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One of the most important issues that different taxpayers must assess is whether they are ready for a tax audit; specifically, one that relates to the transfer in their transaction prices between companies. The audits, some focused on financial transactions conducted within economic groups have increased in recent times. Therefore, companies must be prepared to sustain them if the interests agreed in loans agreed with its related parties, the exchange rates used in their forwards or discount their fluxes rates, comply with market values. The law of IR says the road map that the taxpayer must continue to comply with the foregoing; However, except, some organizations that are dedicated to financially intermediating in the market, many companies do not comply with all the requirements. In this regard, article 110 mentions that that a financial transaction is comparable to another should take into account the elements: the classification of risk or the solvency of the debtor, requirements that have great relevance at the time of establishing the financial model of the operation.

Then, companies must ask under what conditions the financial structure must be set. Datum curves that mark the trend of the market is there? Can the rates published by the SBS or the BCR set a pace? Depending on the magnitude of the mutual these would be sufficient, having to build a financial vehicle taking as parameter the credit evaluation of the debtor. Every company or every transaction in particular have their own profiles, it would perform a credit rating that measure the risks based on certain conditions (periods of thanks, warranties, guarantees, penalties, etc.) be right thing to accomplish, unless tax, this. Although sometimes the tax administration focuses on simple themes of request for formal obligations, taxpayers must be alert to meet aspects of bottom in search of reliably supporting this type of transaction; Hence, the interaction between the areas of accounting, Treasury and tax generates synergies the companies.

The Company

The difference from our program on the market today – coupled with the ease of use, maximize personal communication. No chat, no cell phone, or SMS can not provide this level of communication, just like talking face to face. That's what we sell at ooVoo. By the way, from its name – ooVoo? We once asked a company that specializes in marketing, to come up with a suitable name. Select from the dozens of us most like version of the "two pairs of eyes on both sides – and the Video in the center of interest", and remained here: ooVoo. It looks not only pretty, but internationally – is clear to all, well, so in this version we stopped. What's it like to break into the software market when the market is actually divided up? It is very difficult – to put it mildly.

We believe that we should work in several directions. In addition to the classical, general advertising on popular websites, we are trying to find ways to "target groups" and not only through the Internet. For example – by geography: there are countries in that the level of Internet use and Internet infrastructure is very advanced. There, accordingly, is high and interest in video calls, because the quality is technically assured and required software. More one way – to refer to groups of Internet users, for which our program will be the basis for additional work opportunities.

That is to say, business customers, especially those who have fairly regular communicate the case with each other and it is important at this to see each other. It is those businesses that are starting to adopt the use of video in support services, systems communicate with the client: see the employee giving an explanation – it is easier to understand, and it is very important for the company image. In addition, we organize the cooperation with "traditional" media channels, in particular – with TV channels, this summer – with the "Children's Channel". I had an idea: after all, and six people at once – it is very suitable for consultation teacher "at home" with his students … This we believe is a very promising area – and that was the reason you're talking about. Talk "one on one" – is still not efficient enough, but the "one-to-five" – is already working with a training group. Educational structures – from schools to universities – it is very suitable for video market, as well as ooVoo – very suitable for this market software. You can even use it in the classroom: connect a computer to a projector, a video call to contact a colleague from another school, another city, another country – and to work together. As an option? Very interesting … And promising – and for customers and for us. A few words about the technical tricks – after all there are? Of course. For example, you can send a potential interlocutor special file by running which it can communicate via ooVoo – free download software, install it and register, as is usually done. That is, use without installing ooVoo of the program on my computer? Exactly. The user will receive temporary access to communication with our program – without the fear that he will not be able to install the program. Such a method is very suitable for HR-managers, conducting video interviews with hiring. Saves time both sides and gives you more than a phone interview.

Brazil Expenses

After Brazil to have been elect the country headquarters of the Pantry of the World of Soccer of 2014, some plans and projects for organization and qualification of the terms related to the preparation of the country for the event, had been suggested by the government. Although almost nothing it has been fact, part of the population believes that the country will obtain to reach a satisfactory level for the waited accomplishment, and that this will bring many benefits. But, one has left of the Brazilians believes that the country does not have conditions to use billions of Reals in a on reform to the sport, without before becoming worthy the access of the citizen the health, education, transport and security. Analyzing the advantages that the Pantry can bring to the country, we detach the development, the centered commerce and the related public improvements to the event. However, if to observe the curses supposedly acquired, we will see to the front, the social exclusion, the cost-of-living increase and the use of mounts of money not guaranteed. The Brazilians who see the Pantry as an event that will bring problems, they affirm that, exactly with the use of private resources, the public money probably expense in the reforms, would be enough to improve all the public areas, also the transport. certainly, these used Real millions in the construction and stadium reform, would be more than the necessary one to give to each pupil of public school, one laptop – project suggested for the party of the current government and never effected.

