgent time the mobilization on the part of all oscidados in the brainstorming that skirtes these problems, this is the ambient nossodesafio. Front to this, the Ambient Justice of our Country, through dRede Brazilian Ambient Justice, promotes the fight to finish with different adistribuio them ambient risks, that come affecting the quality due not only ambient as socially. Osmovimentos Ambient Justice had as landmark against racism in the United States. There, the fight is against adesigualdade of the quality of life in relation to ‘ ‘ raas’ ‘ , or better dizendoetnias. As it is seen, here in Brazil, the fight is ampler. It accumulates of stocks principles, it searchs equality of quality of life and believes that the fight alone will be able servencida when the conscience will be had of that she is necessary to protect fracose more that we must give one is enough in the ambient destructions, for benefit of umaminoria, in detriment of the smashing majority of population of the world. Word-Key: Ambient justice, Brazilian Net of Ambient Justice, Ambient Injustice, Practical Principles and of Ambient Justice.

Crisis ABSTRACT Given the currentsocio-economic of our planet, it becomes increasingly urgent you call forall citizens in search of solutions you circumvent these problems, this is ourenvironmental challenge. This Facing, the Environmental Justice of our country, through the Brazilian Network of Environmental Justice, promotes the fight toend the unequal distribution of environmental risks, which has affected thequality of life not only environmentally and socially. The EnvironmentalJustice in March was you the movements against racism in the United States. Thereis the fight against inequality in quality of life in relation you ‘ ‘ races’ ‘ , or to rather races. Them see you can here in Brazil, the fight to isbroader. It covers principles, pursuit of equal quality of life and believesthat the fight can only be overcome when you ploughs aware that we must protect theweak and we should just give in environmental destruction, will be the benefit of aminority at the expense of overwhelming majority of the world population.