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Rebecca Wilhelmi

TAR-Alliance, a name by which you will read much and hear. Downtime cost money! Optimized planning and quick scope, taking into account the necessary standards in the security and supply chain management to minimize downtime. For more specific information, check out American Writer. Unplanned or well prepared, a system or machine that is not produced or only with half capacity, costs the operator in a short time money. Follow others, such as Professor of British History, and add to your knowledge base. Not only in the chemical and petrochemical industry has been recognized this year by a good maintenance and turnaround concept the value added and the savings potential and is becoming increasingly the focus of the management and controlling. Each operator goal the same as cost-efficient and productive as possible to manage his investment principle. The resulting problems and issues are, however, often very individual and system-specific. At present, autonomous projects of each production facility are the only way to find innovative solutions. Competent, experienced knowledge carriers offer sources of information for these investments in the project itself in addition to the executive organ and contribute to a better and above all faster find of the best solution.

Clustering for knowledge transfer out of this principle in the past, several groups of companies for the exchange of information have formed. In most of these groupings to meet once a year to explore the current trends of the market, to share knowledge and to make deals. In fact, but only a self representation of the cooperation partners is proclaimed at this meeting for the most part. Competitors share only a minimum of information to secure the alleged competitive advantage. Looking innovative ideas in the protocols of the meetings and the later implementation in the concepts of the respective participant companies therefore usually in vain. What is the Alliance of TAR? The TAR Alliance arises differently at this point. A merger of partners, not competitors, we are! “, is the initiator of Rebecca Wilhelmi, business development of TechDo GmbH, the right words as the description of the Alliance.

QSensei Launches Fundraising Campaign

Q-Sensei, the platform for efficient searching, browsing, and working with information, launches fundraiser and raises money for education projects. Melbourne, FL, December 01, 2009 – with the aim to support projects in the field of education today launches the first fundraiser of Q-Sensei. Together with users, small projects and institutions in the field of education to are supported as they are often overlooked. Q-Sensei wants to use the December 2009 to increase the attention for their work and to collect money for them. Which project should be supported, lies in the hands of users. Anyone can a proposal for a project or an institution from his environment as a local school, a kindergarten, or a library give off. The proposals are collected and then users vote decide which three projects should receive the donation from Q-Sensei.

Q-Sensei will donate during the period from the sale of books on the platform all commissions, be achieved. Each book sold will automatically contributes to the sum of donations, without increasing the price of the books for the users themselves. “With the fundraiser we want something good do with our users” so Ute Rother, CEO of Q-Sensei. The active participation of our users is important us. It’s believed that Peter Asaro sees a great future in this idea. Q-Sensei is a platform where everyone contributes his knowledge. We want to maintain this idea at the fundraiser by can make any suggestions and actively decide with who should be supported with the donation.” “” On Q-Sensei: the Q-Sensei Corp. was in April 2007 by the merger of the Germany based Lalisio GmbH “and the US company QUASM Corporation” established. Q-Sensei is headquartered in Melbourne, FL and operates the subsidiary Lalisio in Erfurt”.

Q-Sensei Presents New Search Facility

Q-Sensei presents novel possibility of search in the catalogue of the largest library in the world expand 11.5 million records for books from the library of Congress starting immediately, the range of the search engine, Melbourne, FL, October 21, 2009 – with the aim of worldwide to allow users an efficient search for literature, Q-sensei (www.qsensei.com) has its range to the world’s largest library, the library of Congress, expanded. The more than 11 million hand-picked titles range from publications of the current Nobel literature prize winner Herta Muller copies from the 16th century and can be used quickly and easily browsed with Q-Sensei. For even more details, read what Lord Peter Hennessy says on the issue. Q-Sensei obtains data of leading partners from the literature market, prepare them and then presents them with the help of own patented search and presentation technology. The site is designed as an open system allows users to enrich every single entry in addition and community interested as knowledge in a to share. Users of the search engine can add for example, valuable information such as book reviews, publishing presentations, links to Web sites of authors or publishers. The automatically generated for each of user’s query, relevant search suggestions are another special feature of the search engine.