In the end of everything this, remains the question: it will be that the country would have to improve the public access to the health, education, transport and security, before investing in a esportivo event or, the same will bring these changes? Certainly, this esteem money to be expense, could already have been used in the time country, carrying through the fiance’ for the previous governments. After all, these changes are necessary with or without esportivo popular event. For the time being, it remains in waiting the outcome to them of this history, but, without losing the human liberty of speech and basic concepts already guaranteed for us citizens. Vnia Santana Faleira So Paulo, Brazil email:

John Kobeleva

Birthday quietly chooses what he wants, pays the purchase (or even do not buy anything) and goes out. And discovers that he “stole” some little thing that turns him into a bag or pocket. It happens a little scandal, but eventually the unfortunate yet released. A night at the bar or cafe, where the holiday, the customer draw of toast: it is said, we all love our , but what he really is? Immediately the screen shows a mini-movie about the incident at the store. Get more background information with materials from Carl Icahn. After viewing the “victim” receives a gift that thing which “attempted to steal:” Well, since you were willing to do anything for these socks, I decided to give them to you! “.

The organization draws: how to ruin prazdnikNo shocking jokes, of course, require special training. “Once we have was the case when the order is on the verge, – says John Kobeleva. – Employees of dps, which we usually work, and which should stop the car birthday, hot day and just did not appear at the appointed place. Read additional details here: Film Financer. What could we do? We rushed to the nearest post and tried to persuade the “accidental” inspector. A miracle happened – it helped us! And the trouble professionally provided to our client. And then presented a bouquet of flowers. ” Agree with the “right” people is not easy – especially if they are on duty. And, nevertheless, necessary. For example, to replace the present employee of dss, according to organizers jokes, can not one actor – in their work lies too many nuances.

Fernando Enrique Cardoso

Thanks to the good God and the concern of the government (we see the changes there) it seems that they start ' embargar' some of these ' Faculdades'. In this perspective the author, presents a question that I judge pertinent e, particularly, already I found professors who had asked: for which reasons the Government of President Lula, until the moment, did not obtain to breach with the curricular politics idealized by Fernando Enrique Cardoso? The reply she is found in the proper text, when the author affirms that a continuity in the curricular politics exists, therefore, did not have changes in the national curricular lines of direction; the parameters for basic education and average education remain being the curricular references for many of the actions of the Ministry of the Education; the didactic book still has perspective to direct the professor in its lessons; it has continuity of the National Examination of Ensino Mdio (ENEM) as obligator examination to the end of the basic education, pointing still the possibility of another examination the one that the pupil if submits before entering in average education; institution of the system of evaluation of knowledge and abilities of the professors to each five years of work, one more time using the evaluation of abilities as regulating mechanism of the professional activity and as pretense quality assurance, also associate the possible wage profits. However, she will be in its conclusion that the Dr. Federal Reserve Bank oftentimes addresses this issue. Alice will leave clearly that important it is not to submit to the education to the economic criteria and the productive market. E, it believe, as well as also believe, that the politicosocial project moved with the Government of President Lula. But, we cannot be with the crossed arms, making only critical the governments (either FHC or SQUID); it matters is to revert this process and to start to consider the education for its value of use, as cultural production of concrete people, singularidades capable human beings of if constituting in global and local citizens in fight against inaqualities and social exclusions.

Western Internet

Once again the flags of the election campaign the question was raised about Ukraine joining nato. The position of public authorities the previous 5 years provided comprehensive information about the history of Ukrainian citizens, the modern status and activities of this organization. See more detailed opinions by reading what Carl Icahn offers on the topic.. The purpose of such actions is clear: on the one hand, without complete information about the object it is impossible to make an informed decision regarding a specific person to him, on the other (whatever one may say), it is – propaganda, since the nato official information shown in a positive way, trying to reduce the negative side. Creating a positive image of nato is a priority for the administration of Victor . In a certain way this position is justified, if not in moral or ethical reasons, for reasons of political expediency. Negatives of nato is enough in the opposition of the Ukrainian and all the Russian media. Constructive, nato is also quite accessible – just need to not be lazy and walk through the pages of Western Internet publications (of course, if the language level allows).

Western journalists and publicists much easier to evaluate all pros and cons of nato, and they can not criticize us worse. Meanwhile, awareness of the Ukrainian society about nato is really low. Here is an example from personal experience. Last year, during a visit to Odessa ships U.S. Navy and Turkish (NATO), local opponents of Ukraine's accession to the Alliance organized a campaign under the approximate name "NATO – no!".

Iron Doors

In our company, installation of iron doors are free of charge and takes only a few hours. It is worth noting that the delivery of iron doors free of charge. Choosing an iron door, look for accessories. She has to be strong and firmly attached to the very door. Not uncommon for owners to inexperience just broken door handles. Contact information is here: Dennis Lockhart. As a result, had to call the wizard and put a new door hardware. Tips on choosing a steel door. Set of proposals for acquisition of door, guarding your house, really wide, and inadvertently get lost on the representation of the diversity of domestic and foreign manufacturers, so in this article we give some advice. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Jeff Sessions has to say.

