Hardfloor names and Underworld still mean something to many city administrations who have probably brought a new source of income for the city budget from renting vacant factories, hangars, gas holders and silos. It’s not like a forgotten trend that dust and waiting in the wings. What, then reviving the new rave? One answer – the music is an integral part of your lifestyle. Music without ideology – in the best pleasure for aesthetes. New rave is reviving the ideology of the first rave that have really had forgotten. Dennis Lockhart spoke with conviction.

Much has changed since the days of Paradise Garage and the Hacienda – dance music became the most commercial music on the planet. dj mixes are selling better than the albums of musicians. Clubs, scenes which are familiar only with legs strippers and go-go-denserov, not with legs legs with musical instruments, packed to capacity seven days a week. Prefix to the name dj is simply indecent, and the turntable does not stand in the McDonald’s. Giant expensive clubs are similar to belts, dancing became an integral continuation of the work week in the office, they have ceased to be something unusual. New rave – a revolt against the ordinariness of dance culture, the longing for a holiday and mad happenings, the first raves. Rave was the very first attempt to escape from the Sony Corporation and Virgin, for which you are under the hood, an attempt to escape the monotony of everyday life, globalization, and trends, it is this crazy music and tasteless clothes were a guarantee that it does not copy and will not be allowed to flow.