During a search, ensure the greatest possible efficiency and enable so finding accurate information. The unique ability to search within all search suggestions and search suggestions combine freely with each other, offers users new freedoms in their search. Users can interact with the data – in analogy to a conversation – and find books and scientific articles that would otherwise potentially eluded them. The Q-Sensei technology combines these different content categories of books and articles on the basis of the categories – or dimensions – by author, keyword, Publisher, language, and year, which first multi-dimensional navigate through large amounts of data is possible. “Q Sensei search tools to offer, that the ever-increasing amount of information on the Internet can be efficiently searched it aims. This concerns not only books and scholarly articles but also blogs, wikis, etc.”so Ute Rother, CEO of Q-Sensei. “Outstanding collections such as those of the library of Congress offer users a great convergence of content, Q-Sensei provides the right tools to make the search is efficient.” About Q-Sensei: The Q-Sensei Corp. was founded in April 2007 by the merger of the Germany based “Lalisio GmbH” and the American company “QUASM Corporation”. Q-Sensei has its temporary headquarters in Melbourne, FL and runs the daughter company “Lalisio” in Erfurt.

German AIDS Foundation

Stiftung Warentest confirms a current investigation of Stiftung Warentest condom of brand LifeStyles premium quality at the best price (test 4/2009) confirms the excellent quality of condoms. Leading brand name products in the price-performance comparison is the condom brand ES2 with Euro 0.28/piece of LifeStyles. Thus, the premium quality of the condom brand, which has been available since February 2008 in the trade, is officially confirmed. LifeStyles condoms are made in Germany and are manufactured in the factory in Erfurt. The report by Stiftung Warentest confirms that condoms are, because safe choice. Our high tearstrength condom ER2 provides security for the outlandish lovemaking and the especially sensitive type ES2 combines protection with intense feeling. Both products cut excellently with the mark of 1.9 1″, Carola Halbfas, Marketing Manager at Ansell is happy. The test results of Foundation goods test show that premium quality need not be expensive.

And who with LifeStyles condoms reliable protects, even others do good: an amount directly to the German AIDS Foundation, the exclusive partner of LifeStyles flows from each sold Pack the condom brand. About Ansell: Ansell is global market leader in the field of protection products with offices in America, Europe and Asia. Since the merger of Ansell GmbH Munich condomi health International GmbH in February 2008 focused the Ansell GmbH, Office Cologne their activities on the German condom market and sells the condom varieties m exclusive partner of the German AIDS Foundation it (extra sensitive) and he m (tear) of the brand LifeStyles. More at: and. Photo credits: LifeStyles condoms, reprinted in reference free of charge. 1 background information: the overall rating by Stiftung Warentest is 75 percent safety criteria (hole test, burst properties), 15 per cent from Declaration and 10 percent from packaging properties composed of.

Heating Bills

Cooperation community built Germany’s largest power plant Berlin, March 14, 2010 – electricity from renewable raw materials and renewable sources is the future. But not always the sun shines, the wind is blowing. For a reliable electricity supply, an intelligent energy mix must be provided. Electricity, which is then produced, if the wind turbines stand still, or when the Sun is not shining. Clean power, the reliable and produces on-demand is.

Power, which accelerated the phase-out of nuclear and coal and brings the independence from oil and gas. Pushed in collaboration with the CEHATROL fuel EC became the rule power plant project”. Leading the service network is hotelsys.de with over 170,000 members. With the engine, control power plant, is performed in wellness – and conference hotels or other properties such as hospitals or nursing homes, generating energy by means of a cogeneration (CHP) using fuel made from renewable resources, synthetic diesel named CEHATROL. The power plant is BBs from many individual CHP exist and a parent control of the energy cooperative Freudenberg EC I.g.., which enables permanent access to decentralised energy producers. Thus, the merger to a large power plant is controlled. Properties of all kinds, mainly hotels, will be sought for the power of this rule.

