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Often I have noticed, communicating with subscribers and other people on the forums, the same problem. How many people spend a lot of time searching for relevant information, rather, to search for the answer to your question. Most novice users and web-masters to solve this problem, use mostly standard procedure, a set of search phrases into a search engine or by going to a familiar forum, to try his luck there. Everything. On this search completed. Found the answer or not, it is important to look beyond it makes no sense, probably laziness. Most beginners just do not look in the instruction of these same search engines, and there in black and white detailed description of how use search queries, how to prescribe them.

I'm not here all the paint like that, it's all there is to the relevant sites, you just go and read. I only offer a beginner and just web.masteram visitors of their information about it. Many Internet users, who have been engaged in searching for any kind of information that successfully implement it in practice. For better absorption propose to paint the subject at specific example. As this resource is dedicated to creating a site that's on it and decided to do. Suppose you create a website, or if you already have, it does not matter. Must be 'blood from the nose' to find for example, how to create a menu or a module. Or here a good example: 'how to find the script? " At some tricky advertising.

Professional Cookware

But the pots, pans and cutlery from the alloy 18/10 really remarkable – they can cook and store any food for a long time, they are easy to wash detergents. For example, using a leading German manufacturer Dr. Weigert. Meets all these requirements tableware manufacturers such as Pujadas, Stalgast. Practicality in use at the expense of the outer surface of unpolished, polished matte outer surface more resistant to mechanical damage; bottom "sandwich" with pots, pans and saucepans provides optimal teploraspredelenie (bottom "sandwich" – a triple bottom thermal diffusion, the bottom that distributes heat, consisting of two layers of 18/10 stainless steel, between which is placed a thick layer of aluminum; bottom is evenly heated at the temperature of gaining even or uneven heat, in addition, this layer provides strength and floor heating), Chinese manufacturers are, at best, offer a bowl of stainless steel 18 / 0, this indicates that the composition of this dish is not nickel, or the amount is insignificant. More information is housed here: Dan Miller. Which in turn affects the very low corrosion properties of the dish and its strength. Also frequently used utensils made of aluminum, but it has more restrictions in the application on the plates of different systems (eg, induction stoves). The same aluminum is very sensitive to chemical agents used in professional dishwashers.

As well as this metal is prohibited for use in all European countries, due to interaction with the products – oxidation. Criterion number 2: Certification. All Professional Cookware shall in all respects meet the requirements of State Standard. The total allocation of lead, chromium, copper, zinc and nickel have dishes Pujadas ten times less than the established norms. All data are confirmed by certificates compliance. Tableware Pujadas has an international quality certificate ISO 9002, which confirms its leading position as manufacturer of high quality products for the professional kitchen. As a general rule, kitchen utensils, made firms no name is not certified as a professional.


The modern explosion of interest in ancient monuments is very important for cultural development. After all, the monument – it is not only a historical rarity. This is, first and foremost, the foundation of the future of folk culture. People should know their history, which is stored in stone evidence of its history. Without knowledge of the past can not think of the future.

What is architectural and what is their greatest asset? What is a positive thing increasing interest in studying them and why their loss or destruction of the floods and various other disasters is a real tragedy? Architectural monuments are buildings of past times, which are of high artistic level of performance or other important qualities which are characterized by a certain author's style and are associated with significant historical and cultural landmarks in the development of each country. It can be as separate buildings (churches, cathedrals) and their ensembles: the monasteries, the Kremlin, streets and even entire cities (eg Nesvizh). The value of architectural monuments in the first place is the information about the culture of our ancestors, the customs of the people. This kind of book that makes it possible to explore with its "pages" important milestones in the history of his people. Architecture is a kind of chronicle of the world. This is the most resistant to the ravages of time, evidence about the culture and even the very existence of a distinct people. Get all the facts and insights with Peter Asaro, another great source of information. Monuments of past centuries, not only illuminate our historical stages of our region and our country.

They tell us about long history of architecture as art, which is inextricably linked with the historical and social reforms that have occurred during construction of certain buildings. In the architecture more than any other sphere of human activity reflected the whole history of mankind, its ideology, social and political life, economic progress and social development. During its existence, the Belarusian people has created great heritage. Architecture on the right is its integral part and is among the monuments of material and spiritual culture of the seat. Despite the losses during the terrible wars, Belarus, numerous unique in its beauty and original technical solution monuments, reflecting the rich history of ancient Eastern Slavic culture.

