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Mens Day Gift

Probably everyone remembers the words of a children's song: "Of what, what does, what does our boy done?". And the answer is you remember? "Because of the spines, shells and green frogs, so this made the boys!". And as a good as mussels and frogs they already complete, as a gift to the World Men's Day (1st Saturday of November, November 1 to 2008), all this "wealth" does not consider, and try to find that they will appreciate more green frogs. Remembered children's song without difficulty, but everyone knows aphorism German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche: "This man child is hidden that wants to play." Echoes and the American politician and writer, Claire Luce, "House of man – his strength, but only outside. Inside it's mostly a children's room.

" You've probably already starting to guess what gifts you can please your "big kid"? For example, lead to the delight of his large-scale models of cars can be, collectible model airplanes and helicopters, military equipment, prefabricated buildings and figures, the railways of room size, all kinds of parts and accessories needed to create them. If you are not superstitious, then will be a wonderful gift souvenir weapon. As a rule, you can find an appropriate legend to such a gift. Here is a legend to the "Sword of the Warrior." "With the help of the god Hermes, Achilles crafts forged a new helmet, armor and sword. On the hilt of the sword he caused his image and his friend. Brandishing a sharp sword, he rushed to the attack on the enemy, and the Trojans at the sight of him fled, hoping to find salvation outside the walls of his fortress.

Thermal Insulation Of Facades

now gaining popularity and becoming one of the most important types of work in construction and reconstruction of houses, buildings. Thermal insulation of facades of modern high-quality insulating materials will significantly reduce heating costs in winter and cool in summer. Thermal insulation of facades will also protect the building from the effects of rainfall and extremes of temperature, and will significantly increase the service life. and Of course, using a variety of finishing materials you will add a beautiful aesthetic home. It is very important to work on warming facades were made qualitatively, otherwise you will find vymokanie wall formation cold bridges and fungal coating.

And this in turn entails the destruction of the insulation, degradation of the wall. Most technologies facade insulation came from Switzerland, Sweden and Germany. As insulation used polystyrene foam, and later he was to be replaced by slabs of basalt mineral and stone wool, extruded polystyrene. It is now possible to allocate 3 most popular systems warming. 1) Thermal insulation of building facades with kolodtsevoy brickwork and three-layer system. In this case, the insulation between itself have a bearing wall and an outer layer of bricks. This exterior insulation system is inexpensive to device, but a constructive solution, frankly, is far from perfect and has such a drawback, as the formation of condensation inside the structure, if you use as insulation foam board. And all because Polystyrene is an excellent vapor barrier, having a low vapor permeability coefficient equal to 0.05 mg / (m h Pa), and all the moisture coming out of the room will accumulate between them and the inner wall. This will lead to premature wear of the insulation, besides his love rodents.