From a consumption of 200 000kW heat or cold, or 20,000 litres of fuel oil consumption in the year is an object viable. The property owner gets up to 0.03 euros per kWh heat consumption depending on the profitability of its object and a heat loss contract with at least two years term, paid. In a feasibility study all potential of the property are identified and made available to the property owner prior to the conclusion of contracts the project starts in 2013 with the acquisition of the project partners and property owners. In 2014, then the objects gradually connected to the power station and connected to the network.

The Merger Trend In Real Estate Company Settles 2014

On the German real estate market, a lot will happen in the new year. St. Gallen, 10.01.2014. All the characters are available on growth through mergers. The TAG Immobilien AG has acquired a residential real estate portfolio with around 2,860 units and 57 commercial units at a purchase price of EUR 70.5 million in December. The real estate company Deutsche Annington begins the year with an agreement for the purchase of Vitus real estate. Thereby, Vitus could be rated around 1.3 billion euros.

Vitus is a German landlords of residential properties and is partly owned by Blackstone. The Deutsche Annington is the largest private company in this country. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Nickolas Carr . “” Developments of this type show the German real estate market currently is how and how much “inside music this year is”, Michael Oehme says consultant at the CapitalPR AG in St. Gallen. Last year, especially the merger of Deutsche Wohnen with GSW had been seen. The two companies with about 148 000 flats, become the second largest real estate power in Germany. The trend to the Consolidation in the German housing market seems to continue.

This assumption, since nine months Chief of Deutsche Annington confirmed also Rolf Buch. The Bochum-based real estate group is the largest landlord in Germany with 179 000 own homes valued at 10.4 billion euros already. And the growth continues. Book contradicts the assumption however, it involves the big players in the industry just buy, buy and buy again. “I am more so, satisfy tenants than with portfolio purchases and sales.” The above-average length of stay of Anningnton tenants is four and a half years. You live for two and a half years longer in her apartment as an average tenant in Germany. Although rent increases when tenants change can be most easily enforced, fluctuations due to the cost of tenant search and renovation does not pay off. The large apartment companies have noticed this,”explains Michael Oehme. Of course of the Deutsche Annington suffers since stock exchange in July 2013. However, it is next possible takeover does not fail on the money. In its interim report to shareholders wrote book unless provided enough capital to take over portfolios up to four billion euros. But he makes it clear: “We are risking our rating with any acquisition.” The IPO in July there was the good grade “BBB” by the rating agency Standard Poor’s.

CDE Management Has Acquired Software Abc

The CDE Management GmbH with immediate effect the abc software & management GmbH took over the abc GmbH was founded in the year 1995. The company also in the advice worked alongside the development of software. It is fused with the CDE Management GmbH and continued their business areas within the CDE Management GmbH. This succeeded, to offer complementary services and still powerfully to occur at the market. In particular IT company benefit from the merger, because experience and implementation from a single source. The company offers now comprehensive consulting concepts for IT companies CDE management from strategy to implementation. IT companies exposed to particularly the economy, so that the concepts of CDE Management GmbH are valuable especially in today’s time. Pforzheim, December 9, 2009 contact: CDE Management GmbH pure J.

Marquart Blucher str. 32 75172 Pforzheim Tel.: 07231-426435-0 CDE short description: CDE Management GmbH: Foundation in 1991. The purpose of the business was, Software development in the field of industrial quality management with over 1,100 projects. As one of the first consulting firms, the CDE has been certified according to ISO 9001. 2007 the area of CAQ software was sold, with decades of experience entirely to devote himself to promoting the software industry.

Law Distance Learning

Are you looking for a business law distance learning or an evening study law? Here you will find the appropriate Web page. In-service courses experiencing a small boom in Germany. Due to the difficult economic times, fewer and fewer workers on their jobs want to cancel to begin studying full time. Instead, they rather start studying part-time evening study or as distance learning. Thanks to these options, you can see a hat bring study and job and yet academically educate themselves.