Foreign Universities Especially Program

An example of this – the Ukrainian-Austrian program for export-oriented management – joint development of the University "CROC" and the University of Applied Sciences, IMC (Krems, Austria). Ukrainian-Austrian program Export Management Program operates under the direction of training, "International Economics", and gives at the end of training two diplomas – Ukrainian and Austrian. Students of this program are training in accordance with Austrian standards. The quality of learning controls the Austrian side. Over 70% of subjects are taught in English. Some of them read from an Austrian university professors. Therefore, condition receipt of the program is a good knowledge of English.

In addition to the results of an external, independent evaluation, arriving at the Ukrainian-Austrian program, according to the Austrian side, must provide a certificate with the results of the exam in English, issued by a specialized independent organization, such as the British Council in Ukraine (IELTS). Applicants must provide certificate of proficiency in English at level B-2 for the Bachelor and the C-1 for the Judiciary. A report on the results of the exam is sent to an Austrian university. Those of entering the program, which received fairly good results of external evaluation, particularly in English, and who wish to pursue higher education in the joint program, but did not pass the IELTS test before entering the University, "CROC" and IMC University provided an opportunity to pass him for the first year. If a student fails the test and the results are not satisfactory IELTS, he can not continue to learn to program, but may continue to study the international economy in the specialized program "CROC-Exclusive". Each student is preparing yourself to pass tests in English, independently drawn in organization, which it conducts. But University of CROC facilitates exam preparation, organizing extra classes in English. Ukrainian-Austrian program allows students to take the best semester internship or training in Austria.

Joint project – a chance for Ukrainian students to climb to a higher level and achieve success not only in Ukraine but also abroad. This program requires students to high efforts, more attention to their own development rather than conventional training programs, but it gives great results and more opportunities of self-realization. Ukrainian-Netherlands Programme in Business Administration from further a joint project – the Ukrainian-Netherlands Programme in Business Administration, implemented with the University of Professional Education NOVI (Utrecht, The Netherlands). Trained under this program, students can economic and management training areas as the University of CROC and other universities. Its graduates also receive two diplomas – Ukrainian State University and the Netherlands. Students in economics or management at the University of CROC may pass semester teaching at the Graduate School of Business (Nowy Sacz, Poland). Selection for this program on a competitive basis. It involved students of 2.4 courses. Source: Suitcase – immigration and higher education abroad


Learn how to use Twitter as a marketing and communication strategy. Discover how to achieve the promotion and dissemination of their ideas and products in less time and with greater effectiveness. Under most conditions Dan Miller would agree. Immediacy is one of the most valuable factors in this new technological era. Just Twitter serves as a tool to publish instantly in 140 characters, any developments that may occur in your area of interest, ask for opinions, share links and promote their products and services to a particular audience. In a few minutes find out uses that Twitter gives you as a tool for Networking and communication with colleagues, customers, members of your industry and new contacts. Service to the client: it is proven that an undertaking which establishes their interest in serving customer will have greater success in the market and generate brand recognition. Consumers want closeness with their products and Twitter is an excellent way to achieve this. The key: don’t look for promote your brand.

Interested in his followers and their experiences, participate and create a community. Method promotional: although in moderation, people usually thank interested companies to inform customers about new products, promotions and activities. With Twitter all the news from your company can make public a concrete and immediate. However, it is recommended not to saturate their followers with millions of messages since after a certain time they would consider them spam. Easy to digest information: by being exposed to so many marketing messages a day, the public gets tired. A long and difficult to understand message will not have any result in terms of marketing.

