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For Some, Money Is God

Manuel Garcia Estrada Postmodernists have a god. It’s called money. The god of money reigns as ever, his most faithful followers are those who believe that the accumulation and possession is the key to happiness and say millions of dollars are nothing, always want more, as if they were to spend, ball empty subjects being in a state so consensual Infra are able to oppress, suppress and crush others. They have become incapable of loving sociopaths. The tragedy of hundreds of politicians is that pseudo self-esteem is so low that require a fee at the expense of what is to respect them or fear them. Euro Pacific Precious Metals follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Many subjects as resentments will Elba Esther Fidel Herrera or who are political animals with a single building: to crave more. The questions for them are why so much power? Why so much money? They have a lot of dollars, many dollars and many enemies who wanted to eliminate them, so why must use tons of money to look after them, they have many bodyguards that pathetic life of luxury.

What feelings can be a leader of the Catholic Church is able to express publicly his hatred of gays or single mothers? One just that I do not like to mention because it is harmful to empower energy when it is criticized. These hierarchies of clergy see with horror that people wake up from lethargy where fear millennial subjected to these individuals who do not seek salvation in any way because they know that God exists when people want it there, so why use a religious organization to count dollars, raise your hand, the basket and get more coins. How difficult it must be called Norberto and look in the mirror every morning knowing that what he reads in the Gospels are words full of love and when it comes to his office in the Roma which is shipped courage, pain, complaints and should be nice those who give money in exchange for selling parishioners to lower interest rates of some humans. The quest for recognition is also part of the package and lower self-esteem when they want to sit in first row of the synagogue or cathedral, or a presidium applaud them feel that they made it and are more important than the rest of us to see clearly that change ideas for pesos. The “big” businessmen who have betrayed so many times to Mexico to hide behind or hold it right “for all” show us that want to be loved and applauded in events where photographed with poor or disabled.

If both people want, why not really invest in the country, pay fair wages, pay taxes and promote genuine democracy? Mexico can get rid of the god of money with an antidote very cheap but requires awareness and determination: integrity. Complete or comprehensive People think, say and do the same and knowing the power that represents the internal consistency is carried outwards looking for equality, justice, peace. When will Mexico to fill full? It is a decision to be and have to go by setting a date.


During the operation has not been established regulatory mechanisms that are adequate to the task. Zone benefits from the tool modernize the economy and attract foreign investment turned into a disguised subsidy of certain regional groupings, and the method of primitive accumulation of capital, followed by its transfer abroad. The solution to this problem lies in transferring benefits to the regional level, and federal funds should be directed to sez in the form of directed credit and investment programs under the strict control center. The financial problems of sez added also the problem of confidence in the government guarantees the loans, the problem creditworthiness of domestic financial institutions. When listing the socio-economic problems of Russian sez should not forget that each area has its own well, the individual, which, however, consonant with both common to all the sez, and with the nation-wide.

The problem of high transport costs is common for sez Kaliningrad region and finds them in mind a particular geographic location. At the same time it depends on the nationwide problem of high tariffs on transportation. Among individual issues can also note the lack of energy in some of the fez, the inadequacy of their own resource base, economic issues of large core enterprises, the lack of competitiveness of domestic goods in duty-free imports, and many others. Designated range of problems that accompany development and functioning of sez in Russia would be incomplete without mention of their geopolitical aspect. Given the unstable political situation, both domestically and abroad, there are grounds for the erection of such problems among the presenters.

Free Business Account

Free business account also for freelancers and self-employed persons self-employed and freelancers essential is a business account, so business clean of private transactions are separated and the accounting can be done correctly. The market meanwhile also free accounts are offered. Disadvantage of often well-known business accounts is that most cost exorbitant fees. It business but also otherwise. As two of the best offers on the Geschaftskontenmarkt show. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Film Financer. These are to the asset account of the Altenburger Skat Bank and on the other hand the Cronbank extra account. The accounting is done over the Internet. Transfers can be performed online so.

The account statements are then printed out for the accounting on your own PC. The asset account business of Skat Bank there in addition to the free accounting even a credit interest rate of 1 percent p.a.. The Maestro / EC card there for a small fee of 5.00 euro per year. This can on all machines of the Volks – and Raiffeisen banks Money can be withdrawn. Also, there is a credit card, whose Vorzuge can be used free of charge from an investment amount of $ 5,000.00. There is more information about the account under… . The second offer in the Geschaftskontenbereich comes from the Cronbank.

The extra account accounting costs only 5,00 euro a month. Online banking as well as standing orders and account statements are then free of charge. An interest rate of up to 1.50 percent is p.a. possible balance. One clearly all conditions to get under… . At the Kontenvergleich is also important to make sure the business account is intended for who. Because some banks offer special accounts roughly for lawyers, notaries, accountants, doctors or accountants or are limited to a region.