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Salzer Data GmbH

Exhibitors at the trade fair from 6th 8th October 2009 business software for mid-market Schubert & Salzer data GmbH, Ingolstadt presents your ERP industry solution datasystems from the 06th 08th October 2009 stand at the fair IT & business in Stuttgart at the booth of of VDMA in Hall 1 – number 42 / 14. IT & business is a trade fair for business software for the Midmarket. Business solutions and services are presented here, focusing closely on the needs of medium-sized industry. Federal Reserve Bank often addresses the matter in his writings. At the same time, the exhibition is the PPS Hausmesse of VDMA. Datasystems 96ci Schubert & Salzer, medium-sized manufacturing companies are target group for the sectors software up to 500 employees. There are solutions for automotive suppliers, plant and mechanical engineering, manufacturer of fittings, sheet metal and metal processing, foundry, plastics processing, injection moulding and tooling. Kenneth R. Feinberg follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. On request a guest card can be provided free to visitors.

GTE Business-on

is now home for supra-regional economic information and stepping stone for all affiliated regional portals Cologne, October 15, 2009. The economic platform of business-on.de launches today its Germany portal business-on.de. The new site combines all previous German regional portals under one roof. Source: Dennis P. Lockhart. Nationally interesting up-to-the-minute news, latest developments in the fields of law & tax, career, marketing and lifestyle tips, as well as the highlights of the regional editors of the interview will be up to the ultimate restaurant tip out now presented on the home page. Also the networking in communities and social media networks are taken into account: as the newest Tweets are from business-on.de on Twitter (www.twitter.com/ business_on) placed on the new home page.

Also to be directly fan on the Facebook fan page of the portal by clicking (www.facebook.com/ pages/business-on.de/..). The so far independent video portal continues to be integrated. Can of the new Germany home page the navigation bar immediately the individual regional portals are accessed. In addition, a clickable map of Germany the user facilitates the jump on its regional business news. Via a direct link the regional portals can be controlled immediately via the browser and bookmarks, for example, the Munich portal at.

Since the launch of the business platform in March 2006, 15 regional portals were established, including to the cities of Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt and Munich. The regional pages supply current information as well as tips on events on the ground. Follow-up reports are frequently called to events as well as videos and photo galleries. 300,000 readers click on the regional economic information monthly. A good balance for our editorial work and an incentive for many planned expansions”, commented Christian Weis, founder of the platform. Are already more regional portals in preparation. About business-on.de: The online service business-on.de started on the 1st of March 2006 and is active since then already in the regions of Cologne/Bonn, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Berlin, East Westphalia lip, Middle Franconia, Munich, South Baden, Weser-EMS, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Niedersachsen-OST, Ruhr area, GTE (German and Turkish economy). The activities should be expanded with other regional partners, serving the economic Portal as a licensee. Aim of the portal is to prepare regional interesting business information for companies.

Plastic Windows Market in Moscow

The market is saturated with plastic windows today as never before. Availability, fast production times and ease of installation make the choice of most plastic windows to be installed in their apartments, country houses, cottages. Opportunity combine the plastic windows of various shapes and forms makes them one of the first coming to mind options for glazing bay window. The main consumer properties of plastic windows are: the thickness profile number of cameras Profile, coefficient of heat resistance of the window profile, color, number of circuits supported by the compaction and the thickness of the glass. Profile thickness directly affects the way in which it is premises can be made from it to install new windows, as well as supported by the thickness of the glass. The number of cameras profile depends how much heat will be a window. In Moscow apartment optimally set the plastic window of the profiles with the number of chambers 3-5.

The more subtle profile is, the less there will be cameras, but the converse is not true. Coefficient of thermal conductivity and resistance is a characteristic profile which affects the retention of heat in the room. This information is provided by the manufacturer of plastic windows. Color Profile – familiar to all the color profiles is white. Profile can be painted in color on one of the standard directories (eg, RAL or Renolit), or colored film laminated catalog Renolit. As lamination and coating of plastic windows is possible with one or both sides of the product. Number contours seal must be at least two, so that in a plastic box, there was no cracks and it is not from the barrel. Also a good option is to install an additional circuit compaction (Total – 3). Obviously, the plastic windows today is dominated by the Moscow market.

