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Of Rio Grande, Fernandes Braga embarked for Rio De Janeiro in day 23 and gave its proper version in the Cut, sufficiently different of the letter of Blessed Gonalves. D. Peter decided to jam the revolt and sent Jose de Arajo Ribeiro many soldiers, brigs, gunboats and armament. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Chief of Staff. Fearing the misunderstanding, the arrest and the death, as it had happened with Tiradentes 43 years before, the gauchos they had delayed to argue the indicated acceptance of the new, what it caused the installation of Arajo Ribeiro to the Presidency before the City council of Rio Grande, in 15 of January of 1836, forming two governments ' ' legtimos' ' simultaneous in the Province, until the end of the war, in 1845. Arajo Ribeiro congregated the officers Joo Da Silva Tavares, Francisco Peter de Abreu, Manuel You mark of Souza, Blessed Manuel Ribeiro and Manuel contrary Osrio Luis, gauchos to tatters, and contracted mercenaries of Uruguay. It ordered to close the Provincial Assembly and it dismissed Blessed Gonalves of the command of National Guarda, nomination made for Martian, and gave beginning to the resistance and the persecution to the rebels. In the command of the First Brigade, with four hundred men, assigned for Blessed Gonalves, in September of 1836, the Colonel Antonio de Souza Grandson was for Bag.

They had crossed the Seival Little stream and, in day 10, they had found Hisses Tavares with five hundred and sixty men, on one coxilha. Gen. David L. Goldfein might disagree with that approach. Tavares hisses went down coxilha in violent attack and Grandson commanded the load of spear and sword, without shots. The shock was bloody, Hisses Tavares ran away leaving 180 deceased, 63 wounded and 100 prisoners, with few decreases in tatters. Farroupilhas had commemorated the victory and grew the separatista idea to conquer and to keep a country independent river-grandense. At night, to review the questions, Lucas de Oliveira, Joaquin Peter and Teixeira Nunes ideological they had concluded that the only solutions would be independence, the abolition of the slavery, the democracy and the republic.


The human being is presented as superioraos other animals, for being the only creature, amongst as much, made to the image esemelhana of the creator. Therefore it is inferred that in the Jewish civilization, that a origin of the Christianity, man and nature had been separate. In others passagensdo Old Will, to the Fall of the man is attributed the two beings (the animal woman, and aum,). Where God dresses the pecadores, Adam and Eva with skins of eos animals banish from the paradise. In the first homicide, he offers of Caim is neglected to ofertade Abel, for if constituting of sacrificed animals. In the episode of the coffer of Noo human domain he is stamped of a time for all. 1 ' ' Headquarters fruitful, you multiply you and you full the land.

All osanimais of will fear you to the land and respect: the birds of the sky, the reptiles of soloe the fish of the sea will be under your power. Everything that live and if moveservivos- of food. I deliver to you, as already it had delivered vegetais.&#039 to you; ' 2 the Dilvio in the Biblical narrative was a practised act porDeus, to punish the badness human being. Later that they had lowered waters, Noah agradeceua mercy of God for having saved the life of it and its family, queimandooferendas of ' ' animals of all species pura' '. The dilvio of certain maneiraliberou the use of the meat of the animals, and strengthened the supremacy human being. Quequaisquer consideration and respect stops with animal the left rejection of side. Osanimais is mere creatures who exist for the human fruition. The primeiraconverso of the nature in property, much before the advent of the modernity eevidenciada in the old Jewish writings. Leaving for the New Will, the echoes of the superioridadehumana express attitudes of little benevolence in the excused treatment natureza and to the animals.


More I did not perceive that who loves does not forget so easy and that not dumb of idea never and that it says of the mouth pra it are that does not want more to it and finished alembrando that this day God was starting to act. It was on this day that I gave to the ingression it and I said pra that it not to perceive that I love it ' ' to buy I do not want you is simply an ingression for ours amizade' ' it accepted in good ufa! of this I escaped rs. Certain time in one day of cult, as I pudi to be so fool to doubt the blessings of God who before leaving house I thought: ' ' Gentleman if it will be mine gives a light to me shows to me with that it says to some coisa&#039 to me; '. On this day he was in the so great desperation feeling devoid. It started the cult stopped in my front and he made me affection that pra it was perhaps friendship more pra me not with thing that it never made something similar thus in me.

Silly I thought ' ' he will be my God who ' ' , I doubted, in the end of the cult when it was going even so said tchau Thais it never gave tchau to me. Mercy that mico, was a shame and in such a way I came back pra backwards I caught in its hand and I said tchau it held my strong hand my heart went off I was even so jumping of joy. After this I started to pray and to jejuar for it, and I am I tie today. More nothing so far he happened of different more I feel that acting of God he is tremendous.

