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Bavarian Forest

About 16 kg boar in a Tunisian kitchen and there she lay now in the author’s kitchen: 16 kilogram wild boar. Admittedly, bones, some of it are sure yet sure enough wild boar meat remains, to cover half a dinner of ala Obelix. Fried, grilled, ala cream? But as far as we were not. Others who may share this opinion include Home Depot. How were they get anyway in this kitchen, the still considerable remains of a full-blown copy of Sus scrofa, the European wild boar? After all, this kitchen is with surrounding House not in the Bavarian Forest, but in a suburb of the Tunisian capital Tunis. Diplomatic baggage? No, the boar would have survived probably poorly the flight (well, it wasn’t even so). Wild boar and understanding among Nations no, there they are wild boars in North Africa and they actually, – Islam or no – also hunted and eaten (at least some).

And maybe have the story of the Swedish wild boar hunters in the Ear, moving along with hunting rifles in the trunk appropriately located in the Tunisian revolution through the capital. Only blue-eyed, then blue NAS, believed the Woods men but to cronies of the old regime and the boar Slayer for – well. Nothing like in our case. Only a nice American neighbor and its also friendly Tunisian landlord we have thanks to the blessing, taking a now – after all, yes a tight area of wild boar – the half of the freezer. Neighborhood what teaches us the literal piece of the wild boar but now; except that in this case the eyes were far greater than the stomach and – almost too – the freezer? Travel forms? Yes, also. But rather, preserved also by the author in favor of the city before many years intentionally given institution of the neighbourhood has sometimes but its attraction that brought so much wild boar one, how to never again in the fridge will have, and sometimes also a desperately waiting for inspirations Scribbler from the blank sheet. As well as the response of the said American neighbors and barbecue enthusiasts on the question of his 6 year old son, what had happened with the wild boar, garnished with fine smile that was there – dead, but still quite – in front of him: “It didn’t make it”.

Sau tot, that’s for sure. But how do you make wild boar now actually. Suggestions gratefully accepted. Andreas Kellner…