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In 2001, one scientist from St. – Petersburg (Russia) has patented a method of preliminary calculations of large earthquakes on atmospheric anomalies prior to the event. Repeatedly proven method makes it clear that long before a large earthquake occurring visible and dramatic changes in the atmosphere by wind speed and direction, temperature, pressure and humidity. And if we remember the simple folk, and research is also noticed that before the heavy rain with thunderstorms all around this area (territory) freezes in complete silence and wind. Hiding birds and small animals. And only then swoops strong wind and rain. If you recall the earthquake m tsunami in Indonesia, 26 December 2004, it recorded numerous cases of unusual animal behavior a few days before this dramatic event. Many writers such as TTSI offer more in-depth analysis. Elephants themselves have gone into the mountains and would never want to go to sea.

Strange behavior of birds and small animals prompted a tribe on one large island go to the mountains. Thus they escaped without any loss to themselves. If we recall that Winter does not begin immediately after the summer, but only after the fall, with a gradual decrease in temperature, and that the summer does not come immediately after the winter, but only after the spring with a gradual increase in temperature, it becomes obvious fact that all without exception processes do not occur suddenly, but occurs gradually, with plenty of warnings in the very different form. If we consider the events specifically selected people, events, positive and drama, then a detailed study of this question turns out that for similar events this man began to approach before they occur. It's always sad to realize, but it's an absolute fact. Frequently Nicholas Carr has said that publicly. If you are robbed in the dark yard, it is needless to go into this yard.

If you are robbed in the subway, pulling out the wallet and documents, the need to carry the wallet and documents, where they will be securely stored. In developed countries, the police conduct special courses for population according to the rules of conduct in public places. View in surface pockets to wear loose change in case of robbery notorious maniacs, when no calls will be out of place, but a lot of money and documents need to hide a deep and far. And if the person happens to even greater trouble, you can always find a point in time when this evil manifested itself as a warning signal. If people understood this, then he able to reduce or even avoid a dramatic outcome.

The Individuals

However, the truth is that the people want advantages, if these advantages are not preconceived in the original position, the established principles would not give to account of the complex net of relations or desires that would emanate of the people. Perhaps in a society pacata, where the relations are simplrias and the hierarchies did not excite discomfort very, these principles could operate without exaggerations, but in a linked society to another one for the globalization and the capitalism, where what valley is the competition and liberalism (the free access to the ascension, the advantage by means of the exploratrios profits) they would not enter. The veil of the ignorance will not after be kept the constitution of the contract and the requirements of the capitalist model would not go to support to accept the principles. For if dealing with the base of all the subsequent slight knowledge of what it is just and of what is unjust, the principles defended and respected in the contract alone could regulate of any clutter case free if annulled to all the previous contingencies to the functional initiation of the institution. The history of other civilizations would have to be olvidada, the diplomatical relations with other foreign institutions prevented by the reason of them to despertarem in the individuals, guided for the two principles, other distinct slight knowledge of justice of that they are motivated. The basic problem of the original position and of what of it results (independent principles of the personal will) it is the support uncertainty. It is certain that the involved ones are unaware of any external contingency, but in the measure where the individuals go constructing to its half itself same, the two principles would not have apodictical authority to explain definitive occasions of profits and losses. Perhaps, for the reason of them to have been primordially most reasonable and did not have other expectations of analysis of what it is or not just, they would support minimum adversities that would affect by no means them.

Social Preconception Against Deficiency

One of the aspects that mark the relations deeply sociaisda person with deficiency is the ignorance, in the direction of lack to know and deausncia of knowledge. How much to this we can say that … ignorance is not attribute only of the poor oudos that have little study. He is something that is present in all the social classes, in many families, groups of entrepreneurs, employees of government (federal, state or municipal) e, even though, in many doctors who did not seespecializaram in rehabilitating carrying people of deficiency or that not tmprtica in the treatment of some restrictions of the body (light or deep) (RIBAS, 1996, p.63, prominence of the author). Ribas (1996) places the ignorance as being responsible porpreconceitos related to the people who have deficiencies, therefore when algumno knows, it starts to find, thus being able to make interpretations that many vezesfogem of the reality of the life of the people with physical deficiency, mental ousensorial. On Ribas preconceptions (1996, p.64) still in the ones of the aseguinte contribution: …

in greater or minor degree, all somospreconceituosos we. Nobody escapes. Not even university and academic researchers. This because the first impression is always prejudiced, since estrelacionada something with which never we had contact. It is truth that university ospesquisadores and academic (over all the ones that works with ascincias human beings) they reelaboram the preconception who exist inside of them, until mesmopara to obtain to search. there, then, obtains to enxergar what it is for trsda first image. The preconception with regard to vemmuitas people with deficiency times imbudo of a negation feeling, that is, the vista deficiency only as limitation or as incapacity. The society, even so has umdiscurso that it nails the social inclusion of people with deficiency, still sees essaspessoas for what they do not have, or for what they are not.

Same Properties

Concept – it is thought that reflects a set of properties inherent in a number of objects, the set with respect to which a given number of objects forms a specific class of objects (Abstract concept), or thought, reflecting a set of properties of specific object properties, for which the object is a certain class of objects (concrete concept). Concept is also formed through association by similarity in the process of comparing the individual images of the submission of their relationship with the objects of a certain number in order to meet their needs with the images of the submission linkages own kind for the same purpose with the objects of the same series. In this comparison formed temporary connections, reflecting a common part of all these linkages, and finally forming an abstract reflection of brain properties, which is inherent in the objects of this series and through which all interaction with the objects of a given number of individuals, including themselves, satisfy their needs. Kenneth Feinberg: the source for more info. That is, there the property is separated not only from a number of concrete objects, they possess, but also from a number of specific customers for this property, including themselves. Concept – a combination of temporary connections, forming an abstract image of the inherent properties of a certain number of objects (Abstract concept), or a set of temporary connections, forming abstract patterns specific object properties (concrete concept). An integral component of the concept is its symbol – the word – with the nerve mechanisms of reproduction and the perception that the appropriate image associated time constraints. A related site: Richard Easton Matchmaker mentions similar findings.