High in the rate among other things a law is distance learning. Here the students by means of distance learning courses and Studienbriefen are prepared for use at the interface of business and law. A business law studies qualified for a variety of tasks, for example in legal departments of companies. Business lawyers take over here such as the formulation of contracts or threading more difficult acquisitions and mergers-important functions. On the Internet there are many portals that clarify but mostly separately via a correspondence course or the studies in business law. Now, there’s a course portal in detail a law can learn about distance learning and find all distance learning courses in a browser: offers a comprehensive service around the popular program. Now, thanks to the large database and many useful information and tips, everyone finds the matching law distance learning.

Business Development Security

Successful focus on infrastructural facility services – double-digit growth in security services in Germany Wuppertal, December 9, 2010 the HECTAS facility services Stiftung & co. KG in Wuppertal, a company of the Vorwerk group, shows up with the course of the financial year 2010 satisfied. The service providers in the domestic registered significant growth in new business. Their business model, based on the three pillars of building services, building cleaning and security services, will continue to hold HECTAS. The cleaning and building services sectors remained stable this year. Here convinced HECTAS sustainability concepts on the market, among other things the use environment certified cleaning products as well as energy-saving and ergonomic machines and devices. Since Green Buildings on the real estate market are increasingly present, sustainable system solutions are expected also in management. Demand for security services increased draught horse within the core segments of HECTAS was in 2010 the area of security, which has grown significantly.

For the coming year, HECTAS also expects a dynamic growth. Because a growing need for qualified security professionals in General, protect the people and property from fire, burglary, theft, industrial espionage, accidents and other risks. On the other hand the UW service providers is not only perceived as a specialist for cleaning and infrastructural facility services, but increasingly as a security expert. In July, all branches the HECTAS security services have received safety certification according to DIN 77200. Also, 2010 three new offices in Berlin have been opened nationwide to customers available to Hannover and Frankfurt am Main. Positive development in the new business to its biggest success in acquiring new customers is one of the penitentiary of Bremervorde in the HECTAS from 2013, when the 66 million euro construction is complete, will take over a large part of the infrastructural services. With the first partially privatized correctional facility in Lower Saxony is also, HECTAS first participate in a public-private partnership project of this magnitude.

German Business Consulting

Success model dual training in IT the German business consulting, specialist for procurement and SAP SRM has advice, respond to emerging shortages already 3 years ago and invested in the training of young economic computer scientists and business managers. The first three graduates available today are the company. In cooperation with the Berufsakademie Rhein-Main, young people have gone through a training in which lived a strong focus on practical teachings and application. In changing from about 3 months ago, graduates have run through the theoretical and practical phases and completed a diploma after three years. The practical study with the DBC was for me! a great challenge”one of the three graduates stresses, in particular my self-organization was required to cope with the numerous tasks. I am proud of, the efforts have paid off. I’m fit for many interesting projects!” The dual study are young people from the first day in an employment relationship.

Advantage for the Students: the company bears the cost of training and the students receive in addition a compensation. Ralf Blankenberg, Managing Director of German business consulting: The dual degree is certainly no picnic. Due to the high density of learning and the exciting practice tasks is”leisure, compared with normal students, limited. For this it is worth: the graduates receive a thorough practical education, a broad-based knowledge and an excellent perspective. We have taken over like our three graduates, not only because of the good accounts.

They fit in well with our team and are estimated at our customers already today for their expertise”. The German business consulting is convinced of its commitment to the future of young people and plans its training programme to continue the next years. About the German business consulting GmbH, the German business consulting GmbH (DBC) offers professional consulting and solutions for the areas of purchasing, SAP SRM as well as services (such as Systembetreung and) Hotline) for SAP SRM and the shopping. The unique combination of different skills and perspective in the areas of purchasing and SAP offers you special expertise for your projects in purchasing and concerning it. The German business consulting the team of experts in the various fields of includes: shopping – SAP SRM. Supply chain – SAP MM; project management – SAP portal; Process management – SAP BW. The German business consulting supports companies beginning to end in the execution of your project, and also by a perfectly well-oiled, professional and highly dedicated team.