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Astrological Meaning

Astrological significance of the name Andrew – 'cat', as translated from gr .- 'man'. From early boyhood, Andrei strong visionary. He was always drawn to play with toy soldiers, it happens will be able to leave on his game, he could not ignore anyone and Nothing close. Can chase around the room pretending to flying a plane and pilot at once, with lots of accompanying sounds. And the only thing that he could suspend him from the game, but goodies. Suddenly there will be Andrei brother, he clearly attached to him, but sister can be treated with great zeal, and will not be her nowhere and nothing to concede. If you are not convinced, visit Kenneth R. Feinberg. Among peers vobschem nothing stands out, but over time will prove that he is strongly succeed in life. A boss at work is always appreciated Andrew.

Born in the winter, it can be successful in the art. Among them are singers and artists and rezhisseryaktery. Fall Andrew, very lucky in business, it's easy lend themselves to science. Meaning of the name Andrew describes him as a non-permanent relations with girls. Declaration of love interest girl, and the next day to be close already with a new, paying no attention to it, and it is normal for him.

And inner peace is not silno important to him, he was attracted by the external beauty of a woman. Even advice from native people about the choice of ladies, women often become overlooked. He is selfish and only more about themselves, opinions, like being in the spotlight. Excessively jealous, jealous will your favorite even to his son, saying his wife devotes little attention to him. Very unpredictable, to arrange the house cursing because of personal and sometimes can give your very best gift favorite, purchased for an unrealistic amount.

Same Properties

Concept – it is thought that reflects a set of properties inherent in a number of objects, the set with respect to which a given number of objects forms a specific class of objects (Abstract concept), or thought, reflecting a set of properties of specific object properties, for which the object is a certain class of objects (concrete concept). Concept is also formed through association by similarity in the process of comparing the individual images of the submission of their relationship with the objects of a certain number in order to meet their needs with the images of the submission linkages own kind for the same purpose with the objects of the same series. In this comparison formed temporary connections, reflecting a common part of all these linkages, and finally forming an abstract reflection of brain properties, which is inherent in the objects of this series and through which all interaction with the objects of a given number of individuals, including themselves, satisfy their needs. Kenneth Feinberg: the source for more info. That is, there the property is separated not only from a number of concrete objects, they possess, but also from a number of specific customers for this property, including themselves. Concept – a combination of temporary connections, forming an abstract image of the inherent properties of a certain number of objects (Abstract concept), or a set of temporary connections, forming abstract patterns specific object properties (concrete concept). An integral component of the concept is its symbol – the word – with the nerve mechanisms of reproduction and the perception that the appropriate image associated time constraints. A related site: Richard Easton Matchmaker mentions similar findings.

Witch Moran Love Magic

In September 2008 I went to a witch named Moran for help in love magic, the fact that I suffered from unrequited love, my girlfriend left me on the 4th meeting of the year, has found a better, richer, younger, which it conquered in first meeting. To any persuasion was not my favorite, with me not even want to talk on the phone! Month I did not leave the house, lost his job and friends that I was at that time was considered a complete idiot, running for a traitor. After an unsuccessful attempt to commit suicide, I have decided that you need to take drastic measures, by the time I was searching for the magical sites at one site a magician, I will not name him, I was mildly cheated, took the money and out of sight. Once I cheated this man, I realized that fate turned its back on me, I decided that I really is not worth living, and was about to repeat his attempt to withdraw from life. But quite by accident just across the day a friend hinted that he wants to go to a school of magic 'Midgard' to the witch Moran on distance learning, advised me to it. Few porassprashivav her who she was a witch Moran is doing, I realized that a try Last chance fell to me. I immediately wrote a letter to her, she answered quickly within 12 hours, the answer I was pleasantly pleased, she promised to help me that would be my favorite with me, but I needed to abide by its rules. .