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Free Hold Callers

QuestNet criticized poorly conceived Bill and demands changes Cottbus 22 March 2011 which recently passed Bill which proposes inter alia the introduction of a waiting loop free for callers, encounters of the Federal Cabinet in many places incomprehension and criticism. Learn more at this site: Dan Miller. The QuestNet GmbH, a provider of applications and services, which focuses on the development and indirect marketing innovative phone value-added services in combination with service numbers, expected a deterioration in the quality of service to the consumer by the new regime. Also the Association of providers of telecommunications and value added services (VATM), largely welcomed the amendments to the Telecommunications Act, is critical of the planned arrangements to free hold. According to the current draft, queues should be allowed only when the caller dials an extract free money or a mobile phone number. Queues are therefore still allowed even. If the call to a fixed price, or if a telephone number is used for mobile services.

A queue is also allowed if the callee fully bear the costs for the queue, if not called from abroad. To realize in a transitional phase, a delayed connection will be introduced by 2 minutes. Network-based queues are used in this time of dialing for paid service numbers. As a real link are so fails, those two minutes for the caller will be charged. If the draft is not amended, the calls after two minutes would be canceled if no agent available at this time”, explains Thomas Wendt, Director of QuestNet Ltd. because of course the question arises, whether the caller now the free two minutes are more important than the chance after two minutes and a few seconds someone to achieved. Is the call attempt is canceled again after two minutes, then it can be very tedious are actually to reach a contact person.

These costs for the caller in the form of additional latency by many call attempts should not be underestimated. Make matters worse especially for the company, that it is still unclear what the final solution should look like after the planned transitional period.” The Association of providers of telecommunications and value-added services is also skeptical concerning the practical implementation of the new regulation. He also sees pitfalls, which could mean a deterioration of customer service through the free queue in the recently adopted draft. On the subject of queues we see, yet significant changes might be needed, to achieve that overpriced and long queues can be prevented by so-called black sheep”explains Jurgen Grutzner, Managing Director of the VATM. The VATM here among other things, the introduction of a certificate for call centers in the discussion, has introduced the short and thus particularly economical Queues, as well as a consumer-friendly service would promote. “Garcia continued: In the course of the deliberations in the Bundesrat and Bundestag should be sought more seriously after a possible economically sensible solution with maximum consumer benefits.” About QuestNet GmbH: The QuestNet GmbH is an application service provider, focusing on the development and indirect marketing innovative phone value-added services in combination with international service numbers.

Liebig Street

Then revealed himself for the German domestic market supply in 2010 an increase of over 5 percent. In the segments the bedding and especially the wallpaper and wallcoverings jutted out still. Wallpaper and wall coverings are booming currently in the end customers as well as in the object store. This segment of still stable demand enjoyed even during the economic crisis. The social and economic development of in recent years without a trace over went also to the consumer of the furnishing sector. This was at least the tenor of this year’s fair in Frankfurt.

Many consumers have now an ethical self-image”and very specific requirements” of quality and service. And they want to not drop it even in financially difficult times. The new consumption landscape, as she was in Frankfurt to admire, is characterized by quality, durability, sustainability and relevance. Meanwhile, a new generation of designers is dealt intensively with the trends such as harking back to “” Essence and tradition”, utility invites you to use” or back to the origins of sustainability through green ‘textiles’. Even almost forgotten crafts are revived. The three-stage supply chain standard used in most industries up to the consumer, production/import middlemen retail consumer, now as in so many industries also in the home and home textile industry no longer existent.

The room specialist assumes wholesale functions by purchasing cooperatives like South federal purchasing Association for home textiles today with its very high degree of cooperation, intercolor KATAG, FHR trade ring, decor-Union, beds ring, Wotex, WHB, COPA, 2HK etc. So the market power is clearly now the trade. Approximately 43 percent of House and home textiles volume of 9.14 billion to consumers today deposed through retailers are room dealers, retailers and the furniture retailer. Second strongest sales track the purchase department stores and shipper, however with a market share of less than 30 percent. About 10 percent the space equipment craft/projectors. The other distribution channels including retail stores remain, after all, still over 18 percent. IBH Cologne leads in the new industry sectors former marketing employee of Dr. Vossen at the BBE in Cologne as a highly experienced author team cooperate here everything around the topic of House and home textiles. There are not only the goods groups bedding, textile floor coverings and curtains/decoration materials of a detailed analysis subjected to, but also created a long-term forecast for the main distribution channels.

