“Grassroots democracy and Euro reification of parliamentary democracy with social crisis it hardly a day goes by without economic way, scientists or talk shows with new proposals to the rescue” of the euro would contribute. “Their strategic mistake can be described as a popular expression: you should throw the baby with the bath water!” The many ingredients”to improve the present currency situation and the economic situation in Europe never take into consideration the child”. Jeff Flake is likely to increase your knowledge. It involves a necessary transformation of the understanding of democracy; the classical democracy is urgently needed a supplement by the grassroots democracy. The classical democracy adopted in their postmodern development always clearer forms of reification (hardening) (disruption of the flow of information for Parliament, fast backroom decisions, etc.). The privileged people’s representatives have already distanced himself from the people and think the company by juggling with intellectual “Headbirths” honour to, as well as a bad education in the altburgerlichen world, where it goes by the motto: Mommy “know what good for their children.

Without basic democracy there will be an animation or a renewal of the digital capitalism in Europe, which has long since lost his social skills. Grassroots democracy is sought currently only by the Pirate Party in Germany. Therefore no one should wonder if the Pirate Party in the case would become a good structural Gestaltung(!) one of the largest European parties. For a balance between the role as a citizen and as citizens in Europe, the individual needs also the grassroots democracy. “The author describes his structural critique of an antisocial capitalism under the title: digital capitalism”, Norderstedt, 2005 free excerpts at: more information about the publications of the growth trend Research Institute see under: