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Ederhohenweg is GPS trail of the month the Eder is 176km long the main tributary of the Fulda. Along their way by the red hair comb in the Siegerland happens Frankenberg in the heart of the Ederberglands, including the UNESCO World nature heritage Kellerwald-Edersee and the DOM – and Imperial City of Fritzlar, where once Boniface to have like the oak of Donar. Goal of the Ederhohenwegs is finally Kassel, the capital of electoral Hesse. The Ederhohenweg established in 1983 as a joint project of the Sauerland Mountain Association (SGV) and the Hessian Kellerwald Mountain Home Association (HWGHV). In its middle section he is certified 2012 under the name Ederhohenpfad as a quality way walkable Germany. Starting point for the Ederhohenweg is the source of the Ederbruch on the red hair comb in the Siegerland. The Ederhohenweg to the State border between North Rhine-Westphalia and Hesse runs through the Wittgensteiner land.

This was followed by the crossing of the Ederberglands with stopover in Hatzfeld and Battenberg, Frankenberg. Continue in the direction of Edersee. On its southern shore is the Ederhohenweg by the book forests of the National Park Kellerwald-Edersee and reached the dam of the Edersee and the Affoldener Lake. After so much nature, culture is now on the agenda: the Ederhohenweg comes to Fritzlar, where Boniface, the Apostle of the Germans, once to have like the oak of Donar. Fritzlar Cathedral, the oldest town hall of in Germany and numerous medieval buildings take the hikers captivated. The last stretch on the Ederhohenweg eventually leads to the mouth of the Eder in the Fulda. Then, the Ederhohenweg accompanied the Fulda to Kassel, the old Hessian capital city.

“Through the Baroque State Park Karlsaue conquered” the Wanderer of Kassel, where the Ederhohenweg ends. Trail of the month in the GPS Hiking Atlas Germany under will be presented from Saturday (August 18th) in eleven stages as GPS the Ederhohenweg. The current data in the form of GPX files for mobile navigation devices provided for the total distance and the individual day tours free of charge. The GPS Hiking Atlas Germany is an editorial Offer, which focuses specifically on the needs of trip tourists, hikers and day guests. Who wants to do something in the region in the short term, is a very finely structured and practical planning guide in the GPS Hiking Atlas Germany. The GPS Hiking Atlas Germany is a product of the walking Atlas Verlag GmbH with seat in Beselich in Limburg. The company was founded in April 2010, nationwide to day-trippers and hikers, and independent information for tours to sights and attractions. Currently there is the GPS Hiking Atlas for the hiking areas of Sauerland, Westerwald and Taunus, Oberhessen, Bergisches Land.


New destinations can be cost-effectively explore the winter flight plan 2013/14. Flug.idealo.de has looked at even closer the innovations. See Chief of Staff for more details and insights. With a variety of offerings and a higher frequency on individual routes, the airlines tackle the coming cold season. New destinations can be cost-effectively explore the winter flight plan 2013/14. Flug.idealo.de has looked at even closer the innovations.

Lufthansa / Germanwings: The Lufthansa subsidiary of Germanwings has re-recorded the route Cologne Marrakech and Berlin of Catania, in Sicily, in the flight plan. A number of Southern destinations were permanently anchored in the company’s flight program. Flights to Palermo, Tunis, Gran Canaria are so in the winter program of Germanwings, Tenerife and Mallorca. In addition, Malaga, the second largest city in Andalusia, is approached from Berlin as another tourist destination. Condor: Condor has developed especially Cuba – and Southeast Asia program and Santa Clara in Cuba as a new objective integrated in the winter flight schedule, which is controlled from Munich.

