The Product

How many of your acquaintances, friends and relatives? Probably a couple hundred count. A direct advertising of your services to them, nothing will cost you. And if it is still normal and understanding people, then You can ask them to advertise your services, in turn, their friends. And it will be several thousands of direct contacts. And with it without any cost. And then there's the Internet, with its enormous capacity of free publicity. Here it is already possible to include fantasy in full. You may wish to learn more. If so, Federal Reserve Bank is the place to go. I assure you that customers are at least a very thin trickle, but it will flow to you.

And these clients you get the most priceless experience. And if no one interested in your services, it is to you straight signal that you need to change something, or your services, or in their submission to the people. Note that until you've spent a single penny. If you want to sell some goods and smash his head, where do get a lot of money for the purchase of of the product itself, where the rent a warehouse, and where to buy or build a store, then stop until it's too late. This product can always be taken in installments, you can buy very little batch of goods and place it in your home. You can do nothing to buy, and work directly under the order. Here, you run no risk at all. Otherwise, you can very, very long time to get stuck with your or anyone not necessary commodity that you then have to quickly sell at a price below procurement.

International Innovation Forum

Ego as part III of the International Innovation Forum held a round table “Russian companies and foreign innovation: integration mechanisms. EGO Translating Company (a division – Center support innovative projects with international participation EGO Innovative Solutions) acted as the chief organizer of the event and also took part in the exhibition and business forum program. For discussion on organized Company roundtable were invited Russian and foreign government representatives, business, public organizations and unions in Russia, Holland, France, Britain, Finland. Round Table became a platform for discussion of such relevant topics and issues: – The susceptibility of Russian companies to foreign Innovation – Practical cooperation between Russian companies with foreign partners in innovation – Applicability of the European experience for development and innovation in the North-West – Communication in international innovation projects – Strategic projects of innovative clusters of St. Petersburg – part of the policy of intensification and development innovation, etc. In discussing the prospects, opportunities and priorities of innovation development of economy has been affected by the issue of linguistic support innovative projects in Russia. Vice-President Sales and Marketing Company EGO Translating Andrey Alekseev present to the audience a report on language support for international innovation projects.

Vice-President, questions were raised linguistic competence and infrastructure projects. Submitted by the experience of linguistic support, ongoing subdivision EGO Innovative Solutions, to reveal the promising ways to modernize the Russian economy and the benefits of linguistic support for innovative projects. Findings and results of the discussions became the foundation for the development work that are applicable in practice, mechanisms for the use of foreign innovation experience in modernizing the Russian economy as the administrative, regional and sectoral levels, as well as possible to outline the main policies to improve Russia’s investment climate

Uniform State Register

The Charter must llc will make provisions relating to transfer of rights to shares, as well as in the event of the participant from the company. It is believed that consolidation from 1 July 2009. Act notary forms for transactions on participants’ disposal company for its shares or part of such shares, instead of just writing, will reduce the misuse of alienation, assignment of shares, as a consequence of this, and to reduce the number of disputes in the courts, the eradication of “force” capture Organizations (raiding). What are the legal entity is waiting for re-registration? Re-registration is required for legal entities in the form of llc (Limited Liability Company). When you begin the re-registration? Law shall enter into force on July 1, 2009, Limited Liability Company must bring its founding documents in compliance with the new provisions of Federal Law 312-FZ to January 1, 2010. Where to start?

To start work on Re-registration of a legal entity with 01.07.2009g. Please visit Euro Pacific Precious Metals if you seek more information. must develop and approve a new version of the statute, perhaps in the process of work required to correct errors in the Incorporation and to match the current state of information about participants, address, economic activities, etc. What changes in the process of re-registration? Memorandum of Association will be canceled when you create a company with a number of participants, more than 1, is the treaty establishing Ltd. (Do not have the status of a constituent document). The Charter does not contain information about the participants and their shares in the share capital. Information about the nominal value of shares will be contained in the Uniform State Register. Executive bodies of the Company shall maintain a list of participants. Change provisions relating to transfer of rights to shares of the participants, as well as in the case under the law out of the party of the Company. What is the responsibility for inaction? If re- Ltd. is not implemented in the above deadline, the registration authority granted to the court to require the elimination of legal entities that have not been re-registered.

