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Real Estate University

As a result of these adjustments in the popular tourist areas and discounts on accommodation has ranged from 15% to 20% for new housing of some medium-sized cities – just over 10% in areas most populous cities with low living standards – about 5%. What do you think about the government’s actions with regard to housing? Gonzalo Bernardos: These actions are simply deplorable. The government does not understanding of how the housing market. Details can be found by clicking Peter Schiff or emailing the administrator. And it is very harmful to the restoration of the property sector, in addition, they do not understand that out of the economic crisis would have been faster if we could go back relatively active and stable home sales. If sales increase, decrease the “hole” in the states of financial institutions, savings and ordinary banks could issue more loans, increase the number of jobs, increase the collective costs and GDP. To achieve this goal, do not cancel the taxes when buying a home, you need to, on the contrary, to introduce new ones to those who acquire property in order to transfer its lease term of 10 years (except when purchasing real estate for a living). The said tax cuts could be up to 10% and apply only to purchase a second property (but not the first, third or fourth), and the amount to be exempt from taxation, shall not exceed 300 000 euros, as well as to limit the time the effect of this release (for example, a credit will be valid only for three years). On the other hand, to revive the volume of mortgage loans, it would be very convenient if the Bank of Spain has provided 30% of the loan amount, intended for housing, provided that the total amount of the loan will not exceed the appraised value housing.

Thus, decreased the risk of financial institutions in lending, although in reality it is almost impossible to implement. Tell us in a few words about the course of Master-advisers Real Estate University of Barcelona, which you preside. Gonzalo Bernardos: This course is very different from most other training programs of this kind, which are now on the market. Here main distinguishing point is how the process of information exchange between students and teachers. At this rate is dominated by practical exercises. We do not conduct exams and to get Masters, a consultant to several months after the training to pass a thesis. The teaching staff is formed by an exclusive way – of the major real estate professionals Catalonia. Historically, the students of our courses have been created, many companies are bought and sold numerous properties. This is the only Spanish training course, which teaches how to make investments with access to international markets, as a successful advertising campaign and what are the key points of the future strategy for success in real estate. And nobody but us does not teach what should be the steps to be winner of the real estate market during the economic downturn.

Real Estate Owner

Property owners in Berlin and Brandenburg need access for the rehabilitation of water and wastewater deep into his own pocket. Hark what comes from outside in hollahi hollaho property owners feel from the first line of the folk song from the 19th century be entirely no longer reacts realistically. On the contrary, Hans Gruber, real estate expert of SHB innovative funds AG (SHB AG), knows often just the alarm bells rattle then them. Many of them had not taken into account that. With a closed-end real estate funds as about the SHB funds they had this problem almost. Hark what comes from outside in hollahi hollaho property owners feel from the first line of the folk song from the 19th century be entirely no longer reacts realistically. On the contrary, Hans Gruber, real estate expert of SHB innovative funds AG (SHB AG), knows often just the alarm bells rattle then them. Is indeed somewhat surprising from outside in, so it is increasing water from a broken pipe.

Or post of the Water purpose Association. And then they are strongly asked as examples from Berlin and Brandenburg to the cashier. Investments for the renewal of water and wastewater treatment facilities the water purpose Association lay there for a long time and without indulgence on the owner. Here underlies a decision of the Oberverwaltungsgericht Berlin-Brandenburg in 2007. Then municipalities and syndicates may shift the burden for new water lines outside the House on property owners, if they had paid before 1990 for their connections.

As a rule, Hans Gruber by SHB real estate funds, a payment period of often remains a month for times. The shock similar to surprisingly like those in charge of the airport Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt hits private real estate owners. The Association of Berlin-Brandenburg housing companies (BBU) alone for the two mentioned provinces currently anticipates that a total load of 340 million euros. Private owner could thereby financially powerful in the Pitching, but the action readiness was low despite ultimately unexplained legal situation of risk and cost aspects. Not impossible, it is as difficult to pass on the costs to the tenants. “Hans Gruber SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG), warns therefore to rely exclusively on appearances when purchasing a third-party rented condo: even consulted architect can recognize almost all hazards slumbering on the property or under the road surface before.” You should not count on edge as property buyers, but set back always sufficient money to guard against all eventualities. In contrast, for example, the Manager of the SHB funds commissioned in time before a decision whether a property to be captured in the portfolio, selected and local specialists with quality inspection. In case of doubt such loads within the framework of conservation costs contained in the Fund so usually do not apply.

