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Keywords will determine the way in which our site appears in search engines. From the moment in which are selected are like badges, key messages that should determine the structure and content of our site, among other things. In this way, have software that allows us to analyze the best keywords for our site, is a great advantage. The Google Analytics are an important source of information. Although the traffic figures are the main reference for almost all webmasters when they look Google Anlytics, this tool has much more valuable information.

For example, it is worth looking at the sources of traffic. Here you will find detailed where come from new visitors who come to the site. It is essential, at the time of positioning our site, focus on the geographic markets that most interest us. By clicking on the link search engines, in the central part of the panel, we will access the detail. The search engines that we are being more efficient, will appear at first. And by clicking in each of them, to see what interests us most: the consultations you have entered to reach our site. Learn to read this information is of the utmost importance.

The visits column returns us, logically the number of visits we have achieved through this search query in particular. But this information alone does not indicate anything. For example, imagine having a particular query shoes for men – which pays 1000 visits to your site. And it has another nautical phrase of Chamois – which derives 100 visits. At first glance, it tends to think that the wisest thing would put all our effort in reinforcing nautical Suede, if this is one of our key products, since shoes for man we would be well positioned. But such detailed analysis may reveal that this is not so. What we need to know is the global volume of both keywords, to know how to efficiently choose what will be our course of action regarding our positioning strategies. It could be the case that footwear for men has a total of 1,000,000 searches per month turnover. In that case, derive only 1,000 visits to our site is a negligible percentage. While nautical suede has a monthly volume of 1,000 visits. Here, with only 100 visits, would be hogging an important share of searches every month users do this term. It is clear, then, that our efforts must focus on footwear for men, given that we are only capturing 0.001% of monthly searches for these words. However, this is not the only consideration that should be done here.

French Prices

What about French cafes?…. A quite unusual situation is happening in France. As we all know this country characterized by having the most famous coffees in the world, always decorated with colorful tablecloths from pictures and the ubiquitous bottle of wine. But oh surprise! the restaurant has no usual tablecloth or bottles of red wine. What happens is that the soaring prices in Bistro meals, has made the French opt for other options like Mc Donalds, such is the situation that some 3. 000 French restaurants have been declared bankrupt in the first half of the two thousand and eight the truth is that a hamburger and potatoes cost almost double in a Bistro, whereas at Mc Donalds with 8 euros, equivalent to about US $10.70 a lunch person a hamburger with cheese and potatoes. There are many accusations that Mc Donalds has received, for example last year was accused of serving junk food, but the situation appears to be different, because consumers do not think alike, since fast food chain has increased its revenues this year by 12%, while the fate of the Bistro seems uncertain, which could worsen, if people start to change the succulent French dishes for burgers and fries.

It is likely that the economic situation in France, is one of the most difficult at this time, coupled with the high rates of unemployment, as well as the deterioration of the real estate market, cause that appropriations for new investments are scarce or almost non-existent. This is an excellent opportunity for the fast food chains to achieve expanded and grab the attention of consumers, since their prices and deals prove to be tempting. The trend observed with the Bistro also has been presented in other sectors, such is the case of the supermarket chains, which have found that consumers are buying products without brand with discounts, reason why it is worrying that they can also be affected and having to close its doors. Concern grows if along with rising unemployment, and high prices on products, bring as consequence that people no longer go out to eat on the street, since currently less people eat at restaurants, and when they do not ask for as much variety as before. The above-described situation you would add a ban on smoking in cafes, this situation in particular that has also affected the business, if we compare with that France has been consolidated as the best market for Mc Donalds, coming to represent 13 percent of the company’s total sales. In situations such as these would be necessary to think about the prompt and immediate deployment of an effective market strategy to achieve that famous French cafes again to have acceptance that until recently enjoyed by consumers, whether offering products more attractive and better prices that can compete with the famous fast-food chain. M. S.

Felix Gonzalez j. web site:. sinmiedoalasdeudas. com/adwordsven3. PHP email: govergr2@yahoo. M. S. Felix Gonzalez, he is a graduate in public accounting and computing, as well as graduate of the Institute of superior administration studies. How work systems in the banking environment consultant developing systems of credit, debit and ATM cards.


Spiritual, higher, divine, never going to abandon; they call our attention with more or less intensity, or with more or less regularity, but they do not continue in its efforts, because it is a need almost as vital as breathing. We can hide that concern with the distraction by the financial goals achieved, with the apparent happiness of power or the social status, with parties and gifts, but not be outvoted because they know that it is not what fully satisfies the person, and because they know that the significance is more important than the immediate, and that satisfaction which produces a step forward on the path of spirituality is not comparable to any else: it is more durable, more solid, more intimately satisfactory. Discards, for example, find me with God face to face if what you think is in the bearded man with fantastic and unlimited powers that can do a magic to it that will cause you wonderment. Discards ascend to the heavens to check that everything they say is true. You have the power to do miracles bulky discards. Be realistic and think of as possible.

You can see God in any bird or dawn. God you may be in prayer, or a shiver in an undeniable way. You can ascend to heaven within you. You can perform miracles whenever you want. Be at peace is spiritual. Being honest is spiritual. Help your neighbor is spiritual. Pray or have healthy thought is spiritual.

Spirituality is not only in the churches and Religion. It is much more everyday. Or, if still you don’t feel it as well, you must be on a daily basis. You have to talk about it and feel it on a daily basis. You have to share it with naturalness that others feel the same way. You have to do it one way or model of life. Only if you so want, of course.