Stainless Steel Electric-welded Pipes

Stainless steel electric-welded tubes, obtained by Gas-electric (argon-arc, plasma), welding cover the full range of small and medium-diameter stainless steel welded tubes for Responsible destination manufactured from high alloy steels. To obtain a firm and dense seam used the following methods of fusion welding: arc welding with inert gas arc protection, plasma welding. Received by these stainless steel pipes, electric-ways are the most popular assortment, but along with this popular assortments widespread osobotonkostennye stainless steel electric tubes, welded by these methods because of the fact that the process of manufacturing such pipes require special precision molding, and the precise control of thermal conditions of welding. Gas-electric (argon-arc, plasma) welding is based on the use of an electric arc is created due to the fact that one pole is located on the electrode in the form of non-consumable tungsten rod and the other pole is located on the edges of billet. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Robotics and gain more knowledge.. Heat, which creates an arc that focuses on a small section billet edges in the combustion zone of the arc and causes rapid melting of these edges. In order for the molten metal in the bath was not subjected to oxidation up to complete crystallization of the molten bath (ie before the formation of the weld), it is protected from oxygen atmosphere by an inert gas. Such processes of melting and solidification of metal, with which the metal is not oxidized, and the fact that the formation of the joint occurs due to crystallization, rather than by squeezing the edges and make it possible to get stainless steel electric-welded pipes of high-alloy steels and alloys with very high-quality, durable seam, but without the ramp grata. This is the specific feature arcogen with which manufacture stainless steel pipes, electric-charge destination..

Markets Are Very Complex And Constantly Changing

Alan Greenspan at the opening of the symposium under the auspices of the Federal Reserve in Kansas City said: ‘The uncertainty is not only an important feature of the monetary policy landscape; it is a defining characteristic. ” He said that the macroeconomic model is much simplified. Indeed, the economy is complex. There are so many forces and variables, both known and unknown, affect the economy, which take into account all possible. Dan Miller often says this. Economy – not single complex system.

Complex systems are widespread in nature. It’s believed that author sees a great future in this idea. Ancient philosophers such as Heraclitus of Ephesus, has long made this observation. All elements of the world, such as time, fire, water, earth and air – permanently reside in a state of flux and, figuratively speaking, can not be ‘twice to enter the same river. ” Nature continually separates and reunites itself. Market – not the exception. You will never enter into exactly the same river (the market) which traded before. He may look the same, but will be different.

Flow will be faster or slower (volatility), it will be deeper or shallower (volume), the water will be more clear or turbid (visibility). There are thousands of variables, and almost none of them comprehensible. But how do you think, what is the biggest variable of all, you probably think permanent? How exactly put Pogo: ‘We have met the enemy and it is – we do! ” Your psychology is also constantly in a state of flux. Are you happy today and tomorrow, melancholic, you continually learn new things about the market and forget the others, your confidence wavering, and unfolds like a river. When You have come to their retail space, something was not wrong or it was all right? How expensive? What was the mood of your friend – the trader, when you come from? How was your first deal? Everything moves, regardless of of whether we see it and can it be measured. Understanding this is especially important for system developers or traders using ‘black boxes’. This helps explain why some programs work well in a very short time. There are many other reasons for these phenomena, but the interaction of changing market forces, of course, plays a major role. How can you deal with constant change? First of all, always be on guard. Expect them. Accept it as normal. Second, protect your profits from unexpected destructive actions. Risk management, the type of stop-loss is vital. Constant vigilance can change a lot, a healthy skepticism can save lives. Third, always study the specific market in which you trade. Develop a stast to trade. Work on the formation itself, as the Zen – a trader, when you become one with the market and feel its motion, as if floating on river. None of these approaches is not easy, but without them becoming a successful trader.

The Insurer

Takes over the first six weeks of incapacity for work the employer the payment of sickness benefit. This but requires the written proof which must be carried out continuously. To do this, the doctor used the so-called “yellow slip”. This contains a copy for the employer (which contains no diagnosis) and one for the (legal) health insurance. Because you have private insurance, you can send this part also to the private health insurance, or but this also informally inform n. For the information, I recommend always the writing, because only this allows a corresponding proof.

(Fax, letter or phone call with written confirmation). Here too, the notification must be made at the latest to the expiration of the 6-week period. What happens after the message to the private daily sickness benefit insurance? A same procedure is now self-employed and workers. After the message has been made, you will receive your Krankentategeldversicherer post. This will give you some forms to fill you as insured and on the other hand, the treating physician must.

The “yellow ticket” is no longer sufficient and will be replaced by a so-called “pendulum”certificate. The form is named so, because this between doctor and patient “oscillating”. On this form, the doctor confirmed incapacity for work and the patient sends it to the insurer. This in turn confirms the withdrawal of the Krankentagelden on the form and sends it back to the insured. But still the other forms must be completed prior to the first disbursement. Herein, questions are provided to the professional activity, queried if applicable to working hours and place of work. Just so, the insurer can judge whether the diagnosis fits of illness the incapacity for work, too. A commercial job can be exercised if necessary also with a broken leg and not necessarily leads to 100% incapacity. The profession is dependent, however driving can look quite different.