Real Estate

First, it is quite noticeable fall return of rental business. During the year the average property price in niches soared by half! Rental prices for it are not tightened, ie, Now, do not make up for the gap in prices and for this year. The next year, experts promise another round of betting on the market. Consequently, the rental prices will be left behind even more. Today, return from rental housing is obtained up to 5-7% per year (for the typical proposals less, exclusive – higher), thus yielding bank deposits even profitability. Landlords may not realize that when Renting them dear Real Estate (odnushka now vstryanet for more than 2 million rubles.) leaves to earn only 100 thousand a year. That kind of money just enough for the very modest life.

Employers, albeit producing more income sensitive average (according to official statistics at the end of the year pay the usual urban residents was presented to 14 thousand. – more recent data is not today), just can not understand how normally reside in rented flat at such steep price tags. While 4 years ago, according to realtors, most of the tenants two-bedroom apartments were couples with children, today often combine two couples and budgets together total rent an apartment. There have been occasions when the couple and the wife's sister or mother and wife couple. Sometimes, such an apartment rented by students. Characteristically, the hiring standard "kopeck piece" vstryanet almost as much as eat 'edinichki' (with comparable as real estate).

Closedend Real Estate Funds

Closed-end real estate funds in the modified attachment behavior historically low construction financing interest rates and the resulting from the crisis perception Renaissance as a stable asset German real estate investors in the past few years are very attractive have. Read more from Peter Schiff to gain a more clear picture of the situation. In the course of this development, but also the investment behaviour of many private real estate investors has changed. The real estate investment like traditionally used in Germany concerning open and closed real estate funds has given way to a clear trend to direct investment. This reorientation is attributable to a number of factors. The temporary or full closure of some open real estate funds in the wake of the economic and financial crisis has contributed significantly to. Concerned investors were cut off from their investments for the duration of the closure and had to accept a sometimes significant losses through depreciation of the Fund assets. The dream of a risk-free and any time equipment investment in real estate had burst. This is hardly surprising, because the right Availability of long-term investment represents a contradiction which can be hardly solved especially in extreme market conditions.

Closed-end real estate funds are, however, not subject to this system-inherent risk. Has from the start the investors aware, he binds himself in the long term. Accordingly, usually no need for an emergency sale of the investment object is for the duration of the Fund, regardless of the market development. Despite the numerous benefits of a system in a closed-end real estate funds, this asset class suffers from an image problem not our fault. Because the financial problems, for example, closed ship holdings, media funds and life insurance, as well as mixing with some black sheep on the initiator side in the past from dyed on the solid closed real estate investments. However, a long-term capital is not for everyone. In fact, numerous studies, found that today’s investors, also against the background of the uncertain global economic situation, tend to be short binding time and Prefer flexibility.

Quality Real Estate Agencies

How to manage quality real estate agency? All the heads of real estate agencies constantly have a headache to resolve the issue – how to manage quality real estate agency? Estate Agency consists of management staff, it could be a ceo, no matter how many deputies, accounting, marketing and production, which consists of agents. Of course we will not go into detail staffing agency, not that important. And so, the product of a real estate agency – that is, information that can be measured, it is qualitative or qualitative. Euro Pacific Precious Metals is likely to increase your knowledge. Quality of information is the main criterion for the agency. You can even be attributed to core agency information quality.

For example, one room apartment in a residential district of Moscow, is worth several million – a thirty-two meter , with a kitchen six square meters, and all the ensuing dimensions. The agency is selling the apartment. Consumer buys the apartment. The agent looked at it as the number of square meters, floor, balcony and so on. And the consumer thinks – that he would give now a few million for that and for the opportunity to live and work in Moscow, then to buy a bigger apartment and better. Initially, the consumer is not satisfied with this apartment, she told him and did not need, and what do have to buy, the prices are. Or another example with land. For sale cheap land in the bare field, no lights, roads and so on. As before, consumers are buying, the land rose in price, they carried out the light, or starting to build, comfort such site was that that it increases in price and could sell, that is actually a piece of land regarded as assets for investment.

