Bjarte Vandvik

In a Europe where the freedoms citizens have been unbalanced by the war against terrorism, also few have retreated by the economic interests of a few social rights. A high-purity neoliberalism. Now, a legion of experts claims that the social model of Europe is not in danger. Click Primerica shareholder to learn more. Although others, like Bjarte Vandvik, Secretary general of the European Council for refugees, believes that the vision has today Europe (that of the cut of some freedoms and social retreat unrecognized) is inhumane and unjustified. Some professional, alleged political expert, has said that he is not finished with any social model, but taboos must be broken if we are to be competitive. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Primerica shareholder. We finished! It’s money, benefits, and the famous myth of competitiveness comes in handy.

A few years ago, since sectors pro-European critics was warned to not build a Europe of the merchants. Perhaps that Europe would have been more palatable than of the large banks, powerful financial groups and greedy transnational companies that sent adrift the European dream for love of their income statements. Many analysts are agreed that Europe has turned towards a forceful conservatism and generated a social and political setback. It aims at the expansion eastward since 2004 has helped that can. Perhaps because the former East block embraced with fervor of convert neoliberal capitalism. Or maybe not.

The case is that, after beautiful words of self-congratulation and broad smiles of professional europoliticos, walked towards what Professor Juan Torres called jibarizacion of democracy. Since European political power democracy, in fact reduces as the jibaros reduced heads. How to understand, for example, that he has not even pondered the vote of French, Dutch and Irish that not approved the Constitution nor the next constitutional Treaty, and take months acting as if that vote of rejection of their Europe had not existed? This is not the Europe that we want, because that Europe is increasingly less Europe.

Vicente Calderon

It becomes difficult to find a footballer who, just a year after hang up the boots, sit on a bench and begin collecting hits. Two of them will face today. PEP Guardiola and Diego Simeone. The newspapers mentioned Nick Carr not as a source, but as a related topic. Both were captains of Barca and Atletico, respectively, the two teams that will be measured this evening on the lawn of the Vicente Calderon. Previous graphic, 21. 30whrThe two arrived at the address of their current teams with the Mission of revitalizing them. In the case of El Cholo, complicated by the fact of having landed with the season already started.

But his hand has been noticed. And much. His team remains unbeaten under his command. However, not a draw enough to the azulgrana. To not bury once and for all their dreams in the League, they need the victory.

In appearance, expects a fast-paced game.Those duels between Atletico and Barcelona, with Guardiola and Simeone dresses short, it already were. In its majority. Neither of them supports the bitter taste of defeat. This athletic already has everything Simeone. Or almost, in the sense of soul. It is a very intense team, where everyone is working, all strive. Fight every ball as if it were the last, why they are unbeaten with him, analyzed Guardiola.Simeone is an expert in extreme situations. His first team as a technician was Racing, to which pulled out of a situation complicated with multiple victories. From there, he jumped to the Estudiantes de La Plata, with which he won the Apertura tournament in 2006. Guardiola, meanwhile, took Barca B from third to second B in his first year as coach, in the 2007-2008 season. The next, began it as a brand-new technician of the first team of Barcelona. The stage of Frank Rijkaard had come to an end with two years without major titles. With it, 2009 was the year of Barca buy T-shirts of football 2012 of six cups.

Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba

The weekly British considers the request of Rubalcaba that Spain accept the German vote model was a direct compensation to the movement. Qualifies to Rubalcaba of populist by attacking bankers. Qualifies to Spaniards as the most serious protesters in Europe. Outraged Spaniards are getting some of their proposed objectives. It thus considered the British weekly The Economist, in an analysis of 15-M movement in which picks up that one of the demands of the movement, the reform of the electoral law, has already been accepted by the candidate of the Socialist Party to the next election, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba.There were neither stones nor tear gas launches, but July 9 educated protesters outraged from Spain pointed is still a victory, publishes The Economist. The weekly considers that the request of Rubalcaba that Spain accept the German vote model was a compensation direct the movement that spontaneously occupied urban squares in mid-May, asserting that politicians do not represent us. In this regard The Economist, which qualifies the outraged Spanish as the most serious demonstrators from Europe, also says that Rubalcaba has begun attacking bankers.It accuses them of lend to people who knew that they would not be able to pay and threatens with new taxes. It may be a polite nod to the polite indignation, but it has something of populism, he says.