Minor Employment

The firm Farooqui from Essen informed for the mini-jobs economy in many areas of great importance. Researchers informed the Essen-based tax firm of essential factors of compulsory social insurance, which are observed by slightly or temporarily employed workers and their employers. Mini-jobs are among employers of popular, because they are exempt from insurance amounts. Workers also often welcome the opportunity to improve their economic situation through a social security-free source of income. The legislature is attempting to prevent that abuse by mini-jobs the regular duty, to make contributions to the social security system, is bypassed.

To make sure this is among others the task of mini job headquarters to log on are minor employment. You checked using the following criteria whether and when employers and their slightly employees have to make contributions to the social security system: offset different mini-jobs a worker does not have a social insurance employment and exerts multiple minor employment with different employers at the same time, the income from these activities are added. The achieved monthly income of 400 euros, is subject to compulsory social insurance employment. Fundrise can aid you in your search for knowledge. Mini-jobs of workers with social security activities citizens workers the exercise of a single social insurance-free mini-jobs is permitted. By making more slightly paid employment, they be insurable income. Short-term employment of short-term employment, not professionally carried out, raise no additional obligation to social security in combination with an existing minor or social insurance contributions employment. Determining the social insurance obligation is noted that an employee through simultaneous mini-jobs made income subject to social security for various workers as a whole, without having informed the employer would have been informed, is an insurance and deposit as of the determination date. Omissions of the employer learned who has no knowledge of insurance, employers due to intentional or grossly negligent action or omission this retroactively on their actual origin point back.

The employer has to pay the insurance amounts shortfall in in this case. Since the amendment to the SGB IV with effect from 11.August 2010 mini job is entitled legally to tell the time the employer by declaration at leads to the obligation to pay the social insurance of the marginally employed worker. Affected employers who want to disagree with the decision, can appeal the ruling as an administrative act. Is an employer obligations in social security his workers uncertain, the advice of an expert is him given the cost of a wrong decisions to advise. The Essen tax firm Forschner is committed to the interests of their clients for many years and is also in the field of social insurance with expertise and experience for them. Press contact firm Farooqui contact: Michael Forschner of certified public accountant and tax consultant Huyssenallee 52-56 45128 Essen Tel: 0201 245830 fax: 0201 2458350 email: Homepage:

Declaration Annual

For that reason in these celebrations of year end, desire to propose to them to make a toast by we ourself, by the magic of the nature, for being it leaves from this wonderful wonderful, at the same time unique planet, for being it leaves from this turbulent, unequal, heavy, uncertain time, but, and ours. Also I invite to them to that they make an authentic and viable Declaration Annual of his intentions, challenges and improvements I share mine here to them is possible that some points also are part of their desires, perhaps another no, but the important thing is to start off perhaps with something more than good desires this new year here them the shipment, are motivated and also they make his own declaration and commitment to put them in action. Here they go: 1. To be more time with me one same one. 2. To pay more attention to the simple things of the life 3. To laugh me more of same me and to smile to the others 4. To give them to more time and attention family 5.

To spend more time with my friendships 6. Trotar more followed and to contemplate to more time the sea 7. To listen and to speak more less 8. To continue trying to be simpler 9. To be righter and inclusive and to share more with the others 10. To wake up more early and to contemplate the dawn 11. To understand it better and to play more with Irina 12.

To manage to touch the top of those three mountains longed for many moons and to share those imposing wonders that already finish (by this frightful heating) with those who will not be able to get to contemplate them 13. Further details can be found at Nicholas Carr, an internet resource. To travel and to read more still more 14. To finish everything what I begin, nothing like closing the circles 15. To continue sharing with those who more have less, and not only is question of money, is much solitude in the world, a breath word never this others And finally, I only have left to say to them thousand thanks to be there giving his valuable time me to throughout read this small catharsis of year end thanks to have been with us this year, slope of this blog, thanks for his commentaries, suggestions and also thanks for its silencios, the important thing is that they were with us sharing this fascinating adventure of the world of the trips. Now only it is that You and I submerge in this wonderful trip of 365 days does not matter that hard is the way, will always be short cuts that allows us to arrive at the dreamed goal only persists, you do not stop dreaming and you never stop smiling. That is the great secret. HAPPY AND REWARDING YEAR 2010.