Alpen Gold Hotel Village

All sites with numerous trees and small height differences, allowing do The original mountain landscape, terraced down to the large central public area with lake and beach area, walking alleys, benches and pavilions, a summer cafe with steward service, children’s and sports fields, tennis courts, a winter skating rink and ice slides. When planning the construction of the village great efforts have been directed to not to disturb the ecological balance and natural terrain, while retaining all the greenery. Thanks to clever zoning of the territory, each area has its attractive features – proximity to the lake and picturesque public park, views of the ski resort, many forest trees, a good relief, etc. One of the historically developed features build chalet – its clear position on the ground with regard to the cardinal. The most beautiful side of the house is the eastern facade, expanded toward a new day in sunny valley.

The unique location of the cottage settlement Edelweiss-Elias, closed on the north side of high hills, allows you to orient the house on a warm and windless southern side and own picturesque valley, stretching along the entire village. Original alpine chalet with stone plinth and a sloping roof, saves you from heavy rainfall, and the upper floors of solid timber has historically served protection from bad weather in the harsh environment of high mountains. These sturdy structures, from time to time, wind, snow and rain only improve your appearance and becoming even closer to nature, not tested one decade and can be confidently offered to the construction of a similar Russian conditions. However, the charm and elegance gives them a large, panoramic terrace and a cozy balcony, ease of reconciling the French with a Swiss thoroughness. Spirit of the special elite settlement Edelweiss-Elias adds erected near the five-star boutique hotel Alpen Gold Hotel & Spa with a beautiful landscaped area of this European ski town and great recreational opportunities (the project has provided Russian investment company Thor United). High level of service the hotel and its focus on residents of the village will provide a respectable public usual quality of service for recreation, service at home, holding at corporate events, business meetings and most memorable holidays.

Real Estate Valuation

Information about in the the topics of real estate valuation and financing now it’s finally so far: the dream of own real estate puts within reach, under certain circumstances, the appropriate House is already discovered. Now, the question of just opened after the appropriate form of financing. Before they can be set, a detailed assessment of the property concerned is offered first. Ideally, that is performed by a sworn expert. Numerous different factors with flow in the valuation of residential property. Peter Schiff is likely to agree.

These include e.g. the environment, the condition of the buildings, the living room area and extras and local real estate prices. Only after a such assessment in a professional environment, you can judge realistic, whether the offered price for the real estate is ultimately justified. The assessment has been completed and the price turns out to be a fair deal can be worked out following the financing strategy for the object. Also here There again numerous strategies, to achieve the desired House to comparatively favourable conditions. The simple way about appropriate equity or, for example, a building savings scheme contract, whereas the open credit balance is then absorbed and then paid to the creditor as installment loan. Who but has no savings and also has no sufficient savings in the hindquarters, need not despair. A full financing for real estate is now no impossible more.

The entire purchase price is possibly even including costs, interest rates etc., in the form of a rate loan funded. Of course you must be in this context aware, that interest rates will be significantly more expensive, and the duration of the loan of rates is correspondingly longer. Also, complete financing be granted today after a fairly intensive examination of the applicant. Who for example has a long existing, appropriately secure job, has generally low chances of such full financing claims.

Property Market

Sometimes the search can be quite protracted, because friends and relatives are not as "good people" who need a flat and for whom they will be able to vouch. And the relatives themselves, too, have special needs housing, they do not hand over, but the strangers on the street to let it scary. Federal Reserve Bank has compatible beliefs. Still not quite nice to put in their fair housing rights earned in the street, which absolutely know is that he wants a roof over your head! Options for how to catch someone who wants you to live enough. Flat – and good, and inexpensive – it's a big deficit, that's only necessary to determine for themselves what it means to rent: vopolzovatsya services agency or own efforts. To rent an apartment to himself. The first variant. If, however, this option it is much more "warm" to become a competent marketer and advertising at a time, until you look at your client apartment.