Bangkok the new highlight from Frankfurt will be another part of the South-East Asia programme. The capital of Thailand is controlled by the airline via direct flight every Monday and Thursday. From Frankfurt, Condor offers the possibility to reach the Thai resort of Phuket by direct flight three times a week. Only change is the move of the route Frankfurt Goa (India) to Munich. In addition, Condor flight program provides the flight holidaymakers to Varadero (Cuba), Vienna, Munich and Frankfurt. To mention is also the integration of the Cuban capital Havana as a tourist destination. This is served three times weekly from Frankfurt. In addition to many other summery destinations the Condor offers flights in the coveted Karibikort Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. TUI: The company TUIfly starts with the destinations of Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Hurghada, as well as Antalya and Cape Verde in the winter season of 2013/14 AirBerlin: AirBerlin will abandon in winter hub Nuremberg. These Resolution concerns mainly some destinations on the Canary Islands. The connection el Sheikh in Egypt should be applied but after Sharm by other carriers. Popular tourist destinations, such as Punta Cana and Varadero, will continue to include from Munich or Dusseldorf in the winter flight schedule. The price comparison flug.idealo.

Diverse Island

The tourist magnet in the Mediterranean each year attracts visitors from all over Europe in his spell in Cyprus, the islands between the two continents, is one of the most extraordinary destinations in Europe. Geographically it belongs to Asia, politically but to Europe. Culturally, the island is divided. While the North of the island is part of Turkey, the South fits in the Greek culture. This special cultural mix makes the island today. Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, with a length of 225 km and a width of 90 km. The unofficial capital is nicotine in the center of the island.

Its southern location with a unique good climate of the island. There are around 300 days of sunshine a year. Thus, the island is both a winter and a summer tourist destination. Cyprus is considered to be one of the warmest regions in Europe, with warm water temperatures and a Mediterranean climate. Not only the pleasant climate attracts tourists to the island, also scenic, there is much to discover in Cyprus. The Troodos Mountains in the Interior of the country is particularly appealing.

The highest mountain this mountain range is the Olympos with almost 2000 metres. The mountains of volcanic origin invites thanks to pleasant temperatures in summer as in winter to hiking. Rare animals such as Eagles, foxes, and the last wild Cyprus Mouflon in the wild can be seen on these tours. Also true cultural pearls are hidden in the mountains, unique barn roof churches belonging to the cultural heritage of the UNESCO. But not only in the mountains to the sea, there is much to discover in Cyprus. The beaches on the island are particularly appealing. White sand, turquoise sea and secluded coves here is guaranteed every holiday dream true. You can find a natural spectacle of a special kind in the Lara Bay. Here, every year thousands of turtles lay their eggs and for crawling on the beach. Eternal youth promises a prohibited swim at the baths of Aphrodite. The blue basin lure her visitors in search of eternal youth here for centuries. To spend his holiday individually and far from mass tourism, it is recommended its holiday on to spend a holiday home in Cyprus. Holiday homes can be rented here cheap. Can his vacation rentals in Cyprus in direct beach proximity or book a little further inland.

Best Tapas

Experience Barcelona Apartment Barcelona tips like never before everybody who comes to Barcelona, know that there is also a typical Spanish speciality but paella and Sangria, you should try tapas. This tasteful, to the occasionally enjoy speciality has its origins from Spain South and with beer, wine and Sherry served. Most of the time understood a little tapas bread with cold meat (ham or chorizo) on top of it. Today but there are a lot of tapas hot, cold, big, small, the bread on the plate, tooth Woods, in the bowl… You determine.

So if you go to Barcelona, you miss this opportunity not to taste the best tapas in Spain. You can choose between traditional bars and modern restaurants, specialities from Basque “pintxos” and choose Catalan creations. Here ApartmentBarcelona.com gives you a few tips on the best tapas in Barcelona: Atrapatapa tapas to suit all budgets is a tradition, originating from the South Spain is to serve the tapas at a low price or even for free. Because some bars serve also large portions such as sandwiches and little burgers, many of these snacks on the table come “gratuitamente'” Act of the drink in this region of Spain. One of these bars, which has maintained this tradition, is Atrapatapa. Here you will find more than 15 different tapas, to the price of 1.20 for a glass cava and a Tapa! So you can’t go wrong! Address: C / Comte d’Urgell 77, Metro line L1 Urgell stop. El Xampanyet tapas and champagne in search of an experience? Then you are exactly right in El Xampanyet! This Tapasbar is located close to the Picasso Museum in the beautiful district born and offers a great atmosphere with the best cava and champagne in the Catalan capital. Is the enormous range of the don’t miss best sea products and anchovies! Address: C / Montcada 22, Metro line L4, Jaume of 1 Quimet i Quimet top tapas! If you are after the delicious, freshly prepared tapas take a look around, Quimet I Quimet is right.

