In a Europe where the freedoms citizens have been unbalanced by the war against terrorism, also few have retreated by the economic interests of a few social rights. A high-purity neoliberalism. Now, a legion of experts claims that the social model of Europe is not in danger. Although others, like Bjarte Vandvik, Secretary general of the European Council for refugees, believes that the vision has today Europe (that of the cut of some freedoms and social retreat unrecognized) is inhumane and unjustified. Some professional, alleged political expert, has said that he is not finished with any social model, but taboos must be broken if we are to be competitive. We finished! It’s money, benefits, and the famous myth of competitiveness comes in handy.

A few years ago, since sectors pro-European critics was warned to not build a Europe of the merchants. Perhaps that Europe would have been more palatable than of the large banks, powerful financial groups and greedy transnational companies that sent adrift the European dream for love of their income statements. Many analysts are agreed that Europe has turned towards a forceful conservatism and generated a social and political setback. It aims at the expansion eastward since 2004 has helped that can. Perhaps because the former East block embraced with fervor of convert neoliberal capitalism. Or maybe not.

The case is that, after beautiful words of self-congratulation and broad smiles of professional europoliticos, walked towards what Professor Juan Torres called jibarizacion of democracy. Since European political power democracy, in fact reduces as the jibaros reduced heads. How to understand, for example, that he has not even pondered the vote of French, Dutch and Irish that not approved the Constitution nor the next constitutional Treaty, and take months acting as if that vote of rejection of their Europe had not existed? This is not the Europe that we want, because that Europe is increasingly less Europe.