Real Estate Assessment

With a sophisticated software now also assessment amateurs evaluate their real estate. There are numerous software programs for the real estate valuation, which can be used in the creation of valuation. Most programs have extensive features that go far beyond the proper calculation of the value, such as for example customer relationship management, accounting, and area calculation. Because the programs mostly for the professional expert is designed beginners and review amateurs get barely the confusing thicket of input options and calculations. The training period is correspondingly high: it takes often hours, sometimes even days, until it achieves a first appealing result.

Also, the prices for the popular professional programs are usually too high for “Amateur evaluators”. K.IM assessment software developed to make possible a real estate valuation for non-professional users. K.IM is a synonym for compact Real estate valuation and allow for a clear and brief review. With the software, for example real estate owners can get a quick overview of the value of their property. You can vary the entered data and observe how the resulting values change. After a short settling time, and with some tact the first reviews can be carried out easily. The results can be archived and printed out.

The software is suitable also for architects and real estate agent, who only occasionally create valuations for selected customers. A professional software would be too extensive and time consuming for these purposes. Here a clear program with no unnecessary “Ballast” lends itself. If the users don’t: there is a helper function, which provides assistance to each input size.

Special Redemption Option

Special redemptions Berlin to accelerate the debt relief, 24 September 2011 – classic real estate financing – the annuity loans – a particularly high planning security due to the always consistent rates of repayment and interest payments is given. Most of the contracts also include the ability to make special redemptions in limited amount free of charge (without prepayment penalties). This special repayment option should be used depending on the personal circumstances, allowing this substantial interest savings and a faster debt relief. Swarmed by offers, Dan Miller is currently assessing future choices. Usually is a maximum amount of possible special redemptions per anno specified in the contracts, often it can be increased after negotiating with the credit institution without or with very low spreads. Including metaphor example indicates how the use of the special repayment option can impact on remaining debt and interest burden. Use the special redemption option as an example based on a loan of 200,000 euros credit at an interest period of A monthly rate (from interest and principal payments) of 1.083,33 euros is 15 years to 4.5% and an initial repayment rate of 2%. At the end of 15 years, a residual debt of approximately 114.529 euros is open then.

Over this period were approximately 109.529 euros in interest paid and repaid only about 85.471 euros of the loan amount. Suppose it takes place once a year in December a special redemption of 3,000 euros, so the remaining debt is only 51.502 euros after 15 years and was until then a total interest expense only 91.501 euros. These figures show that special redemptions have a significant impact on the total load, because after each payment the interest must be recalculated and the repayment portion of the following monthly rates is significantly increased. This contributes to this, that in the example above by a whole special repayment burden of 45,000 euros (15 years ajeweils 3,000 euros) left at the end of an interest savings of 18.028 euros and thus, a residual debt greatly reduced to 63.028 euro for the follow-on financing.

Real Estate Sales

What should be done now? How do I sell? Option one: You are looking for a real estate agent in IhrerWahl and let it work for you! Option two: You tackle it yourself! Option one: You are looking for a real estate agent in IhrerWahl and let it work for you! Option two: You tackle it yourself! When the intention is right, when you have decided to rent out his house, large is announced as first once cleanup! The complete apartment should be placed in a fotografierbaren State. It’s rather annoying to many, others have only little to do. You would buy a house or rent a House, that is unclean? The part of real estate market should then Flash like a model home. If you want to offer an automobile, it is eventually always freshly washed, and the Interior has been cleaned. Would the interested person now real estate buy Idar-Oberstein or sale Konz, hardly a role. A perfect accompany financial benefit is auctions real estate.

