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Training Of Inputi In Fonolgicos Shunting Lines: Discuso Of A Case

AUDREI. the MOTTA Training of ' ' inputi' ' in fonolgicos shunting lines: Discuso of a case Introduction In last the 20 years changes in the model of theoretical description had occurred, evaluation of shunting lines and strategy for the treatment in many patologias of speaks. It was here that it was started to study ' ' shunting lines fonolgicos' '. The book of Ingram PHONOLOGICAL DISABILITY IN CHILDREN was launched (1976), and from there that the clinical linguists had started to conceive that the shunting lines of speaks was not alone in the articulatrio level, but in the central cortical level of representation of the standards of sounds of speaks, and the term ' ' shunting line fonolgico' ' it entered in the vocabulary. Description and explanation GRUNWELL (op. cit), in a clear exposition of the present quarrel, strengthens the necessity to become distinction enters the analysis of the language as: ' ' a systematic description of the production standards observados' ' Or as: ' ' a psicolingstica explanation of the involved real processes in the production of the standards of speaks of one pessoa' '. The two analyses are described as being: based in the data, the standards of speak are described as fonologicamente inadequate; based in falante- an explanation is given of why the standards of it speaks are in clutter, and in this manner, the etiology is specified. Phonetic and fonolgicas boardings in the treatment An explanation or diagnosis of the shunting line is prerequisite a highly desirable one for the treatment. In the theory, it is important that both the factors, phonetic fonolgico and/articulatrios, are considered in the evaluation of the shunting line, previously to the treatment; the therapy must be directed. (each in case that it is a case) former: child whose it speaks is ininteligvel e, however, they do not present no observvel organic deficit.

The Tula Region

Pleasant tendentsiya improve servisa SERVICING our gostinitsah observed not only in the hotels of our capital cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, and of course, Sochi (this city is now referred to as the capital of the South), but also in other cities our vast country. It is no longer running cockroaches, arranging their own running races with obstacles in the form of sneakers, newspapers or anything else that comes to hand. Staff was courteous and polite, conforming to European standards. Yes, and quality repair, done with a maximum one year ago, but not in the first century BC.

Everything is changing, and what is the most joyful, the better. All the fashionable trends have come and the city arms, samovars and gingerbread. Speech is, of course, the hero-city of Tula. The city that gave birth to our country, Tolstoy, Zhukovsky, innocence, and many others. Beautiful nature, historical monuments and world renowned Clear Glade. Tula hotels offer excellent quality service and pleased with their conditions, even the most sophisticated traveler. Development of the city and its proximity to Moscow provide hospitality many customers.

In this regard, any hotel tries "Be armed with" all business meetings. Clients are given the opportunity to organize and conduct business in a conference room equipped with necessary equipment: video projector, screen, multimedia, Wi Fi. Well and, of course, do not forget about the rest. And in this area of our hotels have made a big step forward. Every large hotel in the Thule can offer its customers to visit your restaurant with unique cuisine, but at this improving the service does not stop. Too many companies develop into hotel complexes, in which a list of services is huge. In addition to hotel services, restaurant, leisure available opportunity to visit the SPA-salons and beauty parlors, saunas and a large swimming pool, solarium, herbal and sports bar. Opportunity to order a sightseeing tour, providing a guide, parking longer seem so routine services that sharpen attention to them there's no need. The most popular suburban hotel in Tula, distinctive feature is the clean air, beautiful nature and silence. Evening retreat away from the hustle of the city is always at a premium. But this does not mean that from suburban hotels need long to get to the venue or explore the city. The practice shows that the suburbs soon Getting to the desired part of Tula, than from the center, bypassing all the traffic jams.

Dog Training

The arrival of a new puppy is a little while exciting for any home. That ball of small down and peluche would immediately send the center of attention of all the family. In just a short time, nevertheless, it is made very clearly that the arrival of the new puppy can cause to him much that to do, and still more for him/she because must much learn.The training of perritodebe to be above of the list of priorities. Its puppy this totally following you to help it to become accustomed themselves and to adapt in our human world, domesticated. Its direction and leadership the life will determine the way that takes and in what type of dog will become. During puppy the main paper plays and are responsible to give form to the character habits, temperament and behavior that their dog take all their life. Its future puppy is in its hands LIKE TRAINING a SMALL DOG It is not all diversion and games as some proprietors create. The small creature is a poop machine that bites, barks, she digs, and much more! But it loves still them anyway – only we must give them to a certain direction and limits to follow.