A symptom, rather than a movement also the publication refers to the concern of Spaniards by the political class, to the point of becoming their third biggest problem after the economy and unemployment. Polls show broad support to suppress the degrees of immunity enjoyed by some involved in cases of corruption politicians who poisoned the regional and municipal policies says the weekly. In addition, the publication includes the opinion of Josep Lobera, specialist in polls, that qualifies the 15-M as a symptom, more as a movement. It is a symptom. It expresses a general feeling of concern and anger, says the expert. In terms of political allegiance, Francisco Canero, former small businessman and activist, stressed: what unites the movement are complaints, not solutions. Source of the news: The Economist: “outraged Spaniards are achieving some of its objectives”

Mitch Winehouse

/ Ensures that drug taking to alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal, the Librium, increases the chance of a collapse. He admits that Amy Winehouse did everything with excess. Definitive reports of his death have not been disclosed. Amy Winehouse’s father, Mitch Winehouse, has granted the first television interview since her daughter died. The progenitor of the singer has provided new clues about the cause of the death of the singer. According to his version, was hard detoxification that was submitting and the use of a legal drug for this purpose, the Librium, what killed her. Everything that made Amy did in excess.

He drank too much and made rehabilitation in excess, indicates the father of the deceased singer in an interview with the talk show Anderson Cooper that airs this Monday. The diva of soul, which for years fought his addiction to drugs and alcohol, was found dead at his home in London on July 23. According to his family, toxicological reports indicate that there was alcohol in your blood, but it is not clear that this contributed to his death. Mitch Winehouse, during an emotional interview, also adds that the analysis revealed traces of Librium in his blood, a drug that is administered to combat anxiety and other symptoms in alcoholics who are in rehabilitation and that, according to their statements, increase the chance of a collapse. Taking Librium daily, said. In this line, Mitch regrets that Amy Winehouse would disengage without the help of a professional, because periods of abstinence were ever longer and ever shorter periods in those who drank. I was in the right direction, says. In addition, the father of the singer explains that Amy suffered from attacks that could cause you to lose consciousness in recent months before dying, and that might be a good explanation for what happened that July 23. When not drank, was the owner of the world, recalls during the interview, whose fragments were issued by TMZ, the father of Amy Winehouse, which ensures that not blamed her ex-husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, of his death, but only of his affection to drugs hard. Source of the news: the father of Amy Winehouse believes that his daughter died from an “excessive rehabilitation”

Women Want Anticipation

Anticipation is the spice of lifestyle. When we are small ones, sometimes the little anticipation Chelsea Shirt of opening all personas gaily wrapped offers all around the Xmas tree was nearly as evicting as performing Cheap Football Shirts the actual unwrapping. Or the anticipation top up to a specific trip to the amusement park England Football Shirt or zoo was nearly as exciting as the expertise alone. That is all because of anticipation. When we anticipate something, we have imagined about it for so lengthy that it truly improves the expertise Football Kits when it transpires.

If you want to make your date or your girlfriend to extremely happy lady then you require to use anticipation to your benefit all of the time. What exactly does that mean? It signifies numerous items. It indicates sending a text to her early in the day telling her that you can t hold out to see her that night. It implies retaining her hand and seeking her in the eye with that unique appear all by way of dinner so she is aware of just what you have predicted for later on that night time

