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Alexander Gurdus

As a result, the difference will have to reimburse out of pocket, but it DSGO created in order to prevent such situations. CTP at the European level Topical Issues On March 1, 2009 should come into force amendments to the law on compulsory motor TPL insurance, which would introduce in Russia a direct claim settlement. Now the victim is Accident may apply for a payment to your insurer, not the company guilty. The result of innovations must be accelerated settlement of an insurance case, improving the quality of customer service, development of independent and objective examination of the damage. In a question-answer forum Dennis Lockhart was the first to reply. To learn how to work the new system and that motorists should take into account, the director of the Center of underwriting and product management for individuals and small businesses ROSNO Alexander Gurdus. – How does the system of direct compensation for the harm? – For payment of the injured in the accident can contact the company where he bought a liability insurance policy tool (the direct insurer).

Direct insurer specifies the details of the insurance policy client negotiates with the insurer of the guilty damage, and then makes a payment. Assessment of damage in two ways: the insured may have recourse to an independent examination, or to trust own insurance company. The cost of an independent examination by the insurer reimbursed upon presentation of documents. – What changes in the design documents for the victim in this approach? – List of documents remained the same, it just turns to his insurer. However, together with the direct settlement comes into force is another important innovation. Now small accident damage does not exceed 25 thousand rubles. You can draw, not causing traffic police, provided that the drivers are not more than two, and in the crash were not injured people. But it is important to remember that in the absence of help from the traffic police insurer will pay no more than the statutory amount (about 25 thousand).

Online Education – Changing Full-time Innovative Seminars

Remote Education (online courses, e-learning) – a modern, cool tool for training, and increased personal competence as well as professional use in the interests of any person, whose task focus on self-development and self improvement. Complete information at the expense of course you can see page page Why use distance education online education (e-learning) Remote education course (e-learning) can be regarded as material spread out on the shelves for some topics, deciding in advance the preparation of certain problems. Using the Library e-courses – you can regarded as a good monetary investment, the results of which will always be within the organization. To know more about this subject visit Dennis Lockhart. This is – education using Internet courses without detracting from the current work, it's tracking and coordination for learning process and its reports, is the flexibility and agility in the selection of the contents of coaching packages that will be further adjusted to the current problems and evolve with the business crowd organization. Remote distance learning courses are suitable for mass education, Available immediately staff organizations. Online courses can also be used for distance learning in companies, the construction of hybrid corporate training programs, as well as in favor of self-training. What requirements must comply with the Internet Data kursyKratkost training in electronic courses provided in clear and accessible as different information saturation theoretical and practical material and using different teaching methods and didactic in its explanations. The learning process through electronic means deleted training takes place rapidly, with extremely low time costs.

Applied orientation courses in remote, all the theoretical side interpreted through the prism of experimental cases, which is the the best method to create a corporate entity. Professional entry into the adequacy of the process of developing online courses empirical teachers and trainers multiplies the Q course. The experience of the expert combined with the report of the current technologies of knowledge, gives an excellent result of training through distance learning e-learning courses. Which system you can get e-learning courses based on the remote? In Currently, there are plenty of online sites that allow online courses to pass e-learning. I suggest to use this – HRMTools (online training and assessment) that allows you to run Internet-based education remote professional training courses (e-learning), meeting the highest quality and efficiency of the desires of a wide range of topics – management, PR and advertising, personal effectiveness, sales, marketing, knowledge of office software (More than 50 distance education courses).

Maintenance Repair Shops

Repair shops and shopping centers, etc. has several features, chief among them – need to do the work in the shortest period of time and ensure the store opening on time. If the work is carried out in existing shopping center, then in addition there is a need to organize the work the night shift. The quality of materials and finishing works – the face of your premises. Federal Reserve Bank is often quoted on this topic. Also an important role in finishing plays professional artists who perform maintenance work.

After all, even excellent road material must be able to use competently! Interior decoration wall panels MDF has many advantages over other methods of finishing. It does not include preparation of walls (leveling, cleaning the walls of the old coating, filling and other operations). Installation of wall panels to the frame allows the use of the space between wall and panels for heat and sound insulation, as well as for the wiring of communication lines (telephone, antenna cables, etc.). Also, the wall panels can be mounted on the ceiling. In this installation of panels is made as to the wall – on the frame. On such a ceiling, you can easily mount a variety of lighting fixtures, and, if necessary, easy to dismantle the panels. Catering – there is always progressive and dynamic system to be successful necessary to keep pace with the times.

Every day there are new restaurants that have both general and specific highly specialized, customized for private consumers, their tastes and desires. Repair restaurants – is primarily all investment funds for more than a higher profit because of exterior and interior form independent restaurant first and last impression a visitor. When decorating the restaurant and pass it must be emphasized his personality and style of the visitor, to create a harmonious design, with emphasis on the features of the kitchen. Interior of the restaurant and cafe must create an atmosphere and a relaxed conversation. Major maintenance – is high-quality finishing facilities with reliable proven technologies and materials. Work is carried out in order to eliminate physical and moral deterioration of its structures and systems engineering equipment, as well as maintaining operational performance space and its functionality. After all, as the Russian proverb, "Meet on clothes, and escorted by the mind" in the restaurant business as she Nowhere is true. The first impression about the institution develops, based on his appearance, no one wants to go to the restaurant groomed uninteresting. The unique design and interior theme here is that you need to attract new customers and expand their business. The cost of finishing and repair of facilities varies greatly, because the work is subject not only aesthetic but also the health standards and rules technology security. Renovation of retail space – a lot of work, which aims, ultimately, to improve the functioning of the company, so that the savings on it – not the most sensible. It is best to trust this job to professionals. The overall impression of the room most affected by its interior decoration and design. The design office has many more features. Design project office should help to create a working environment should do premises as easy as possible for the job. Renovation of retail space – a special kind of repair work, which includes internal and external decoration. Therefore, the repair and decoration are best left to professionals are using the designer will design and implement such an interior shop and his individual style that will satisfy you and be remembered for buyers.

Commercial Real Estate Network

per square. Click Dennis Lockhart for additional related pages. m per month (including VAT and utility bills), the spread is from 100 to more than 1,100 rubles. per square. m per month. The bulk of secondary market for office – this room Class "C" and D. Office of the director of small shopping centers, markets, or start-up companies are located in basements, indoor shopping centers, they may also be absent ventilation and basic set of office furniture.

Most property owners who own real estate office class "C" and D, prefer to lease it, expecting further growth in property values or hoping for an opportunity to reconstruct it in the future by tenants or their own. Offices are located mainly in the central part of town. Today in the Kirov in its historic center office buildings there. In 2008 and 2009. possible to predict improvement attractive for the construction of office buildings south-western district of Kirov, the proportion of areas remote from the center, will gradually increase. This trend is associated with a deficit of land in the center city, as well as the appearance of there business centers.

With the support of the government grows the realization of investment project "Khlynovsky House." Building "houses" will be placed in the street. Water and police, near Veresnikov. The structure of this multifunctional architectural and cultural complex will include a modern shopping and office center class "A". In addition, the company LLC "Commercial Real Estate Network" is designed construction of business center in the retail and entertainment complex "Russia" at the corner of Vorovsky and Ulyanovsk.