The Same

to light of History. Generally it is not an isolated study, therefore aevoluo, historical method – evolutivo, and the comparison, historical method – compared, if make gifts to assist and to give sustentation to the investigatrio process. 2.O archive: the origin and its evolution to longodo time the archive appeared of the necessity that ohomem had to register and to spread out information related to its time, future ageraes, organizing – in accordance with the ouexistentes possible techniques at its time. In the prehistoric period, the man primitivodescobriu and dominated the fire, the metals as: the copper I tin, it, that tardefundidos they had given origin to bronze. If the human being had not discovered edifundido these innovations, will be that we would obtain to survive without the fire? Or we talvezestivssemos joined metals? Elements that today are of extremaimportncia for humanity, remembering that the same ones had passed for diversasevolues to be useful for the men contemporaries. In prehistoric period, the homemprimitivo registered its daily through paintings and done drawings emparedes of grottos and caves.

As it had not written at the time, this resquciosso considered evidential that the man already existed at the time, also to podemoschamar these registers of rupestre art. According to Seriacopi (2005, p.16) ' ' the arterupestre is one of the most beautiful important vestiges left for the groups daily pay – historical. Found in the grotto walls and caves, in general apresentavapessoas, animals and scenes of huntings and danas' '. Analyzing this concept of arterupestre and what already we understand on the thematic one, we can affirm that homempr – historical already it was worried in registering its daily one and spreading informaessobre the culture of its time for the future generations? Estasrelacionadas information to its people, the animals, the hunting and the dance, remembering that algunsdestes customs already had been extinct the thousand of years or had fallen in disuse.

National Guarda

To effect umamudana in the structure of the state of subtle and direct form being given to autonomy the eliteslocais and to legalize this power Guarda was believed in the regency National beyond to dediminuir the force and importance I exercise of it at the time. I exercise therefore it in the Brasilimperial was had as faithful the Dom Joo and not to Brazil. Umadas first measured in this direction had been the creation in 1830 of National Guarda, was in result of the diffidences and antipatias in relation to the exercitonutridas ones for liberal that they opposed the Dom Peter, which saw essainstituio as an absolutism of the emperor. 2 importanteressaltar is that to contain the movements against independence Emperor D.Pedro I had that to convoke the military services and to contract efranceses English mercenaries to contain the Portuguese who if had rebelled against the dePortugal separation. Being that Brazil did not have organized army, this point is quenos calls attention, the lack of an army in Brazil at the beginning of the Empire. Dessaforma the expenses with these mercenaries had been very great, being one verdadeiroarrojo to the elites who had had that to pay more taxes to pay essesmercenrios that had fought to keep independence.

Of this form it is to possvelperceber the great influence of the Brazilian elites in the routes of just formadopas. As much in the decisions, was avessos to French radical liberalism, considering comopropenso the anarchy, and had opted to lockina liberalism and daily pay-democratic English datradio that dominated the courses legal of Coimbra. ‘ ‘ As article percebemosnesse, the Brazilian elite of the imperial time had its intentions bemdefinidas with regard to the maintenance of its privileges in the administraoimperial, being that the creation of institutions that gave support to them was defundamental importance, in this intention is that in the Regencial period, time demaior turbulence in empire, which had D.


The expropriation of suasterras followed it the conquest and marked the first characteristic docolonialismo. In 1850, the domain of the colonists was of 11 500 hectares, passandopara 1 600 000 in 1900 and for 2 703 000 in 1950. 8 Moreover, the racial preconception, the violence,> the war of Algeria entreos years of 1956 and 1962.

9 ‘ ‘ The resource to the ideologiada Islamic nation in the independence movements was marcante. The combat docolonialismo if made on behalf of the defense of the national identity. Unclasping Algerian dapersonalidade was effected through the reverse speed-appropriation of its prpriacultura. The fusing between islamismo, arabicism and Populism if became source of this powerful feeling. However, the traditional system of values already had been sprayed for the domination French occidental person and acoerncia of its national identity was breached. The possibilities to proceed comsucesso in the reorganization from the national personality around a cultural novopatrimnio, that is, of a hierarchy order> steady and rational, they were corrupted and rejected, because of feelings desubordinao loaded. Therefore, the combat emancipation politician if saw folloied deum combat of values, dividing the population in its effort to define umaidentidade.’ ‘ 10 This problem was defundamental importance during the first years of independence.

Czech Republic

Proposals with an invitation to the placement in the Czech Republic has more than enough. Only need to be able to make the correct choice of child kindergarten with English and German languages, power system and child development. Schools with intensive foreign language study and the specific objects as much to arrange the child and refer to the manual Czech schools better with an interpreter, as will discuss the conditions and terms of training, the cost of day-care and additional circles in school. Theme of learning Russian foreign youth in high schools and universities Czech institutions devoted to other articles company news block "Prague Lion". Insurance in the Czech Republic takes no little importance, or rather one of the key places in the lives of all Russian-speaking immigrants. Foreigners residing in Czech necessarily need to have insurance in one of the Czech insurance companies.

First, private insurance in the Czech Republic need to obtain medical care in the treatment, and secondly insurance is required for renewal their status of residence in the Czech Republic. Foreign Police in the Czech Republic in extending any type of visa requires the presence of a foreign citizen serving the Czech coverage. On insurance of their property in the Czech Republic migrants thinking at the time of purchase and sale transactions. With mortgage or credit support real estate transactions Czech bank, the bank will oblige the new owner to insure privacy as well as the object property acquired in the Czech Republic. Car insurance each insurance company offers two versions of the Czech Republic.