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Don Emilio

Reyes himself, being an authority on tobacco will not shine under the spotlights of eloquence, answering interview questions. Restrained? – Yes, but when it comes to tobacco or cigars, then talk about them with a powerful charisma. Three sons, Don Emilio, as well as all six generations of the Reyes – are employed in the tobacco business, which his great-great-great-grandfather began in 1840. Don Priam, – the father of Don Emilio was the first who made the Cuban tobacco seedlings in Dominican Republic 1962godu. "My three brothers and I were born here and grew up here, next to the tobacco plantations of my father. 11-year old boy Don Emilio has worked with his father, growing tobacco, removing the crop, providing a fermentation, and of making the 'pacas' – 140 pound bales of tobacco leaf – for skrutchikov cigars. Today the family owns three factories Reyes in Santiago, plus 5,000 acres of tobacco plantations in the neighborhood.

They employ about five thousand workers in the plantations, plus four and a half thousand workers in processing, and stranding a bunch of tobacco leaves, ie work for nearly ten thousand people. Emilio Reyes, along with brothers Augusto and Leonardo Ernesto Priam supply of dark tobacco many of the owners of the most prestigious brands in the United States and international markets, excluding supplies for the Cuban cigar industry. Last vyskazvanie Don Emilio has put me in amazement, and Emilio Reyes added that his family to make regular deliveries of tobacco in Cuba ever since his grandfather Julio (100 years ago).