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To make its choices. Choice you what she desires for its life, either also honest with same you and know that she will be responsible for the choice that to make. If it will not be capable to assume the loving life without the shade of the parents, will be that you will obtain to be happy to the side of it? See I you to suffer very. If he does not leave to imprison for the fear to breach and to start of new, or for the fear to dislike it. One is about its life and you he must search the happiness. Either friend, talks sufficiently, supports its husband in this process of emotional release of the parents, but if she does not delude. To the measure that the parents of it to perceive this to act to pay or to want to buy the love of them. It is important to leave clearly that love and attention are not and nor they must be demonstrated by material things.

It is not for the value that a gift if becomes significant for us. The marriage needs harmony, love, respect, confidence, admiration. If vocs they will not be able to construct a healthful relation, of love and complicity, which> giving gifts without you know, if exists a parallel agreement, me seems healthful little. Imposing its limits lovingly, but with firmness, you it will be showing who not accepted to be raised as the plain one, without no power of decision. He observes as the conflicts if they develop, reveals open and receptive to the dialogue and to understand its points of view, but if he does not leave to delude. If the relationship with the man who you love does not bring happiness you, will be that valley the penalty to insist on the relation? If it does not precipitate, it thinks sufficiently above all, it talks with honesty and clarity with it, but it knows that if you not to love itself, in first place, could not be happy with nobody. I wait to have helped it, simply understanding all the told situation. You must yes say everything she bothers what you and speak openly with its husband.

But for its story, very well described, detailed, I see that it is a colloquy that already occurred some times. You me> throughout years was a series of not coincidences that had culminated in a pretty history of love. confess I you, that I was touched myself when reading it. I wait, that the parents of its husband, if relieve to this love in detriment to interests and vanities> proper. What more the parents would have to prezar seno for the happiness of its children?

Chilean Way

The Chilean Way In the decade of 1970, when Brazil dived for deepest in its military dictatorship, the news appeared of that Salvador Allende, after three times not succeeded, obtains to arrive at the presidency of the Chilean Republic with a proposal socialist. Went up to the left power a coalition one, the Popular Unit, formed for socialist Communists and. Elect with only 34% of the votes, it lacked only confirmation to it of the Congress, a time that had not more than gotten the half of the percentage. The fear spread for the international press and of the forces was felt local conservatives, as it points Sader Emir: ' ' Socialism in Latin America? In full year of 1970? When the Brazilian military dictatorship if consolidated and emerged as model politician and of economic growth for its neighbors? ' ' Beyond Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia also met in military governments and Cuba was isolated. At last, the socialist notice of an elect one did not sound very well at that moment, over all, for the White House. In this direction, the process revolutionary affected powerful foreign and national interests, where the court of appeals of a Chilean socialist government came to modify the regional balance, being a possibility of ' ' I infect ideolgico' ' in the South Cone.

The government of the Popular Unit directly attacked these interests in a set of revolutionary measures. In little time, it nationalized the basic wealth, mainly the represented ones for copper, expropriated monoplicas companies and the latifundium oligarchy, incorporated masses to the work and the consumption, redistributing wealth and extending the domestic market. Moreover, it extended the democratic and libertarian rights placing Chile in the picture of the nations ' ' not alinhadas' ' , defending the fight against the foreign dependence. The economic policy of Allende considered to substitute the area of social property of capitalist predominance for socialist relations of production, with the intention to destroy the bases of sustentation of the imperialism and the national bourgeoisie.

The Same

to light of History. Generally it is not an isolated study, therefore aevoluo, historical method – evolutivo, and the comparison, historical method – compared, if make gifts to assist and to give sustentation to the investigatrio process. 2.O archive: the origin and its evolution to longodo time the archive appeared of the necessity that ohomem had to register and to spread out information related to its time, future ageraes, organizing – in accordance with the ouexistentes possible techniques at its time. In the prehistoric period, the man primitivodescobriu and dominated the fire, the metals as: the copper I tin, it, that tardefundidos they had given origin to bronze. If the human being had not discovered edifundido these innovations, will be that we would obtain to survive without the fire? Or we talvezestivssemos joined metals? Elements that today are of extremaimportncia for humanity, remembering that the same ones had passed for diversasevolues to be useful for the men contemporaries. In prehistoric period, the homemprimitivo registered its daily through paintings and done drawings emparedes of grottos and caves.