It was also the kind of real estate, Trier building plots or trier apartment building. If you buy a house or rent a House, the constructions are always the same. Ask real estate brokers who convey real estate cheap in Trier in Trier, they should tell you always the same. Please note also the detailed table that actually eliminates belong to you in the meantime has used. I am thinking on the red wine stain in the carpet and the spot on the wall that are overpainted long ago should be.

People react intensely to photos. Although real estate buyer purchases only the naked, most make their decision subject to the condition of the visited institution. Also the grounds would have to be kept in order. Lawn mowing, cut bushes, shrubs clip or edit the access routes with high pressure cleaner, are only a few ways.

RMH Sale

Only 12prozent of the House offers of the real estate market of Munich were in the first eleven months of the year 2011, EUR 400.000,-. Learn more about this with Dan Miller. Real estate market Munich offer numbers: on the real estate market Munich 2011 following objects were offered in the first eleven months of the year (incl. double counting): under the heading home for sale Munich 7.427 offers, from 3.448 single-family homes and villas, 1701 semi-detached, 1352 townhouses, and 916 apartment buildings. For sale apartment Munich there were 30.525 quotes (incl. double counting), of which 744 with garden and 2,000 with roof terrace or as penthouse.

(1) real estate market Munich offer prices: Munich real estate market, the price per m was m apartment for sale resale properties of Munich at approx. EUR 4.000,-, for new objects at approx. EUR 5.000,-per m sq. A leading source for info: Nicholas Carr. Rooftop and penthouse apartments were a lot more expensive. However only the section prices are for sale apartment Munich, which achieved prices you will find in a later section. For those sites of House for sale Munich prices were in the single-family houses approx. EUR 950.000,-, when the semi-detached houses at good EUR 600.000,-, the terraced houses to the EUR 470.000,-and houses of rows of to the EUR 570.000,-used. Here only the prices of the heading are to sell home Munich, achieved prices will follow.

(1) real estate market Munich sale price first half of 2011: looking at houses for sale Munich at medium/good places to live, first so the apartments is on average EUR 4.300,-per m m, the inventory apartments at EUR 2.900,-(No monument). The area House for sale Munich shows following average rates in medium/good residential areas: DHH (semi-detached) new EUR 610.000,-, DHH stock EUR 560.000,-, new deer (House) EUR 510.000,-, deer stock EUR 440.000,-, new RMH (Reihenmittelhaus) EUR 425.000,-, RMH stock EUR 370.000,-. (2) “with falling prices is due to the scarce offering guaranteed not to be expected. Extent to which enormous price jumps upstairs are still possible, is going to show. The next years are Munich certainly exciting real estate market are “, says Rainer Fischer, real estate agent Munich, owner of Fischer real estate Red Cross square. (1) source: evaluation of House for sale for sale Munich and apartment Munich of statistical programme of the IMV market data GmbH; (2) source: statistics on House for sale Munich, as well as apartment for sale Munich out of the half-yearly report of 2011 of the Advisory Committee of the city of Munich. Information without guarantee. The above information has been carefully researched, errors can still infiltrate. Therefore assumes no liability for the above statements. Company description of Rainer Fischer real estate: the person company headquartered in Munich at the Red Cross square since 1995. It specializes in the marketing of residential real estate in the greater Munich area. Since the founding, over 700 houses, condos and land on solvent buyers were communicated. The brokerage firm works including external financing consultants, presented all offers on seven different Internet platforms, sometimes new ways in marketing of real estate.