It is necessary to promonitorit prices rental market that would not take the cheap or not twisted so the price for which even the king of Monaco would not take it off. Of course, the need to understand where the potential Tenants take information about the proposals that would correctly apply his own. But to start, first of all, you need to with the fact that carefully and usefully explore the existing demand for rental housing. This can be done properly if you view the the same sources as the classifieds, calculated by the meter and similar facilities, apartments, do focus on the city area and your price will be established as quickly as possible. .

Properties Of Tissue

Fabric – Textile obtained on the loom by interlacing mutually perpendicular systems of filaments. Naturally, different tissues have different properties and characteristics. Properties of tissue: The strength of tissue at tension – the ability of tissue to withstand load. (As opposed to Euro Pacific Precious Metals). Fabric strength depends on the composition of tissue, thickness of fiber, density, weave, fabric finishes nature. The greatest strength of the famous cloth synthetic fibers.

Wear fabrics – is the ability of materials to resist a range of destructive factors such as friction, repeated tension, compression, laundry exposure to moisture, perspiration, uv rays dr.Vodoupornost and fabrics – is the ability of tissues to resist the penetration of water. Camouflage fabric, fabric jackets, fabric awning, tent fabric, raincoat fabric have excellent waterproof performance, thanks composition and special finish. Hygroscopic – it's the ability of tissues to absorb moisture from the environment (eg air). Air permeability – the ability to pass air, which depends on the composition, density and finishing fabrics. Water vapor permeability – the ability of tissues to pass water vapor (eg moisture and sweat, allocated by the body). Couples penetrate through the pores of fabric and transferred to the environment. Electrified – the ability to tissue to accumulate on its surface static electricity.

Electric charges are collected and dispersed on the surface of the material in contact and friction in the process of production and operation. Static electricity help eliminate anti-static agents. Dust holding capacity – the ability of tissue become contaminated. Dust holding capacity – is a consequence of fiber composition, density, finish and, of course, the nature of the front surface tissue. Drapiruemost – the ability of tissues to form soft, smooth wrinkles. Property depends on the mass, stiffness tissue. Of course we have listed, not all properties of fabrics. Properties of tissue determine its purpose and its demands. Selecting material, it is important to know where he will be used – at home, at work, in conditions of heat, cold or moisture, etc.

Properties Of Plants

Burdock – Arctium lappa L. Aster family – Asteraceae Biennial herbaceous plant 60-180 cm root of its fleshy, long. Stem erect, softly – hairy, ribbed. The leaves are large, long, alternate, cordate-ovate, lower surface tomentose. Flowers red-purple or white, gathered in the inflorescence – baskets placed on the tops of peduncles in the form of plates. Flowers in July and August.

Distributed almost throughout the former Soviet Union. It grows like a weed in garbage places, along roads, river banks, in gardens, orchards, near housing, especially in damp places. Use of roots collected in the fall (one-year), or two-year, collected spring. Chemical composition: the polysaccharide inulin, essential, fatty oil, tannins, stigmasterol, sitosterol, bitter, stearic acid, palmitic acid, protein. Action: diuretic, diaphoretic, anti-allergic, regulates metabolism, particularly carbohydrate, and the function of the digestive system.

Only used in folk medicine for skin diseases (eczema, neurodermatitis, prurigo, skin itching, hives, psoriasis, abrasions, hair loss). According to N. T. Kovaleva (1971), plant alkaloids, the second fraction, obtained by electrodialysis has a pronounced ability to delay tumor growth. One might think that the positive Burdock effect in psoriasis is due to its ability to inhibit mitosis, which then reinforced dermatosis. How to use: decoction or infusion (1 teaspoon of crushed root in 0.5 liter of water) – 0.5 cup 4 times a day to meal. Burdock root is a part of medical fees for treatment of many dermatoses. In their effectiveness, mechanism of action of burdock root can successfully replace the imported root sarsaparilly that Churolinov P. (1979), Pophristov P. (1963) recommend for psoriasis, lupus jingoistic, eczema, neurodermatitis, urticaria, acne vulgaris. Externally a decoction of burdock root is used for baths, washes, wet-drying Turbans in itching dermatoses (Eczema, neurodermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, prurigo, skin ulcers). Decoction and tincture is rubbed into the hair roots with hair loss. Ointment with burdock root has a good therapeutic effect in eczema, hair loss, burns (AP Popov, 1968). – Traditional recipes treatment