If you are like I it is probable that they want that its puppy has the best possible beginning in the life, and also to prosper like adult dogs. The early socialization and the training of the small dog puppy are the keys of their success like an owner of dog. To bring a puppy in its lives is a great responsibility and commitment that they must fulfill. Our puppies have one long list of requirements and terms that must be fulfilled for their well-being and the longevity. Tasks like training of the house of the small dog, training of the drawer, the socialization of the small dog, strap of training and basic obedience is necessary to approach from the beginning.

Making the Most of Opportunities

I hope that later be provided, through a flawless work and an endless list of national benefit and not for a few personal or few-the opportunity to bite my tongue and cheeks inside because only then will we know and finally, this handful of serviceability expensive are doing something to repay the people for such good lives that are given. But I wish also, when everything turns out to be a calculation error, as we know will happen and unfortunately it appears that I am not challenging the intelligence of our president but on the contrary, I’m exalted, with their well-known, imagined and unimaginable consequences.

The people Mexican-at least that large sector that might well be cataloged FAJE disinterested well-shirts, skirts adheres well, is no longer immature stupid things, to shake pusillanimity and accompany the hundreds of plaintiffs who have now decided to raise not only voice, but also my hands and in some cases, even a stick or a stone laid on the road, because we certainly have not understood -For more and more that we have been saying, that things go from bad to worse but only for the people, not rulers, much less to employers and unfortunately the picture shows no sign of improvement until the people is a real one, but not to scream goal or to get drunk on national holidays, but to say who they spend milking our pockets, or we go down several lines to account for their abuse or just plain starting to make their suitcases. To display a button, even though we have not been reported, for obvious reasons, “our constitution gives the people the power to keep their jobs or send our leaders to fly, want to know how? READ THE CONSTITUTION, are inexpensive and sold in bookstores. You decide oh, sister and brother reader, we remain as we are or we keep bending plane.

Theological Seminary

With the diverse daily tasks, the women reserve schedule in manicure, schedule to make the lunch, to go to the supermarket, to make concernentes works to the college or to the secular work, reserves schedule in the medical doctor’s office will be necessary and until they reserve the moment to go to the church, but they do not separate a moment to speak with Mr. This moment of conjunct can at any time be: dawn, night, during the day, but needs to exist! Let us see that the Christian woman must be different, therefore is new creature. It needs to organize itself in diverse sectors of its life. She is necessary, also, to search Mr. the capacity of if organizing. A Shepherd imagines that it does not obtain to organize itself. It marks a visit and it does not appear; It is forgotten to carry through a cult in one another church and when if it remembers, it arrives behind, giving excuses (sin) or same truily justifying the reason of the delay; It accepted invitation to be collaborating in a board of monograph of a Theological Seminary, but it did not obtain to previously read the evaluated text. Lack disciplines, lacks organization.

To organize itself, it is necessary decision! The purchase of an agenda associated with the habit to use it, will give to the Christian woman the possibility to carry through much more, in the definitive time. Thus more time for the family and the workmanship of God will sobrar. To the times I hear people to say that they would like to read the Bible all, but that they find the reading plans unnecessary. They make such revelation, lamenting for not obtaining to make this reading individually. Others creem that to be methodical excessively he is very laborious and does not produce fruits. Laborious, yes, but excellent results can be reached.

The Individuals

However, the truth is that the people want advantages, if these advantages are not preconceived in the original position, the established principles would not give to account of the complex net of relations or desires that would emanate of the people. Perhaps in a society pacata, where the relations are simplrias and the hierarchies did not excite discomfort very, these principles could operate without exaggerations, but in a linked society to another one for the globalization and the capitalism, where what valley is the competition and liberalism (the free access to the ascension, the advantage by means of the exploratrios profits) they would not enter. The veil of the ignorance will not after be kept the constitution of the contract and the requirements of the capitalist model would not go to support to accept the principles. For if dealing with the base of all the subsequent slight knowledge of what it is just and of what is unjust, the principles defended and respected in the contract alone could regulate of any clutter case free if annulled to all the previous contingencies to the functional initiation of the institution. The history of other civilizations would have to be olvidada, the diplomatical relations with other foreign institutions prevented by the reason of them to despertarem in the individuals, guided for the two principles, other distinct slight knowledge of justice of that they are motivated. The basic problem of the original position and of what of it results (independent principles of the personal will) it is the support uncertainty. It is certain that the involved ones are unaware of any external contingency, but in the measure where the individuals go constructing to its half itself same, the two principles would not have apodictical authority to explain definitive occasions of profits and losses. Perhaps, for the reason of them to have been primordially most reasonable and did not have other expectations of analysis of what it is or not just, they would support minimum adversities that would affect by no means them.