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Checking Account

Legislation anticipated for most people a giro account belongs to normal daily life and it is hard to imagine that this possibility of cashless economy deprived from some people. A related site: Jeff Sessions mentions similar findings. The online portal geld.de reported on the current situation of the Kontenlosen in Germany and the demands of the Greens and the Social Democrats for implementing an appropriate Act. Icahn Enterprises may also support this cause. Many things are facilitated with a checking account and a user can take numerous benefits. In today’s society, it seems almost impossible really to participate, as long as these principal financial services remain denied. According to current statements have no bank account in Germany but still hundreds of thousands of citizens and therefore have no access to the cashless payment transactions. This situation should be changed as early as 1995. It was planned to ask the German banks to give every citizen of the Federal Republic of Germany the opportunity to conduct a credit account. Should the credit accounts at reasonable cost can be carried.

Until today, there were however no legal change. The two parties SPD and the Greens advocated again the importance of relevant draft of legislation, as it is today almost impossible in the modern society, without to find balance, for example, a job or an apartment. Also paying taxes is significantly impaired. German credit institutions should be obliged now with a new law, to provide an account of every citizen. Therefore, every citizen should have the right to have a checking account and to be able to access to financial services. Possibly unreasonable cases can still be excluded from this legislation. More information: blog.geld.de/… Geld.de GmbH Lisa Neumann

International Accounting

This work has the intention to make a briefing study on the International Accounting and the alterations that had occurred in the Patrimonial Rocking that placed Brazil as one of the integrant ones of the roll of countries that had adopted the international norms. Thus it fits to say that the objective of this work is to demonstrate to the international norms and the changes that had occurred in the Patrimonial Rocking through this adoption. Through the practical case it was possible to demonstrate the steps to become the translation of the rocking, identifying the functional currency as being in Reals and converting the values of the demonstration for a functional currency that in the case was the dollar. The relative data to this work had been gotten through bibliographical research, and in other ways of information, such as: sites, magazines, you emend. For the practical case the model of Rocking was gotten through the site of the Gerdau company, however its real values had been modified, therefore the intention of the work is not to analyze the situation of the company. For conversion of the Patrimonial Rocking was used gotten economic indices through the site Financeone and thus the work with the vision of the new challenges and the chances that the accounting provides in them, for the professionals is concluded who if adaptam ace innovations. Words key: International accounting. Patrimonial rocking.

International norms. Translation. Conversion. 1 Introduction the International Accounting is an advance for the profession, comes bringing innovation to practical the countable ones, next to challenges and the chances. In the current days in such a way the accountants as the professors of the countable area need to understand what the International Accounting with its norms causes the presentation of the financial demonstrations. Brazil had the insertion of the International Accounting by means of the promulgation of Law n 11,638 of 2007, that in turn it guides practical countable becoming the obligator one the adoption of the international norms for the public company from 2010, with this research if makes necessary, therefore the necessity of the agreement of these norms for the elaboration of the demonstrations exists.

Berlin Chamber Court

Lawyer it not uncommon for rental and property law Alexander Bredereck and lawyer Dr. Attila Fodor, Berlin in practice, that the lessor at the end of the lease discovered stale receivables. Then arises the question whether he can count on the deposit. Basically, Yes! Norms of the civil code generally allow offsetting an already stale claims. For even more analysis, hear from Jeff Sessions. So far, it was debatable whether a stale rental interest claims against a secured savings account may be offset. A decision by the Berlin Chamber Court of Feb. 8, 2010 (file No.

20 U 167/08) this had yet answered in the affirmative. The landlord could skim off the savings book in his stale rental interest claim. Court News: the highest civil court in Berlin changed this law by decision of the 9.5.2011. The earlier decision was an exception. A stale rental interest receivable could not be offset against a secured savings account.

The claims (rent as a recurring performance on the one hand and the Lien on the savings account on the other hand) are not homogeneous. A set-off presupposes the consistency of the claims (see 387 BGB). Nonetheless, this topic probably also in future dispute. The decisions come from various civil divisions of the Chamber Court. Specifically, the Civil Chamber of the recent decision by the opinion of the other civil Senate, which has made the earlier decision, had dissociates. It is unclear how the courts will see the matter in the future. Specialist Attorney tip tenants: should the landlord charge a stale rental interest claim against a savings secured as collateral, you can complain now the security deposit with higher chance of success on release. Specialist Attorney tip landlord: increases the attractiveness of cash deposits after the turn in the case law of the Court of the Chamber. This form of deposit is preferable to the pledged savings relating to set-off with stale rental interest receivable. A post by lawyer for rental and property law Alexander polymath and lawyer Dr. Attila Fodor Berlin E-mail:

Hollywood Chamber

The project, scheduled for Wellington airport, didn’t like to neighbors or entrepreneurs in Hollywood. Only a few dndian the project, including director Peter Jackson. The New Zealand city of Wellington airport announced this week that canceled its plan to build the giant poster Wellywood, after unleashing the wrath of residents and employers in Hollywood, in United States. We heard the points of view of the community, said the executive director of the airport of Wellington, Steve Fitzgerald, quoted by the New Zealand television chain TV. While the Wellywood name was chosen in a process 15 months ago to promote the fame of the city of Wellington as the headquarters of major film productions such as the Lord of the rings or Avatar, airport representatives will consider other alternatives. For that reason, we have decided to submit different options through a selection process with the community, he said Fitzgerald. The initiative of placing the Wellywood sign, backed by director Peter Jackson and qualified by his detractors as crude and ridiculous, it motivated the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce threatened with a lawsuit for alleged plagiarism. The idea of Wellywood disliked, according to a recent survey, 68% of the residents of Wellington, who protested in the streets or expressed their rejection to the initiative in various social networks. Source of the news: rejection grave poster that mimicked to Hollywood in New Zealand


The franchises are systems of collaborations between two independent entities that are joined by means of a contract in which the franchise company transfers rights to the other party of the contract for economic remuneration. Since you know exactly what is a franchise, then keep in mind that business in which you are about to enter is a business in which the brand with which you are carrying out the contract, is a previously known brand which is about to cede their rights in exchange for certain profits. Which implies the fact that a company already known, reduces the probability of risk in the investment you are going to carry out. Giving you some security that your money will grow. To obtain a franchise you need to have absolute knowledge of what you want to carry out since it’s not a business where you can risk the money without being previously informed.

There are different types of franchise which are attached to the needs of the people. These vary in terms of power of financing, possibilities, time, infrastructure and real estate. M..