KAGB Estate

In November, the Franconian capital investment and real estate specialist PROJECT investment has welcomed the ten thousandth investor. Bamberg, 11.11.2013: At the same time the equity volume of 18 real estate development fund set up by PROJECT since 1995 rose to over 275 million euros. 10,000 Investors who have entrusted their capital PROJECT, is a historical turning point that fills us with great responsibility, as Wolfgang Dippold, founder of the PROJECT investment group. To deliver stable results in real estate development and the growing claims of different target groups to meet, including the semi-pro and professional investors was from his point of view however, crucial for the company. . Fondshaus based in the Franconian Bamberg has it specialized in real estate projects with a focus on living exclusively in the German metropolitan regions Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main, Nuremberg and Munich sustainably and with maximum value in high Stability requirements to plan, create and sell. PROJECT is market leader in the field of fully intrinsically based real estate development funds. Through its regional presence, marketability and the decade-long success of the exclusive Asset Manager, the PROJECT real estate group, in the field of real estate development it is possible to identify objects, to win, to implement them efficiently, and planned to sell in the current market environment.

PROJECT is well prepared for further growth the current pipeline of objects in these five cities is over 2,700 million euro sales volume. Current participation offers invest the two project in German housing over 77 million euros in the April 2012 set up real estate development fund real values 11 and 12 have now acquired an equity volume of over 77 million euros. The persistently strong demand for our participation offers is based also on the adjustment of the Fund on the AIFM-regulation at the same time affordable cost “, so Alexander Schlichting, managing partner of the PROJECT Vermittlungs GmbH. Until the end of the year, investors can take part in the two already broadly invested funds. While the single time investment funds real values 12 with over 52 million euros invested equity capital on 15 high-quality residential object developments is involved, the real values 11 25 million euro total investment accumulation Fund can unite 13 object investments. Both funds are invested until the end of the placement in at least 15 real estate a spreading level that far exceeds the new KAGB requirements of the legislator with three objects per fund itself. Overall, the PROJECT group developed nationwide currently 35 objects with a sales volume of over 750 million euros.

Croatia Real Estate

The holiday destination on the Adriatic coast enjoys increasing popularity. The holiday destination on the Adriatic coast enjoys increasing popularity. After Croatia in the early 1990s due to the impact of the war in the Balkans economically lay on the ground, the country witnessed an incredible development in recent years. Like a Phonix from the ashes it arose, to attach to a lower right kind, whose Aufwartstrend still holds. Just in relation to the tourism industry has revealed that Croatia newly won independence shiny rightly comes with and knows how to take advantage of the opportunities. Croatia of the 28th EU Member State will be in summer 2013. Tourism represents one of the most important economic factors in the country. Especially the coastal region attracts each year some 10 million tourists with its over 1000 Islands and islets, the crystal clear waters and the clean beaches.

The Croatian transport links are excellent, very easy to reach are the tourist stronghold. From most European airports, destinations in Croatia are in the Direct flight operated. As tourism developed rapidly and more than satisfactory, investments in this area are made more and more. This is reflected among other things in the above-average range of sports and leisure attractions. Croatia offers much more than a relaxing Beach holiday on the blue Adriatic Sea. Many tourists are so delighted by the charm of this land, that they choose, to buy yourself a property to own a holiday home in Croatia.

After the provisions concerning the acquisition of real estate by foreigners in the years were relaxed 2009 significantly, EU citizens can easily acquire real estate in Croatia. For interested parties from non-EU Member States, this is also possible, but with greater effort. Not only Croatia fans who have discovered their love for this fascinating country on holiday, are interested in real estate in Croatia. Attracted by the boom in the tourism industry and the favorable exchange rate also investors discover the possibilities, increasing the Croatia offers. But no matter, whether you want to privately buy a vacation home or a retirement home or is looking for profitable investment opportunities, they should confide in always a reputable real estate companies, that knows the situation on the ground and has the necessary network of contacts. The risk in a foreign country with a foreign language and not familiar procedure to get in trouble is too large. The company CPA Croatia property AG designs and builds apartments and houses with experienced experts in Dalmatia according to customer requirements. With this competent and trusted partner on the side the prospect can indulge in a relaxed looking after the dream home. Under croatia-property.com, you will find a wide selection of attractive real estate listings, homes, apartments and plots of land.