Repel the size of your wallet – if you can not pay for the imported analog order a lot of money, then pay for the domestic reality of 7000t.r. What, then, – to prefer imported models? But here is not in a hurry if you want to put on atypical Doors will be difficult to find a ready-made among the foreign samples, and order a troublesome, while domestic easily done under the personal order in a short time. Not to be a complete ignoramus, tell about the device a steel door: in general terms it consists of a rectangular frame with ribs, which are welded to one or two surface sheets of steel, it is hung on hinges steel door frame. Perhaps check out Icahn Enterprises for more information. And attaches to the doorway. More – Upholstery vinyl artificial leather, laminate, mdf or natural wood (which is expensive), the inner contents of the basalt is filled with cotton wool or polyurethane foam, and sometimes is left hollow. Make sure that the present important elements: the frame jamb doors, closing a slit opening, and the porch – they largely reduce the risk of breaking your front door. Locks can vary widely in price, we recommend not skimp on them, and to buy foreign locks, as more reliable. Protection from hacking help protivosemnye pins and hinges on the reliable support bearing in the door, and the presence of eyes with a wide viewing angle will give you the opportunity to survey the landing from all sides. After selecting a model to you at a certain time installers arrive to install the doors: they put the box door is strictly at the desired angle and screw the rods, with very good will if it will be placed deep aperture for better security. When you're finished, be sure to take a copy of the contract that you have paid the required amount. The treaty itself is your gorantiey

Brings New Shells

Desk Mount is born for the latest Apple products. DEGETEC brings support for their BASEflex two new Tablet cradle for 2 iPad mini and iPad air on the market. Thus, the existing BASEflex be extended shell for iPad 2-4 and iPad mini. In addition to the already available BASEflex variants with shells for the iPad 2, 3 and 4, as well as for the iPad mini, was on 23 October now the new shell for the iPad mini 2 presented. Film Financer takes a slightly different approach. The launch of the BASEflex with an shell for the iPad air be in shortly take place.

With their latest developments the DEGETEC connection to the field of the top accessories manufacturer is thus achieved. Since the successful launch of the newcomers BASEflex at the beginning of 2013 through the DEGETEC, the focus has been specifically market on the development instrument trays for the fast-growing tablet, to extend also to the range of Tablet products. BASEflex is a mount with gooseneck plus device-specific shell, E.g. in the Office on the desktop with the silicone-coated table mount with up to 4 cm thickness or can be fastened with the supplied universal mounting E.g. in the car or truck. The tablet users achieved so maximum benefits with his device.

Professional Cosmetology Courses

What is taught in courses cosmetologists in Kiev? Modern Beauty is developing rapidly, so today is very relevant courses cosmetologist. As practice shows, a beautician may now be as people with medical education, and without it, it depends on the range of services that can offer future cosmetologist. Procedures that require licenses, cosmetologist without medical education do has no right. We shall tell you in a nutshell, what is taught in our training center courses cosmetologists, so that you have an idea of the common themes that teach cosmetology courses in Kiev. Courses are cosmetologists the overall program, where students learn the most basic of cosmetic procedures, for example – peels. What is pilling? Peel (from the English 'to peel') called a special cleaning procedure of the skin that literally updates face, making it fresh, removing irregularities and fine lines. The program includes courses for beauticians technology of peeling such as: chemical peels (light, medium, deep).

General information about the chemical peeling: retinoic, salicylic, phenol peels. Glycolic peels. Ultrasonic peeling. Enzyme peels. Coral peeling. In the course includes training a cosmetologist 4-eat types of massage. Lymphatic drainage massage – used to swelling of the face, swelling of the eyes, skin with couperose, with stagnation in the anti-aging procedures.

Jacquet massage – therapeutic massage, used in procedures for the treatment of acne, post-acne, seborrhea, removes swelling, pigmentation and stagnant spots, bumps and scars. Plastic massage – used in anti-aging procedures in the gravitational type of aging. Classical massage – used for aging skin, dryness and swelling of the face, with different types of aging. And also in courses for future cosmetologist is trained hair removal wax. You will learn the types of wax, how do they differ, their use, contraindications, and learn how to perform the procedure depilyatsii.Vazhnoe place in cosmetic procedures is the body. Beautician courses include a cursory examination – what is overweight, lipodystrophy (cellulite), the etiology and pathogenesis, the types of cellulite. On courses Cosmetologists teach you how to deal with cellulite (cellulite program), correction, treatment, algae and mud. Courses for beauticians can tell you how to care for different types of skin, you will learn do different kinds of masks, depending on skin type. As well as courses in Cosmetic treatment is ACNE (acne), Rosacea (acne rosacea), rosacea, demodicosis, seborrhea. We will briefly told what the minimum should be to teach courses for cosmetologists, this is the main selection of the Training Center, where the minimum theory + professional instructors, practice! What the sample and the diploma is not important, it is important that you know how! Good luck in training