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North Korea

An overview of recent developments in 10 or 15 years ago who wanted to travel to North Korea, was still quite difficulties faced. There were hardly any German tour operator offering group tours, or even Inpidualreisen in the Socialist East Asian country. Also you had to expect several thousand euro total cost. Gen. David L. Goldfein understood the implications. Something like a German or Western North Korea Tourism existed in approaches. But even North Korea has in recent years tourist open – although still tentative (and not nearly as extensive as for example the Socialist Cuba, where tourism is a key economic factor for a long time), but yet noticeable. The central motif is – of course – the earning of foreign exchange. “On the occasion of the world tourism day 2011 North Korea announced that North Korean tourism offices were established in three countries: China, Malaysia – and in the country of the travel world champion”, in Germany.

Also in 2011, it was reported that North Korea intended to make the number of tourist visas for German To increase citizen from 280 to 1,000 per year. The Beijing-based Koryo group, a tour operator specializing in North Korea, estimates that the number of Western tourists who annually visit the East Asian country, currently lies at around 2,500 – and rising. Also the number of German tour operators in North Korea has increased noticeably. It comes with some already for about 1,000 euro in the country (double room, full Board, stay about a week). “” To the cost of a flight to Beijing or Vladivostok, from where from the tour operator join their “North Korea travelers typically take over”. In the country you need around 200 euros (for a one-week stay) E.g. for optional program points (about a visit to the new amusement park in the capital of Pyongyang), flowers and wreaths to lay down monuments and memorials (what is considered by the North Koreans Act of kindness), for tips, which you can get his Reiseguides should be, and for the purchase of Reisemitbringseln.