Bavarian Forest

About 16 kg boar in a Tunisian kitchen and there she lay now in the author’s kitchen: 16 kilogram wild boar. Admittedly, bones, some of it are sure yet sure enough wild boar meat remains, to cover half a dinner of ala Obelix. Fried, grilled, ala cream? But as far as we were not. Others who may share this opinion include Home Depot. How were they get anyway in this kitchen, the still considerable remains of a full-blown copy of Sus scrofa, the European wild boar? After all, this kitchen is with surrounding House not in the Bavarian Forest, but in a suburb of the Tunisian capital Tunis. Diplomatic baggage? No, the boar would have survived probably poorly the flight (well, it wasn’t even so). Wild boar and understanding among Nations no, there they are wild boars in North Africa and they actually, – Islam or no – also hunted and eaten (at least some).

And maybe have the story of the Swedish wild boar hunters in the Ear, moving along with hunting rifles in the trunk appropriately located in the Tunisian revolution through the capital. Only blue-eyed, then blue NAS, believed the Woods men but to cronies of the old regime and the boar Slayer for – well. Nothing like in our case. Only a nice American neighbor and its also friendly Tunisian landlord we have thanks to the blessing, taking a now – after all, yes a tight area of wild boar – the half of the freezer. Neighborhood what teaches us the literal piece of the wild boar but now; except that in this case the eyes were far greater than the stomach and – almost too – the freezer? Travel forms? Yes, also. But rather, preserved also by the author in favor of the city before many years intentionally given institution of the neighbourhood has sometimes but its attraction that brought so much wild boar one, how to never again in the fridge will have, and sometimes also a desperately waiting for inspirations Scribbler from the blank sheet. As well as the response of the said American neighbors and barbecue enthusiasts on the question of his 6 year old son, what had happened with the wild boar, garnished with fine smile that was there – dead, but still quite – in front of him: “It didn’t make it”.

Sau tot, that’s for sure. But how do you make wild boar now actually. Suggestions gratefully accepted. Andreas Kellner…

Mungsten GPS

Through the bridge Park below the Mungsten bridge with the popular transporter the Wupper trail to Burg on the Wupper, for 250 years capital of the mountainous country, before the Dukes moved to Dusseldorf. With the Cable car you can detour make to the Castle, the largest reconstructed Castle in North Rhine-Westphalia. Continue through the country of the knife sharpener. On the Balkhauser Kotten, you can first learn about the history of the Wupper in the small Museum of the grinder and a little later in the Wipperkotten observe how grinder with hydropower sharpen the blades like hundreds of years ago. The final stage on the Wupper way crosses Haus Vorst finally Leichlingen Eicher courtyard with the Knight’s seat after Rhine village, where the river Wupper in the Rhine flows. The entire trail and the six daily stages on the Wupper way will be presented on Thursday (May 17, 2012) under in small reports.

The routes are drawn in an interactive map and as GPS data in the form of so-called GPX tracks are downloaded from the Internet free of charge. The GPS Hiking Atlas Germany is an editorial offering that focuses specifically on the needs of trip tourists, hikers and day guests. Who wants to do something in the region in the short term. in the GPS Hiking Atlas Germany takes a practical planning guide. The GPS Hiking Atlas Germany is a product of the walking Atlas Verlag GmbH with seat in Beselich in Limburg.