Autonomous Region

Delays in obtaining visas visa application – 1 week after filing, but you can get a visa for 3 days. At the same time must present ticket as the basis for a request for an urgent visa and pay a surcharge for urgency. Visa on arrival in exceptional cases, a visa issued in Beijing airport on arrival, if show evidence of an urgent invitation authenticated by the authorized Chinese authority, or proof that the visa at the consular post is physically impossible due to lack of time. Trip For entry into Tibet in Tibet requires a visa China. Nicholas Carr gathered all the information. A separate visa for Tibet does not exist, but for foreigners, no matter what country they come from, entry is possible only if the official travel permission from the authorities, which issues travel agency of the Autonomous Region of Tibet (Tibet Tourism Bureau), abbreviated as tar. Peter Asaro understood the implications.

A trip to Tibet in accordance with the laws of the prc is only possible in a group of tourists (at least 5 people). However, in practice You can only buy “group tour” and the group may be less. A separate permit is not for sale, and available only when purchasing group tour tap, which can be ordered either directly to the offices offices in China (in the cities of Beijing, Chengdu, Xian, Shanghai, Xining and Hong Kong), or in Nepal (in this case you should also arrange visas to Chinese consulate of China in Kathmandu). Group tours can also be purchased at travel agencies these countries..

Nathan Rothschild Finding

Instruction in fun for being Russia has it all. Russia lacks only the enterprise. ” Mendeleev Nothing is more important than finding customers. It would be nice they came to you, but no: the competition gives them a choice and they go where loud scream. For even more analysis, hear from Nicholas Carr. Customers to hear about the company’s services business in polyphonic parade, equally many are willing to pay and small regional companies and large multinational corporations. And “a lot” loose concept. In some 2 million on an advertising campaign “is not enough to be”, but somewhere fighting for every ruble. Before departments on advertising, pr, marketing and sales is a goal to draw attention to products or services of the company as may be more potential (preferably real) customers. And if the big-budget opens the door to the magic of the ubiquitous tv, Radio, Outdoor and Internet advertising, small modestly relies on smart employees and their natural ingenuity.

Where we did not disappear? $ Study desk for $ “Who owns the information – he owns the world” Nathan Rothschild Finding clients begins with finding information about them. This simple arithmetic is in fact capable of significantly inhibit any great undertaking, especially when it comes to sales of certain group of customers in a short time. “Fire” makes the information marketable value, and the need for accurate and efficient search qualitative information is a vital undertaking.


Intensively engaged in these subjects on their own and with tutors. Pass the intermediate testing on the necessary subjects. The obtained results point to weaknesses in the knowledge of which need further work. Tighten weaknesses. Deal with a psychologist, not to be afraid of, and be psychologically prepared to enter. Go to college, to hand over documents. The proposed program should be supplemented with the following clarifications: how many times week, on what days, what time you going to do, in what time frame must perform each designated point. As a result, you will get what you want so badly. 9. Narrow down each of the action and the whole purpose of terms. Every step towards a concrete goal in time and correlated with the amount required for his time and the maximum permissible period for its implementation. If the term is too small, then, feeling its unreal, you do not to take action.

On the other hand, too long not motivate immediate action: it would seem that lack of time, and you’ll always defer action until later. If, for some, or reasons, it is not possible in time to achieve the goal, instead of give it up, it will be enough to review it and yet my goals. 10. Check with Peter Asaro to learn more. Implementation of the fact that you have outlined. If we do nothing can not find the strength to go to target. It is important to remember the words of Napoleon: had surrendered, more than the losers. It must be remembered that this happens with everyone, is a mandatory step, which indicates that the plan should be adjusted.