Carlos Mora Vanegas which motivate knowledge workers is the same thing that motivates volunteers needed, above all, challenges. Peter Drucker overview management cannot ignore the scope and repercussions that are generated when you use within your management scorecard (Score Board) box is known, that the measurements are important, if it cannot be measured, can not handle it. The system of measurement of a company affects a lot the behavior of people, both inside and outside of the organization. If companies are to survive and thrive in the information age competition, they have to use measurement and management, systems derived from their strategies and capabilities. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Euro Pacific Precious Metals. Unfortunately, many organizations adopt strategies with regard to relations with customers, core competencies and the organizational skills, while they motivate performance only are financial indicators.

The scorecard box preserves the financial measurement as a critical summary of the managerial performance, enhances a set of General, more integrated, measurements that link to the current client, domestic prices, employees and the performance of systems with financial success or long term. General, basic considerations, advantages companies measurements system has historically been financial, in fact, the accounting has been called the language of business. During the Industrial Revolution it spawned giant textile, railway companies, steel, machine tools and retail sales; innovations in the measurement of the financial performance of these organizations played a vital role in its booming growth; and financial innovations such as measuring returns on investment and budgets for housing and exploitation, were critical to the success of the company from the beginning of the 20th century such as Dupont and General Motors. The scorecard box, preserves the financial measurement as a summary of critics of managerial action, to enhance a set of measurements more General and integrated, that linked to the current customer, internal processes, the employees and the performance of systems with long term financial success.