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Latin American Economy

' ' If the deceleration of the economy to continue for much time, until the banks of Latin America podres.&#039 goes to load asset; ' It fears that the deepening of the crisis submits financial institutions that today show health, as the similar Brazilians, pressures to faced for the American banks with the problems in the real estate market and the increase of the insolvency. ' ' It is not the case today, but this is one possibilidade' ' , it affirmed. The director of the Deep one said that the world will not leave the contraction while the rich United States and other countries not to obtain to cover the holes found in the accounting of the banks and to stabilize the financial system, allowing that it comes back to extend offer of credit. Results divulged in the last weeks had indicated that some of the biggest American banks had come back to give profit in the first trimester, but have doubts on the capacity that will have to repeat the performance in the next months. ' ' Financial institution giving profit does not want to say that the credit distribution came back to normal' ' , it said. ' ' The efforts of the governments had not yet been enough to unlock crdito.' ' Brazil then.The forecasts of the Deep one for Brazil are well more pessimistic of what the made ones for the government and many Brazilian banks. The last report of the Central banking on the evolution of the inflation, published in March, foresaw an expansion of 1,2% in this year.

The banks they wait a contraction of 0,49%, according to average of the projections collected for the BC last week. In the evaluation of the FMI, the impact of the crisis he has been subestimado for the government and the Brazilian banks. The economists of the Deep one believe that the shocks provoked for the existing problems in the advanced economies are being transmitted for the emergent markets with more force of what observing with a less including vision of the global economy they are capable of perceber.' ' He is not that Brazil is particularly fraco' ' , the director-aid of the department of research of the FMI, Charles Collyns said, in an interview where the economists of the institution had presented the new edition of its semester report on global the economic scene.

Secure Connections

All good expert in CATHEDRAL that boasts knows the important thing that he is to secure connections, has been spoken very many on this and he has been written much more. But the strategy of connections is a field in which the target and the black are joined to become gray and in many cases we will be attemped in falling in strategies that can be effective short term but that they can put much in game to means/long term. The other side of the currency is that to secure incoming connections manually it is a tedious and at least boring work and not always the effective thing that we would like. But as we chose that pages can benefit to us? that tools we can use to secure incoming connections or to detect possible pages that want to connect with ours? Google Alerts: but than it is seen at first But about some we have worried sometimes, so that Google makes our available tools with which they could perhaps make much money, where this the trick? what is the small letter? the answer is simple, the main business of Google is its finder or rather, the announcements that provide through its network Adwords, whatever but pages and better indexed have in their better finder sera the quality of the same and after all this it has been the law by which it has been in force from the beginning reason why it sounds quite logical to help webmasters to obtain a good positioning according to the content of its pages. The tool of that I am going to speak today at first can seem other people’s to our strategy search of connections to our pages. Google Alerts is a tool that Google has made our available so that it informs to us into when Google indexes content with the text that we indicate to him.

Openoffice Impress

One is a user, with a Dell equipment, of 512 Mb memory, that tapeworm a presentation IMPRESS and that at the time of PRINTING, hung the equipment, it began to suspect the content of the lamina and not operating system UBUNTU, neither of OPENOFFICE, nor of the equipment, when it was observed that the impression worked or with any other application. The problematic era due to logos inserted in the presentation, whose sum was of a weight that jeopardized the memory of the processor. Although the logos or emblems visualized in a page occupying very little space in paper, the same was of approximately 2 Mb (stretching it by its corners which can be observed that it does not lose clearness, exposes its hiper-size), when its original version in the page of UNLOADINGS of the 0.330 Intranet is of Mb. And this logo of the company is of 2Mb, venia also accompanied with the emblems standing up by page of ” emblem standing up izquierdo” of 1,6 Mb and the one of ” emblem standing up drecho” of 1.8 Mb. Apparently these logos were copied of a document that circulated originally before RRPP it would place the official emblems in page Intranet of the Corporation, the same in a Dell machine of good capacities, jeopardizes the operation of the equipment at the time of making an IMPRESSION, slowing down and preventing to use other applications, until the impression does not finalize half an hour later. When they want to corroborate the original size of an emblem can use the function TO ACQUIRE – > TO BEAT LIKE NEW in APPLICATION GIMP of the menu of APPLICATIONS – > GRAPHS.

In this point they can use the bar of tool IMAGES and the SCALAR option IMAGE, and measure the size in pixels or simply to keep the image to see whatever measures like file, looking for it with NAUTILUS in his folder where I am kept. The measures of a so large letter in inches remember is of 8.5 xs 11 and the one of a screen 800 xs are 600/1024 xs 768 pixels, if we are speaking that are a logo would have to occupy an eighth of page or screen, thinking about the maximum that would have to occupy. An eighth of page the image of the logo ” enough grande” it would have more or less to be in 4 inches x2 and in pixels 300 xs 200. In this case I recommend to reduce with GIMP logos or to ask to him the user who copies the official emblems that are in the official Intranet of the company.