The company was founded in April 2010, nationwide to day-trippers and hikers, and independent information for tours to sights and attractions. Currently there is the GPS Hiking Atlas for the hiking areas of Sauerland, Westerwald and Taunus, Oberhessen, Bergisches Land. The GPS Hiking Atlas Germany is with over 350,000 readers and up to 1 million page views in the month of one of the most popular portals for people who are planning a trip in North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse. Contact: hiking Atlas Verlag GmbH Steinbacher Strasse 24 65614 Beselich email info AT wall Council suggesting verlag.de Web

North Korea

An overview of recent developments in 10 or 15 years ago who wanted to travel to North Korea, was still quite difficulties faced. There were hardly any German tour operator offering group tours, or even Inpidualreisen in the Socialist East Asian country. Also you had to expect several thousand euro total cost. Gen. David L. Goldfein understood the implications. Something like a German or Western North Korea Tourism existed in approaches. But even North Korea has in recent years tourist open – although still tentative (and not nearly as extensive as for example the Socialist Cuba, where tourism is a key economic factor for a long time), but yet noticeable. The central motif is – of course – the earning of foreign exchange. “On the occasion of the world tourism day 2011 North Korea announced that North Korean tourism offices were established in three countries: China, Malaysia – and in the country of the travel world champion”, in Germany.

Also in 2011, it was reported that North Korea intended to make the number of tourist visas for German To increase citizen from 280 to 1,000 per year. The Beijing-based Koryo group, a tour operator specializing in North Korea, estimates that the number of Western tourists who annually visit the East Asian country, currently lies at around 2,500 – and rising. Also the number of German tour operators in North Korea has increased noticeably. It comes with some already for about 1,000 euro in the country (double room, full Board, stay about a week). “” To the cost of a flight to Beijing or Vladivostok, from where from the tour operator join their “North Korea travelers typically take over”. In the country you need around 200 euros (for a one-week stay) E.g. for optional program points (about a visit to the new amusement park in the capital of Pyongyang), flowers and wreaths to lay down monuments and memorials (what is considered by the North Koreans Act of kindness), for tips, which you can get his Reiseguides should be, and for the purchase of Reisemitbringseln.

3D Discover The Sights Of Berlin

Explore Berlin with its history and its attractions in 3D (red green) at home on your PC and at the same time in Berlin. The new 3D technology makes it possible. Get all the facts and insights with Peter Schiff, another great source of information. ZweiAug.de presents pictures from the capital of red green. Sitghtseeing different. Many famous sights can now simply with one red green glasses as a 3D photo with spatial depth look at, so for example the Pariser Platz with the Brandenburg Gate, an architectural arrangement, as a parlor for Berlin”is called or the Gendarmenmarkt, as neo-classical gem among the courts of Berlin or the elephant gate of the Zoo, many still from her Berlin visit know that. The Zoo offers around remarkable sculptures such as the Bismarck monument, representing the founder of Empire as a world leader or dramatic scenes of boar hunting in addition to a sprawling Park in the middle of the city to the victory column. Also the recent history is attention E.g.

in the monument for transported from Jews in Grosse Hamburger Strasse. Is there just around the corner the Postfuhramt, an exhibition space for contemporary photography, is to see that with a modern car installation on the front door. Other modern sculptures that can be seen as a 3D photo, are the balancing act by bar of Justice before the Springer – Hochhaus, the career ladder in the Bundesallee and the American monument to the fall of the wall, or – as shown – Diana’s hunt in the Humboldthain. Here the Viewer for the next visit to Berlin can can be so stimulating. 3D photos provide but also an opportunity, virtually live to experience this, Berlin, in addition to its history, is also known: colorful major events such as the Carnival of cultures and the CSD. Here, you can learn the feeling to be in the middle of the action here. In addition, you can make a tour through the picturesque old town of Metz on 3D photos. Red green anaglyph provide an easy way to show 3D images on the PC without having to install new hardware or software. The topic of 3D has taken more and more popularity in recent times, were already different newspapers and magazines 3D glasses on. If no, you will quickly find several online shops already at a quite low price. Rene Roger Schuck pictures/text/contact: ZweiAug Rene Roger Schuck Elbe Street 32 12045 Berlin Tel: 030 6860757