The Venezuelan

But for the opposition case that we are talking about, one who denies everything, the matter would not behave no problem: decretaria that Bolivar did not exist and now. Honduras (with coup d ‘ etat and others) exists as an exemplary ability to put an end to the present (as the chavist) regimes that came to disturb the slug peace of atontadas masses, there in the past. That Yes! Do it is true, so we played it with the hand? could you tell?; but in mode one is true, another example, which the UN has certified Venezuela ranked 58 a small-scale world index of human development (IDH), based on the positive examined topics such as demographic trends, economics and inequality as well as education and health. this has to be a fallacy, an indigestible vomit of an institution like the UNIt starts to sound as false as the mentioned global financial and ideological crises, These same that leave undermined the sustainability of the liberal system as known and loved. If (opposition of which we speak), it becomes imperative to stop believing in decadent organizations like the UN and found others that will shed to light different versions of reality. To leave the UN exist and already. The Venezuelan political opposition, the same one that swept the country during many decades, has always been there, as it is now. But in the exercise of power seams not be noticed him; The cephalic features were concealed; the screams of madness etiquetadamente contents were kept.

But when the curtain of the events will tear them, then overflowing, is diarrean begins to not exist them the future, nor the present; and that long exodus towards the primordial sources of his desnacionalizadora madness. I.e., are becoming of the extreme right, which all political right-wing contains latent: the power of one, the subjection of everything. The one command, the obedience of all. The return to the medieval sources of feuds, where there were no countries, but kingdoms, Empires, monarchies; supremacy of a few over many many. He begins to exist with strength the past and be the present and even the future primitive. What logic, no? The peculiar mode right-wing approach to life, mentioned at the beginning. There are no countries, Empires; There are no dignities, there are arrangements, concessions or annexations; There is no future, but past. There are no more ideas than the single, globalized and final.

Note: Venezuela rises powerfully developing according to UN Online. In daily Gramma. 5 oct 2009. Screen 1. . Query: oct 6 2009. Original author and source of the article.

Excellent Option

The Canon PowerShot SX30 IS is a digital camera within the category of the compact that in our country we have taken in name of type semi professional. The Canon PowerShot SX30 IS, was released last September, and is especially noted for its goal of 35 (35 x) increases that amount to a lens 24 – 840 mm in traditional photography. In the Canon SX30, the manufacturer has included an ultrasonic motor (USM) to facilitate that the focus and zoom are faster and quieter. The TFT-LCD pantalla-monitor is articulated, with which we will avoid the inconvenience of the Sun on the screen. It achieves a resolution of 230,000 pixels, and 2.7 in. diagonal dimension that allows to adjust the brightness in five positions. The screen is also accompanied by a viewer with correction Dioptric, especially useful for those users who need glasses. Image processor is a DIGIC 4, while the sensor is a 1/2.3 CCD inches, capable of capturing the 14.1 effective megapixels image stabilizer works by displacement in 4.5 steps.

An equally remarkable feature in a camera with superzoom camera like this, is the wizard of zoom framing, this allows us to quickly select between three zoom positions located on the end of the lens. Canon has also incorporated in this model especially for low light conditions. And an intelligent automation that uses scene detection technology to identify shooting conditions and select suitable from 28 variables parameters. The Canon PowerShot SX30 IS recorded in 720 p high-definition of up to half an hour or, with a maximum size of 4 GB in MOV format, with audio in stereo. Another equally remarkable point is that it allows zooming while we film. How could it be otherwise, in this model also will include HDMI output, an a/v output and a USB 2.0 port.

Supports SD, SDHC, SDXC memory card, MMC, MMCplus and HCMCplus. It’s PictBridge, so it will allow us to print directly to a printer compatible without resorting to a PC. Also account with shoe suitable for numerous accessories. The Canon PowerShot SX30 IS is now available in our country and its selling price to the public revolves around a u$ s 600, without doubt, an excellent choice for lovers of photography. Up to the next original author and source of the article.