General Office

The kidnapping it happened on the 10:15 of noche.10 In agreement with the General Office of the public prosecutor of the Nation, Governor of Caquet was assassinated to 11 at night of Monday, one hour after being plagiarized, in a well-known zone like Sevastopol. The accusing being confirmed that the body did not present/display bullet impacts, but was degollado, as president Alvaro Uribe.11 informed Llama powerfully the attention, that to only 3 kilometers of the kidnapping approximately, in one of the militarized regions more of the country, with operative of grid prepared taking care of the city, and an Operative Plan of surrounding, has not been able to avoid the death of the governor, but contradictoriamente these circumstances would have been added dramatically for the fatal outcome. On the other hand the first lady, Mrs. Himelda Galindo indicated: ” It was a light truck four-doors with planchn. All went camouflaged and took lanterns in the forehead. Also they took arms, they seemed guns, they were heavy arms and they took to bullets throughout ” .12 With complete certainty, the competent organisms, and the CPI, by request of the gentleman president, will have to investigate if of IX the brigade were robbed uniform and night attack helmets, as well as all the referring one to the light truck, that things has among others not been reported like robbed; then, he speculates on himself on his color, while the government secretary affirms that era of color gris13, other average news, affirms that to era of color blanco14.

Finally, and by respect to the memory of the governor vilely assassinated, I will not write in relation to the investigation that the general Office of the public prosecutor of the Nation advanced to him by presumed bonds with the paramilitarismo, nor on the revelations that or had begun to realise on presumed implied of the region bound to prestantes and influential circles. The death of Mr. Luis Francisco Cuellar Carvajal, cannot be unpunished, and if as said the Minister of Defense, Gabriel Whistles Lujn: He is offensive that says that the CRAF did not assassinate the governor; fodder that more offensive will be to offend its memory and intelligence of a whole town that it has right that the true truth is known, and to discover, as Churchill said to Winston to whom served this dead to him.

Successful Affiliate

Giving to continuity to the subject del that we have come commenting in days last over the benefits that the Programs of affiliate can offer to us, in this week I will begin a to share with you some tips personal that me has worked with good results Fodder that the departure point must be to define that it is to be successful like affiliate. For my, a successful Affiliate is that one that makes sales is certain, but that simultaneously it acquires good commissions whereas day with day constructs to its credibility, prestige and good image while its list of contacts or prospectuses grows continuously becoming a dynamic and participating community; A successful affiliate is that one that enjoys than it does and that it knows to optimize his resources which is reflected in a balance between its personal life and the time that dedicates to its business; he is somebody that knows the product that it promotes and it becomes qualified constantly to acquire better tools of work. Perhaps I need to mention some things but in general form east is my concept of a Successful Affiliate and to get to be it the following thing is required: To have a Product Adapted that to promote, chosen with base in a profitable market; meaning that it has demand or as it is said in the network, a hot product. To count on a Plan or Strategy of effective promotion, using all the resources available for example the email, classified publications in, traditional forums, forms, and until the telephone among others many. A good method of pursuit of the results of the activity, fixing indicating clear, remembers that the statistics are important to know if we go or or our strategies require changes. Perhaps a System to catch prospectuses or To increase the list of contacts, this is but the important one, because without list it does not have to that to offer the product to him by very good that it is. To chain products by utility is recommendable, this way it is made feasible realise consecutive sales. To combine with other forms of business, because one can fortify to the other and in any case our income are increased, it to count on a page Web or blog would be helpful. Original author and source of the article.

Multilevel Success

To think about cultivating an equipment multilevel is mutually beneficial. In order to work from house it is necessary to break certain taboos on living in a society distributing ideas, projects and successes. Relations of triumph are created. To be a triumphant equipment mlm, is necessary to give and to receive (it notices that there is an emphasis on giving). The interconnection would not have to be seen like " acontecimientos" where you are going to sell his business from house. When the effective interconnection happens, the parties (both parts) complicated actively share ideas, information, resources, etc. , Well then you know that you must be connected to a network multilevel because she knows that this is one of the most profitable activities when used wisely, of appropriate way and professionally.

Here it is seven steps so that you use the interconnection wisely multilevel for its business. 1. He verifies several groups to find best chemistry and the perceived value. most of groups will allow him to come and to visit two or three times at least before you one. It goes and it requests information to other why they have been united and that opinion gives on the group. Opngase (Resstase) to the impulse to be united simply to the group because each says to him that this is what you must do. If you choose bad the group multilevel, you will be able to spend a considerable amount time and the money. I do not say to not unite-self to the group multilevel to him. I say to you that so only (just) it is clear on the equipment multilevel that wants to enter or to go out. If he wants to find clients or sources of remission advance, then you must find an equipment mlm where these resources can be found.

Mercantile Companies

997 of the CC. Next to this it will come the order of registration, the power of attorney and authorization of the Executive, will have (CC, art. 997, 1). The society will have to require, in the stated period of thirty days after its constitution, the registration of the social contract in the Civil registry of legal entities in the place of its headquarters (CC, art. 998), the lack of the register of the social contract or alteration turning on substance related in art.