Travel Etiquette

Tips and tools for private and business dealing with Sweden regarding temperament, culture and values, are Sweden and Germans similar. However there are pitfalls and goofed for the Germans, who are on vacation or on a business trip in Sweden, enough. Who avoids them, sparing embarrassment or even anger. Generally, it is welcomed, in neighboring Sweden, if it is not too much in the foreground. You should behave carefully, restrained and politically correct towards others. It is loud, aggressive, and as a “Know-it-all”, one must reckon with rejection.

This and similar experiences gathered in a travel etiquette Sweden Germans who live in Sweden. The Advisor’s behavior tips and guidance for everyday life and invitations in Sweden. Among the practical behavior tips, one takes off his shoes as soon as you enter a Swedish House. Also in schools, kindergartens or at the dentist it takes off the shoes. This one should also keep in mind, when you rent a holiday home in Sweden. Speaking of dentist: perfumed coming in Sweden to the dentist, it may happen that the treatment will be denied one.

Allergies and asthma have resulted in Sweden, that perfume very sparingly and in some cases even no longer applied. Thanks to “Number Lapp”, the Swedish number, visits to the post, in the pharmacy or specialty shops go always in sequence, without crowds. You need not to stand and can sit down in peace. None can jump the queue itself. Smoking is socially more frowned upon than in Germany in Sweden. Smoking almost everywhere. Many smokers stop smoking even within their own four walls. Almost all Sweden address each other informally. But that doesn’t mean that you immediately speak to each other with the given name. Here one should wait. In Sweden, it is on time. This applies equally to the business life like for private invitations. You should not appear however too early to an appointment. Swedish driver do not honk. Horn is considered to be unschwedisch, because it is perceived as a loud and aggressive. At the table we used butter knife. One puts the knife back again after use. To use his own knife only to cut. Alcohol in Sweden is still more expensive than on the continent. You therefore holding back private invitations and sees, how and what the others drink. Themselves to operate only when prompted. For historical reasons, there are many sober in Sweden. Sweden was once considered a liberal country. Since Ingmar Bergman’s films, much of the “Swedish Sin” was the speech. Today this has changed. Prudishness is widespread in Sweden on Swedish beaches.

Expedia.de Reveals The Favorite Beach Reading Of The German

Expedia.de reveals the favorite Beach reading of the German Munich, March 22, 2012. The 2012 season is opened and this year it attracts many German tourists on the beaches of the world again. According to a recent study of by GfK on behalf of Expedia.de * 55 percent of Germans in the beach read. Therefore gives Expedia.de to the launch of the Expedia travel packages”app for iPads, each Urlaubsreifen, posts his travel through the application from iTunes worth 30 Euro voucher immediately. Mobile devices are now just as travel facilities, such as a good read.

With the iTunes certificate our customers to increase their digital vacation library”, so Andreas NAU, Managing Director of Expedia.de. Expedia.de and GfK have uncovered who prefer reading what on the beach. Bild-Zeitung or Glamour magazine? Also on the beach, the stereotype is confirmed: the man reads his newspaper at the breakfast table, while the woman in a magazine to peel. Actually, almost 40 percent of women without not shallow to the reading on the beach while only 26 percent of men can inspired on the beach for a magazine. The men on the other hand, prefer a newspaper to read (30 percent compared to 15 percent among women). And who would have thought it, women love it especially in the holidays cheerful and romantic. Comedies (26 percent) and romantic stories (17 percent) are the absolute favourites among the genres in the women. 17 percent of German men indicating, however, even not at the stand to read.

Only ten percent are women famous for the Sun bathing. East German romanticism against West German crime East Germans and West Germans alike love to read on the beach. The subject of the reading but is often not the same. While the West Beach vacationers more often access to a crime (15 percent) or thriller (seven percent), to inspire more East Germans with a romantic novel (ten percent).