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Social Preconception Against Deficiency

One of the aspects that mark the relations deeply sociaisda person with deficiency is the ignorance, in the direction of lack to know and deausncia of knowledge. How much to this we can say that … ignorance is not attribute only of the poor oudos that have little study. He is something that is present in all the social classes, in many families, groups of entrepreneurs, employees of government (federal, state or municipal) e, even though, in many doctors who did not seespecializaram in rehabilitating carrying people of deficiency or that not tmprtica in the treatment of some restrictions of the body (light or deep) (RIBAS, 1996, p.63, prominence of the author). Ribas (1996) places the ignorance as being responsible porpreconceitos related to the people who have deficiencies, therefore when algumno knows, it starts to find, thus being able to make interpretations that many vezesfogem of the reality of the life of the people with physical deficiency, mental ousensorial. On Ribas preconceptions (1996, p.64) still in the ones of the aseguinte contribution: …

in greater or minor degree, all somospreconceituosos we. Nobody escapes. Not even university and academic researchers. This because the first impression is always prejudiced, since estrelacionada something with which never we had contact. It is truth that university ospesquisadores and academic (over all the ones that works with ascincias human beings) they reelaboram the preconception who exist inside of them, until mesmopara to obtain to search. there, then, obtains to enxergar what it is for trsda first image. The preconception with regard to vemmuitas people with deficiency times imbudo of a negation feeling, that is, the vista deficiency only as limitation or as incapacity. The society, even so has umdiscurso that it nails the social inclusion of people with deficiency, still sees essaspessoas for what they do not have, or for what they are not.


" Correctly. Simply put the gray cylinder on the car, and bring the gas supply valve on the dial to the little cabin. You do not kiss on the back of the seat as in the movie 'Fast and Furious' run such a system. 'So what does all this deception, and nitrous oxide is a myth? "- Asks the novice racer. Nitrous oxide is not a myth, and dragreysing without it there would be grade. Especially if the car without turbo, you can substantially increase its acceleration using nitrous oxide. Simply a system must be correct.

What are the system right and what is not? Try to understand. Cylinders. Is comparable to early American pioneers of cylinders nitrosa racing (nitrous oxide – nitrous oxide in English) and cylinders of domestic production. Yeah, the visual difference is obvious. American and of course beautiful easier (from ), but expensive. Our ugly (paint can not change it), but Drage important result, not appearance. But the most important difference is that the U.S.

container is a tube from the bottom of the container to the crane. Right! She need for what would serve liquefied nitrous oxide into the system. In our tank does not, because the medical need for gas, but the desired effect can be achieved by turning the cylinder valve down. Liquid nitrous oxide. So why do Americans are using liquid nitrous oxide for cars and for anesthesia rights. Because ecli man put to sleep, liquefied, it will most likely not wake up.

Mobile Mounting Repair

In a way may have a variety of circumstances. So what's the problem no one to wait, in this case, you rasschityvat themselves. Often the event of a puncture, cuts rubber. This is complicated by the fact that there are no spare tire or both punctured. Find out just need to call url = mobile tire service / url, which will have a really quick help. It is equipped with all the necessary equipments car for tire repair and tire. To order the service must call for assistance officer will leave for a short time and perform as needed. Also, make url = repair tire / url, even if it is a longitudinal cut and tires without a camera.

The services offered can save budget and still get many other benefits. Also offer url = storage auto tires / url in designated areas. This is to protect them, but was free in the apartment, because even if the stack horizontally – not because should it take place in the 1 m2. Call the mobile tire service can, if punctured wheel again, you need to change tires or make a balance, if there are cuts. Anyone with two hands for comfort and to be successful. If you do not want problems to be solved for a long time on the road and very soon get rid of them, it is necessary to address book service and tire repair. In just a short time and get rid of the problems coming, too, by dialing outbound tire.

Climatic Equipment

Cause of insomnia and broken state in summer is high temperature. This will help avoid installation of HVAC equipment, which carries out air conditioning. This complex processes carried out in order to process and get air certain parameters, mainly a certain temperature and humidity. For residential and office space used only the so-called comfort air conditioning, whose task is to create optimal conditions for work and leisure. Mode of operation of HVAC equipment is determined by weather conditions. In the summer of air being processed cooling and drying, and in winter – heat and moisture. With year-round conditioning, these circuits are connected. In each mode, in addition, the air is cleaned of dust and harmful gases, and ventilation in buildings.

These units can be operated entirely by outside air or a mixture of outside air with recirculated. Household window air-conditioners is a type of so-called autonomous installed in window openings small rooms up to 25 m2. They have outer and inner compartments separated by a partition. The first of these, being outside, includes a hermetically sealed rotary compressor, a condenser air cooling extender and an electric motor with an axial fan for blowing the capacitor. In the inner bay, posted in the room, installed a tubular air cooler (evaporator), a filter for air cleaning from dust centrifugal fan, through which the air circulation in the room and thermostat to automatically turn on and off the refrigeration unit, depending on air temperature. They operate as the summer air-conditioning, ie, the air they cool and partially dried. The premises through the filter it is sucked by the centrifugal fan, is fed to the air cooler, in contact with which it is cooled and partially dried, and then pumped through the articulated lattice in the building.

Cooling of the condenser is carried out by atmospheric air, which through the side slit outer compartment axial fan is sucked from the street and sent to the surface of the capacitor. In the septum separating the compartments, there is a gate through which establishes a necessary relation between the outer and recirculating structure. Today, went on sale a completely new types of HVAC equipment – mobile air conditioners. They are of two types: single units and split systems. This powerful machines that are compact size and attractive appearance. They are used in the home, as well as in the workplace, both in summer and in winter. Monoblocks did not require installation. These mobile air conditioners are installed near from windows or doors. This is necessary in order to help with. Flexible corrugated hose display outside the heated air. Usually it is necessary in the summer time. The design of split-systems is different in that it consists of two units, which are connected with a flexible hose, where all the electrical and communications more freon tubes.