997, lead the application of the rules of common societies (CC, art. 986). The entrepreneur and the society entrepreneur in charge of associate the Public Register to it of Mercantile Companies the Commercial Meetings, and the simple society to the Civil registry of legal entities, which will have to obey the norms fixed for that register, if the simple society to adopt one of the types of society entrepreneur (CC, art. 1.150). In the societies, the register will observe the nature of the activity (entrepreneur or not art. 966); the too much questions follow the pertinent norms to the societrio right adopted (CC, art. 983).

The societies for action and the cooperatives are exceptions, ahead of the displayed one in art. 982, only paragraph. In the cases of agricultural societies, that is, whose corporate object is come back to the culture, agrarian development, has the equalization of the agricultural society to the entrepreneur since whom constituted or transformed types according to regulated into art. 1.039 the 1,092 of the CC, in the terms of art. 984. As consequence of the personificao, Fabio Ulhoa RABBIT elenca of the following form: Business title, the society is legal entity, subjects of right, personalized and capable, thus the society will answer for all the legal transactions carried through by the partners on behalf of it.

The Territory

It is in the territory that the economic, social and institucional resources if complement in the formation of nets of cooperation between micron, small great companies. It is there that the collective learning if materialize, the diffusion of complete technology if, constructing strong relations reliable between entrepreneurs, local society and public institutions (Creation, 2002). Due to scarcity of resources, to the high competition and the process of economic globalization, amongst other factors, the business-oriented accumulation represents a strategy, mainly, for the micron and small companies, who can develop its activities in partnership. ' ' Agglomerated it is a grouping geographically concentrated of interrelated companies and institutions correlatas in one determined area, tied for common and complementary elements. The geographic target varies all of an only city or been for a same country or a net of neighboring countries. The accumulations assume diverse forms, depending on its depth and sophistication, but the majority includes companies of products or final, supplying services of specialized, component insumos, equipment and services, financial institutions and companies in sectors correlatos' ' (Porter, 1993). The agglomerated concept of can be used as a methodology of regional development, however opens here the conceptualization for a strategy not only of industrialization local, but enterprise as a whole, therefore it will be able to have a specialized local accumulation in one determined type of service. In one determined locality chances of investments and economic growth can be identified in diverse segments of the economy.

In this environment, the local companies will have the chance to develop its businesses reaching one better productivity and, consequently, becoming more competitive. The accumulations can be presented of the most diverse forms. They can also be vertical, when each company is in a point of the value chain, or horizontal lines, when the companies carry through the same economic activities. For example, if in one same region a leather company if associates with one of footwear, that in turn associates a retailer store to commercialize its production, characterizes a vertical accumulation.

The Management

The initial trend in this stage is to copy the pointers of other similar organizations. In another company one of the directors it perceived, through the exercises and lectures of qualification, of that we could define two types of pointers: the traditional ones and popularly known and the special ones, that they would make the difference of the organization in the segment where acts. In such a way we have obtained to not only expand the vision of the entrepreneur, identifying indicating in the economic and financial area, as well as in other areas as: creativity and innovation, development of the leadership abilities, communication with the customer, satisfaction of the internal customer, improvements of the processes, reduction of costs, value perceived for the customer, among others. One of the causes most common in the hour to execute a strategical planning is the relation of cause and effect badly established. We have observed in some organizations where they are implanting a model of management based on the BSC, to fall in this error. The BSC is not a system of managemental information solely, it goes, moreover. It is a process of thought, dialogue and strategical reflection, whose main objective is the development of the abilities necessary to arrive more close possible to the excellency. We know some companies who are implanting the BSC successfully, but why already they had had the experience of the strategical planning, of the management for the total quality or certification of the ISO. Now, we do not know none that has implanted a management model as the BSC, without before having tried this matureness in the management of the business. On the other hand, the stages commented here had been lived deeply in different organizations and not necessarily in a company alone, beyond what the number attributed to each phase varies of company for company, depending on the ability of its leaders and its age in the life cycle as organization.


Certainly one of the subjects most important of the world of the empreendedorismo is the offered determination of the price of sales of the products or services. This question is basic, therefore it is by means of the price that the entrepreneur gains the resources that allow the payment of the resources used in the production of the commercialized goods and to get its remuneration, also called profit. One politics of success prices is resulted of an exhausting analysis of the scene where the company is inserted, as much of relative the internal aspects the management of costs and of the productive efficiency, as of external factors, with special emphasis to the value perceived for the customers and the behavior of the competitors. In this aspect, she is necessary to observe that the politics of prices espelha the strategy adopted for the company, which can be segmented in enterprises that primam for the efficiency and management of costs, with sights to offer low prices to conquer and to remain themselves in the market, or by the quality and status of its products to make possible practical of raised prices more. Independently of the adopted positioning we understand that the politics of prices must take care of the three estimated basic ones that are: the definition of the minimum price, the analysis of the competition and the knowledge of the value perceived for the customers. 1 – The definition of the Minimum Price for remuneration of the costs: This stage consists of establishing, by means of the survey of the costs of production of how much it is expense to manufacture each unit of product or service. For this it is necessary to consider the cost with insumos, hand of workmanship, rents, electric energy, transpote and too much item. Beyond these costs, ovalor of the taxes must be added, as the ICMS, PIS, PASEP and possible financial expenditures.