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Constitutional Court

This model only applies to a specific, real and concrete dispute (incidental nature), that is, applies in an installed process, and whose judicial decision of unconstitutionality does not goes beyond the boundaries of the dossier (Declaration of inapplicability), therefore we can say that the effects of the application of the fuzzy control affects only the parties involved in the processIt is not Erga Omnes. Today, in countries in which has incorporated it is, it appears expressly and within the chapter of the Judicial (hence the designation of ‘diffuse system’, distributed or diffused among all the courts that integrate the power of the State). Another striking feature is the fact that for the application of the fuzzy control has a direct procedure. In our reality the Constitutional Court has pointed out in its judgment in Nro. (1124 – 2001-AA/TC published September 11, 2002 certain budgets that should be noted in order to validly apply the fuzzy control: to) that in the constitutional process, the object of the challenge is an act which constitutes the implementation of a norm considered unconstitutional. (b) the norm to inaplicarse have a direct, main and indissoluble relationship with the resolution of the case.

And (c)) that the norm to inaplicarse is obviously incompatible with the Constitution, even after having gone to interpret it in accordance with the Constitution. Is true that in its origin the only Fuzzy Control model operated in the scenario of a concrete and real judicial process, so one could argue that they are only the empowered judges to apply the Fuzzy Control, however to date this is not entirely true, because that power also holds the national jury of elections, the Constitutional Court, and other administrative collegiate bodies with certain restrictions.

SGAE Teddy

The singer is part of the new Board of Directors of the SGAE, within the candidature who supported the President of the entity. It ensures that Bautista is with force, like a motorcycle. Freedom with charges for Teddy Bautista and other two directors of the SGAE. KEY: who pulling the strings of SGAE? How does it work? PROFILES: SGAE Teddy Bautista: obsessed with raising money lead singer Victor Manuel dndio this Sunday the honesty and the work done by Teddy Bautista in front of the Sociedad General de Autores y Editores and assured that the problem being investigated in the SGAE is clearly delimited. I’ve known him for years and know of his honesty and his sacrifice by the rights of intellectual property, by the authors ultimately.

I only have good words for him, said Victor Manuel. Therefore, the singer felt that the possible re-election of Baptist charged for misappropriation and fraudulent administration as head of the Board of Directors of the SGAE – position held since 1995 – It will depend exclusively on him. This week the members of the Board will meet to see how continues the process begun with the elections of last Thursday and that should culminate in the election of the President of the Council at a meeting on June 12. Everything depends basically on Teddy, of their will to continue facing the challenge of further managing the SGAE. We will listen to your state of mood and we will see, said Victor Manuel, who expressed optimistic about the possible response of the Baptist. I thought that it was going to be depressed, to exit this Sunday at freedom after being detained since Friday, but it is like a motorcycle, Super, so I guess that we will immediately have a meeting with him.

Case elected last Thursday, within the candidature who supported Bautista, said that the judicial investigation opened in society is due to an isolated problem affecting the digital society, isolated the singer, who is part of the new Board of Directors of the SGAE and the company Microgenesis, that software has been delivered to the SGAE. I hope that everything is clarified, he added. Victor Manuel also stressed it will continue collaborating with the SGAE as until now.

State Ministers

It is this order of ideas that we are concerned that not investigate nor punish to congressmen or State Ministers, since it is necessary for purpose of curbing corruption. I.e. is apparently intended to hold that in the Judicial power is the only power of the State that there is corruption, but this is not true, every time that there is corruption in other powers of the State in a very notorious and scandalous manner. Another example is the case of standards which establish that assets of the State are unattachable, to whose subject we dedicate an article, thus having been declared unconstitutional standard should punish the congressmen or members of Parliament. 3.

Families legal legal systems are grouped into legal families, which are grouped from different criteria and approaches, i.e., there is only a classification of them, but several. The classification of families legal best known in our medium is by which they are classified into the following: Roman Germanic legal family, legal family of the common law, legal of Socialist rights family and legal family of religious systems. And for those who want to deepen his studies on legal families, you can consult the book entitled comparative law and legal systems of the same author of the present research work. I.e., the study of the legal families is not exhausted with the present comments but that goes beyond the field of study, and it is necessary to devote more pages to take a global approach to the topic, even legal systems are grouped according to the characteristics or particularities of every branch of law, for example studying procedural systems (System of common law and the civil law system), registry systems (declarative, establishing, convalidante, not convalidante, system of registration of rights and documents, among others), notary systems, (Anglo-Saxon, administrative system and latino) and civil law systems (family of the civil law and the common law family), others being the Peruvian State within the legal family Roman Germanic, in which law takes precedence over other sources of law.