Rainer Fischer Rotkreuzplatz

The second largest district of Munich, Neuhausen, limit reached average asking prices beyond the 4,000 euros. History: the today’s Munich Neuhausen arose approximately in the year 900 A.d. According to a document of the regional court in Dachau, there were 1468 about twenty-five estate with 150 inhabitants. The next 350 years, this remained roughly constant. About 1840 the city of Munich began to grow more and more and the village Neuhausen as slowly lost its independent existence.

The population from 400 to 11.450 rose period of about 50 years. Today, Neuhausen Munich’s second-largest district has 88,000 inhabitants. In 2011, 1,134 condominiums were offered in the district Neuhausen total (possible double counting). The prices for used objects were EUR 4.752 per m, the new objects for EUR 5.878,-. Click Nicholas Carr to learn more. The prices are probably easy to correct, down because my evaluator underground parking spaces, if not separately, expects not out. Rooftop apartments were more expensive compared to normal homes by an average of approximately EUR 1.000,-per m sq.

The new properties in Munich Neuhausen in relation to the total offer accounted in 2011 at 28%. At the houses, there was a total 111 deals, of which 22 new objects. The semi-detached houses (51 sales) with an average square meter price of approx. You may wish to learn more. If so, Nicholas Carr is the place to go. EUR 5.100,-in the area of the existing properties in Neuhausen were dominant in terms of quantity. At least 20 apartment buildings were offered. The actual sales figures looked 2010 as follows: 404 second-hand flats with a total turnover of 82.7 million euros, to 182 apartments with 63.2 million Euro turnover, 25 home sales and 2 plots. It evaluates Munich Neuhausen as good area, so prices arise for 2010 very roughly considered mostly in the range between EUR 3.000,-and EUR 4.000,-per m of course held m, outliers in either direction. “In Neuhausen meets a wide range of apartment on an even greater demand. This has Prices lifted and selling accelerates.”so the local owner of the fishing real estate at the Red Cross course, Rainer Fischer. Sources of above statistics and numbers: Neuhausen, history and present, Heinrich Horn / Willibald Karl, Hugendubel, Munich statistics, vintage 1996, issue 1; The prices in Munich Neuhausen were by the agent from the computer program of the IMV market data GmbH picked out Fischer in Munich and put together. The figures for 2010 are taken from the annual report of the Advisory Committee of Munich. No liability for correctness and completeness of the information. This report replaces no qualified valuation of experts or broker from Munich. Company description of Rainer Fischer real estate: the person company headquartered in Munich at the Red Cross square since 1995. It specializes in the marketing of residential real estate in the greater Munich area. Since the founding, over 700 houses, condos and land on solvent buyers were communicated. The brokerage firm works under other external financing consultants, presented all offers on seven different Internet platforms and sometimes new ways in marketing of real estate.

Leipzig Real Estate

Creative marketing of object high in the course of Leipzig, 01.02.2010 – on the 02.02.10 launches degree of residential real estate as one of the first home staging “company in Leipzig. The service is aimed at the private and commercial real estate clients. Through the professional use the recycled objects can be sold faster and at a higher price or rent. Just emotions play a major role in the acquisition of the property. The first few seconds are often decisive. Who does not feel comfortable, typically rejects the offer. Home staging”neutralized the personal character of the owner and highlights the quality of living consciously used accented. This is partly achieved through simple measures.

“The customer is from the outset integrated and decides what itself or through the company implemented by him”, so Tatjana Ebert, founder of residential grade real estate. The innovative service means home staging. Real estate prepared in this way have a significant advantage over other offerings. Get 10-15% in their Value, the length of time on the market is minimized. Professionally made digital recording to gain the necessary insight interested parties following interested parties and the desired interest. Home staging originated”from the United States, where it is successfully applied for more than 35 years.

United Kingdom and Sweden are also included. According to Germany, this trend was only four years ago. Meanwhile, home staging is in many German cities”service is offered. Residential grade real estate was founded in 2009 by Tatjana Ebert in Leipzig. The company has recognized the opportunities of the new services and enables this offer private owners and owners of commercial real estate.