Spiritual, higher, divine, never going to abandon; they call our attention with more or less intensity, or with more or less regularity, but they do not continue in its efforts, because it is a need almost as vital as breathing. We can hide that concern with the distraction by the financial goals achieved, with the apparent happiness of power or the social status, with parties and gifts, but not be outvoted because they know that it is not what fully satisfies the person, and because they know that the significance is more important than the immediate, and that satisfaction which produces a step forward on the path of spirituality is not comparable to any else: it is more durable, more solid, more intimately satisfactory. Discards, for example, find me with God face to face if what you think is in the bearded man with fantastic and unlimited powers that can do a magic to it that will cause you wonderment. Discards ascend to the heavens to check that everything they say is true. You have the power to do miracles bulky discards. Be realistic and think of as possible.

You can see God in any bird or dawn. God you may be in prayer, or a shiver in an undeniable way. You can ascend to heaven within you. You can perform miracles whenever you want. Be at peace is spiritual. Being honest is spiritual. Help your neighbor is spiritual. Pray or have healthy thought is spiritual.

Spirituality is not only in the churches and Religion. It is much more everyday. Or, if still you don’t feel it as well, you must be on a daily basis. You have to talk about it and feel it on a daily basis. You have to share it with naturalness that others feel the same way. You have to do it one way or model of life. Only if you so want, of course.


Lubricants are only oils and mineral fats derived from petroleum. These can be diluid you in water, synthetic or industrial. They are subjected to different processes using constituent elements get results that later lubricants distributors shall, to different companies to create an unlimited number of different products. The Internet has narrowed the distance that we kept away from providers. The network will take you directly to where you want to reach. Giving you various options of companies manufacturers that handle the product. Lubricants are produced by various companies.

Lubricants distributors choose and lubricants are divided by categories, carried away by its viscosity and composition. Now you will want to know, what is the use that is given to them and if this was the product that you need. In the first instance you should know that in addition to being an essential fuel oil is also achieved a broad number of required receivers for industry and domestic life. The essential lubricant original goal is to decrease the degradation of metal part by rubbing. But oil also has elements that allow manufacturing companies to develop raw material, being useful to produce other large quantities of items. Resulting than lubricants distributors they routed their product to different markets.

Because lubricants are used in different markets for example in industrial mechanics, automotive, medicine, therapeutic body applications, condoms, textiles and others. No matter the approach of your company, distributors of lubricants will serve across the world. On the Internet you can find portals to do business at the wholesale and listings of distributors of lubricants covering an international market. You may also find links that routed him towards distributors of lubricants that treat the category or class of specific lubricant that you request. Different companies manufactures that they made the type of lubricant you are looking for, also have pages on the net which will provide relevant information of the product and will guide you towards the distributors of lubricants that for them working minimizing and facilitating transactions that maybe you do not know.


Briefs: One morning, walking along the beach, my feet, sand and the sea, suddenly, I sensed the immensity, the perception and I were one and together, the universe. One morning, walking along the beach, my feet, the sand and the sea. Story that he is the origin of the so-called sons of God from their status of eternal intelligences. Our Heavenly parents organized our spiritual bodies such as we earthly parents, we organize the physical bodies of those who are sent to our world called Earth in order that they can continue with their progress through the discovery and development of his divine attributes. Now, how was the principle?, the beginning of our history as beings conscious of his individuality? the Scriptures speak of a Council in heaven where all were consulted, the acceptance of a Plan of salvation and of the consequences of the Lucifer rebellion, the great battle of the heavens and the subsequent expulsion of a third of the children of God. Nothing He tells us in terms of our first experiences as organised beings, we know that we distinguiamos by our intelligence and nobility, in the book of Abraham, Chapter 3, we read the following: and the Lord said unto me: these two facts exist: there are two spirits, and one is more intelligent than the other; There will be another more intelligent than them; I am the Lord thy God, I am smarter than all of them (3: 19) I dwell in the midst of them all; Therefore, I have now descended to let you know the works that my hands have done, so my wisdom outbid them all them, because Kingdom in the heavens above and below on Earth, with all wisdom and prudence, over all the intelligences thine eyes have seen from the beginning; I down on the principle in the midst of all the intelligences that you’ve seen.