As it had not written at the time, this resquciosso considered evidential that the man already existed at the time, also to podemoschamar these registers of rupestre art. According to Seriacopi (2005, p.16) ' ' the arterupestre is one of the most beautiful important vestiges left for the groups daily pay – historical. Found in the grotto walls and caves, in general apresentavapessoas, animals and scenes of huntings and danas' '. Analyzing this concept of arterupestre and what already we understand on the thematic one, we can affirm that homempr – historical already it was worried in registering its daily one and spreading informaessobre the culture of its time for the future generations? Estasrelacionadas information to its people, the animals, the hunting and the dance, remembering that algunsdestes customs already had been extinct the thousand of years or had fallen in disuse.

National Guarda

To effect umamudana in the structure of the state of subtle and direct form being given to autonomy the eliteslocais and to legalize this power Guarda was believed in the regency National beyond to dediminuir the force and importance I exercise of it at the time. I exercise therefore it in the Brasilimperial was had as faithful the Dom Joo and not to Brazil. Umadas first measured in this direction had been the creation in 1830 of National Guarda, was in result of the diffidences and antipatias in relation to the exercitonutridas ones for liberal that they opposed the Dom Peter, which saw essainstituio as an absolutism of the emperor. 2 importanteressaltar is that to contain the movements against independence Emperor D.Pedro I had that to convoke the military services and to contract efranceses English mercenaries to contain the Portuguese who if had rebelled against the dePortugal separation. Being that Brazil did not have organized army, this point is quenos calls attention, the lack of an army in Brazil at the beginning of the Empire. Dessaforma the expenses with these mercenaries had been very great, being one verdadeiroarrojo to the elites who had had that to pay more taxes to pay essesmercenrios that had fought to keep independence.

Of this form it is to possvelperceber the great influence of the Brazilian elites in the routes of just formadopas. As much in the decisions, was avessos to French radical liberalism, considering comopropenso the anarchy, and had opted to lockina liberalism and daily pay-democratic English datradio that dominated the courses legal of Coimbra. ‘ ‘ As article percebemosnesse, the Brazilian elite of the imperial time had its intentions bemdefinidas with regard to the maintenance of its privileges in the administraoimperial, being that the creation of institutions that gave support to them was defundamental importance, in this intention is that in the Regencial period, time demaior turbulence in empire, which had D.

Tarot Friend

When we make a distance of the tarot, as as much consulting or in ours first passages like tarotistas, he is indispensable to know some reasons to orient the moment of the revelation of the decks, and this form to have majors probabilities of having a correct interpretation. In the first place the interpretation must be spontaneous and forced, that is to say, it does not have to be related to first that arises to the tarotista when watching letters to him. This is very difficult to obtain, since often desire is so great that these they say to us what we want to listen, that we impose what we want envelope which in fact says the arcane ones to us. In order to realise the interpretation, the language will have to be simple and concrete. Most important it is than the person who realises the consultation goes of the distance with good a clear message on defined concepts. The grandiloquent phrases, the contrasentidos ones, the hollow words are due to avoid. It is precise to develop a very special sensitivity to interpret the message of the arcane ones. It is for that reason that the tarotistas that guess right more and that they have obtained a good one reputation is looked for and required.

This sensitivity cannot be transmitted, and is for that reason that says that the good tarotistas are born, and they do not become. To feel comfortable is one of the factors that will contribute to obtain a suitable interpretation. If the person to whom is realised the distance to him wakes up negative feelings to us like fear, rejection, or hostility, will be better to sincerar themselves and to communicate to him that it will not be possible to realise the interpretation. The same happens when we are consulting and we do not have a good perception of the tarotista that is with us. The empathy between both is fundamental. For that reason if it does not exist, better to stop.

It is necessary that who makes the distance she observes the consulting one carefully, because this one will be an excellent opportunity to enter deepest of its psychology. Now we will pause in the question that the consulting one does. The question is, really, of extreme importance, since it says to us what is the important thing for that makes the question, the excellent thing, that on which is put all their attention. Also, it can occur the opposite case and that it is an irrelevant question, since the person does not dare abiertamente to express with words the reason for its sleeplessness. It is here where the singular sensitivity of the tarotista plays a fundamental role. The distance of the tarot can be helpful and mark a flexion in the life of many people. Meaning arcane majors Tarot the car? Runas: divinatory interpretation of Cen/Kenaz STARS and TAROT.es? The letters of the tarot and the intuition Gypsy tarot?