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Modern Industrial Ventilation

Industrial ventilation should fulfill two main objectives: to ensure optimal ventilation in industrial premises, and, accordingly, to bring the climate given values. In addition, modern industrial ventilation provides training and technical process to ensure the air with the required characteristics that, for certain types of production, is very important. In addition, ventilation "Responsible" for prompt and effective removal of all air pollution and disposal of superheated air. That is why, depending on the type of production and process technology, the device manufacturing ventilation must be approached individually in each case. Supply and exhaust ventilation Supply and exhaust ventilation, because its main purpose – to ensure ventilation in rooms, perfect for use it for, it would seem, is not entirely typical of the role. Namely – to save energy needed for heating.

Similar installations were fairly widespread, because of their energy efficiency, and are balanced ventilation with heat recovery. The principle of the heat exchanger is very simple. The fact that the air being removed from the room is heated to at least room temperature. Supply and exhaust ventilation, provides both outflow and inflow of fresh air, which may not be very comfortable in their temperature characteristics, for the people. That is why the equipment supply and exhaust ventilation heat recovery, can expand the range of tasks: in addition to providing simultaneous heating air to supply air through the exhaust heat.

That very effectively, and allows no only significantly save on heating, but also more quickly recoup all the costs that are necessary for effective device ventilation. Forced ventilation at home and at work Forced ventilation can get into buildings and premises for various purposes, and be local or log in to the general exchange ventilation. Forced ventilation can perform a variety of tasks, providing how to create a favorable microclimate in the premises as a whole, and performing special tasks, providing a local ventilation. Forced ventilation, the type of device is divided into natural and artificial. Natural forced ventilation does not require mechanical stirring, air flow is due to the laws of physics, through natural openings or slits, or through specially arranged holes. Supply ventilation with a mechanical drive is equipped in buildings and premises in the event that provide optimum air circulation in a natural way possible. In addition, a number of requirements in the process production facilities, buildings or other purposes, requires the mandatory unit effective mechanical ventilation. And in this case, the only industrial-grade ventilation systems could create enabling environment for both people and production.

Utility Industry

Feature of electric motors for industrial use, along with increased efficiency, is more efficient cooling due to more surface area (20 – 30%). Consequently, they are significantly less sensitive to low voltage, phase unbalance and lack of cooling (caused by sediments on the motor caused by poor water quality). In addition, industrial electric motors more resistant to corrosion. It should be noted that the highest reliability of industrial electric motors have purpose, the protection of which is carried out mri device 75 or mp block 204. The asymmetry of the voltage and current is known, with minimal asymmetry current reaches the maximum efficiency of the motor and the longest period of his service. That is why the important uniform load on all phases. In theory, the same rated voltage must be applied to all three phases. As a rule, near the low-voltage transformers and occurs.

Note, however, that to prevent the raising or lowering the voltage on some phases of the network at full load all the single-phase units should be evenly distributed over three phases. This should be done, because such devices often operate in the mode of frequent on / off cycles and may cause the asymmetry (bias) phases. Phase imbalance can be caused by the asymmetry current in the lines elekroperedach, as well as worn or oxidized contactors. For a possible asymmetry in the chain need to enable the motor to the network to consult with representatives of the Utility Industry. Current asymmetry should not exceed 5%, while using the remote cu 3 – 10%.

Industrial Mechanical Stripping

Pickling Pickling is a process through which "clean" portions of an item prior to the application of a paint or coating including those generated by a galvanic process. This task can be performed manually or assisted with special teams, when performed manually, is verified with the help of abrasives such as sandpaper or wire brush, so this method is effective when it comes to very small layer contaminants, and when the dimension of the piece is small, by the time the application is industrial, hand-sanding is made automatic grinder with pleasant or wire brushes, hydro blasting machines, sandblasting, cleaning or cavitation. National Magazine Exchange pursues this goal as well. Also important are the processes of pickling acid dipping or chemical which "cleaned" the piece by removing traces of grease, or dust are also called chemical cleaning. When talking about electric toothbrushes, is its main representative who are rotating, and that due to their easy replacement and excellent results, has a wide application, particularly in relation to the withdrawn slag on the welds, since apart from doing this activity together and massage to release a certain proportion of the stresses associated with welding, also entering the corners, very hard to clean place, in many cases the use of these elements is limited to those regions are not uniform and difficult access. With respect to hydro blasting and sand blasting, these systems takes advantage of the forced motion of a fluid usually water or air, to project abrasive particles to the surface to be cleaned, in the case of hidroblanting, it is possible to dispense of these particles, but for the sand blasting are essential in both cases using a venturi that sucks them and the projected speeds in some cases approaching that of sound, they are usually metal or sand granules, as is evident in these two cases, it requires pumps and compressors that can deliver required flow and pressure and nozzles that are not damaged by abrasion is usually found in very hard materials such as tungsten carbide, the nozzles are interchangeable and are coded by degree of convergence that is required. Obviously not these processes can be performed without adequate protection, which should be full body, with clean air insufflation (sandblasting), as the silica and other minerals produce respiratory disease in the lungs, as well as , the particles rebound strongly attacks the skin and eyes (Sand Blasting), noise is another agent to be avoided, since the days of work involving the presence of a large extent, should be available also for protection appropriate. In the case of hydro blasting, the operator needs a place that can adequately evacuate the fluid and the respective sealing, fluid pressures may exceed 1000 psi, enough pressure to cut the tissues of the body, so adequate body protection is essential, as well as operating procedures, properly regulated and reviewed.

TMT Timber

But in one of the branches of modern industry has been particularly active presence felt MANITOU – we are talking about forestry and wood industry. Very stringent harvesting, clear terms problems of transportation and loading of long materials, logs, boards very narrow range of technical tools that can be used in the timber industry. And then the company MANITOU, as in many other sectors of activity where involved hoisting machinery, rose to the occasion. One of the latest trucks, created by designers MANITOU – telescopic all terrain for long loads TMT 2520 SR 4W. Multifunction wheel lineup MANITRANSIT can unload and load trucks with long timbers, trees, beams on one side. Long bypass valve which raise the load more than three meters when capacity of two and a half tons copes with industrial handling of timber and forest products. Widely separated forks can firmly hold the beams and carry out complex loading operations.

Quite a unique machine, lifting up to eight tons to a height of four and a half feet – JUMBO JDQ 40-80 can carry extremely long and heavy logs. Special platform and double fork reduce the load on the pneumatic part of the machine, thereby creating optimum conditions for the transport board in wood-processing enterprises. Mast-Series MSI has also been actively involved in loading and unloading of the timber industry. These diesel cars terrain can lift up to five tons and have a mast lift, which allows to lift loads up to a height of 6 meters. This feature is used during storage of logs and stacks of plates on the ground harvesting. In addition to heavy telescopic mast forklifts and timber work in the compact all-wheel-Series trucks and MH MC. This is a technique used directly on the harvesting sites, allowing the use of not only the fork, but lesozahvaty.

Perfect balancing machines You can move entire trees, deploy them, simplifying the initial processing. With a lifting height of up to seven meters capacity machines Series MC – to 7 tons. In addition, a widely used class loaders CD. At Small capacity of up to three and a half tons, stable and comfortable diesel loaders perform a variety of CD 15-25 works on the transport of already-treated timber and packing cars with wood. The presence of a stabilizing hydraulic system, can significantly increase the stability of these machines and make them indispensable for transport of wood. Prepared according to the company Manitou and CVH.