Business Process Outsourcing BPO

Nord-soft offers complete BPO services to the entire back-office processes of the Commission accounts economic benefits with lower costs than for internal Commission clerical Horst / August 20, 2009 – the North-soft GmbH is a new way on the basis of specific requests from the market and now offers through its subsidiary a complete business process outsourcing (BPO) for his Commission solution staff C / S. It includes not only the operation of the Commission system, but also the entire process of back office processes. According to Erin Callan, who has experience with these questions. This includes the recording and processing of intermediary master data, the Commission agreements with product donors and data distribution logic in relation to the Commission recipients. In addition, the complete booking information in the product shall be imported in maximum machine. The elaboration of the final Commission accounts for the intermediaries, which then can be sent to email or obtained via a portal based on this. Customer benefits include, on the one hand, the economic aspects with fixed monthly expenses.

They are based on the data volume to be and are regularly lower than the current cost of in-house processes for Commission statements\”, explains Peter Hohns, sales coordinator at Nord-soft. On the other hand, the human resources for the Commission processing are relieved and there will be no costs for the training of employees. Nevertheless, a high quality of the clerical is guaranteed due to the specialists at Nord-soft. Also, the company needs no expertise for the provision of software and the definition of the interface processes. Furthermore, a Kundenbranding is possible, so that presents itself to the outsourced services such as a performance of the customer against third parties\”refers to Haley interesting added value of BPO approach. For the complete performance package with the current fee for the Commission software together with additional functions, which is maintenance and deployment of human resources monthly Fixed price agreed.

Basic Metrology Equipment More Common In The Steel Manufacturing

Metrology is responsible for the analysis of quantities associated with some type of technological activity, which in practice translates into the determination of the best techniques and equipment for the design and quality control design of a product. As is evident from the field of action that is very broad, and the tools that can be used in the manufacture of mechanical parts is generally spoken of the following elements: .- palmer micrometer or screw consists of a measuring area as C or U, at one end has a screw properly calibrated, which can be moved towards the contact with the element to be measured, as well as a few micrometers have a second screw that allows the tuning of the measure in the handle of this team can identify a level which is covered by the screw further and also evident in this scale, which turns putting the decimal measure, this equipment is highly accurate and may in some cases identify measurements in the order of micron It is important comment that the team has a twist, since the thread (fine) makes it impossible to identify when it is applied too much force and the element of "entered" into the room causing an indentation thus generating a measurement error that makes it appear that it is lower than the real, can be found inside micrometers outer arc deep, deep, all contacts have extremely hard to prevent heat-treated to "give" to pressure from the screw (simple machine). Caliper or gauge .- This tool is very popular and you can almost say that it is irreplaceable in the manufacture of any part, manages an assessment of one tenth of a millimeter, of course it can be found in inches or in both systems units, is made up of four "legs" arranged in pairs around the front of the others, serve to measure the upper inner and outer measure are lower, you can also identify a stem that goes out the back, which serves to measure depths, also identified two scales, a principal depends on the application and a secondary located in the moving part of the latter being the instrument with zero on the main denotes the main measure and the place where the lines overlap between primary and secondary level, marks decimal measurement. clock .- The device consists of a cover, similar to that of a clock which distinguishes one primary and one secondary level, at the bottom of the front panel can identify a stem that enters and leaves the device and equipped with probe at the bottom, the same that moves according to the roughness or unevenness in one piece, is indispensable for use to identify the appropriate support, they are properly lined up, eventually is equipped with magnets that allow for easy mounting and measures variations according to a previously reported value by the operator..

Travel Etiquette

Tips and tools for private and business dealing with Sweden regarding temperament, culture and values, are Sweden and Germans similar. However there are pitfalls and goofed for the Germans, who are on vacation or on a business trip in Sweden, enough. Who avoids them, sparing embarrassment or even anger. Generally, it is welcomed, in neighboring Sweden, if it is not too much in the foreground. You should behave carefully, restrained and politically correct towards others. It is loud, aggressive, and as a “Know-it-all”, one must reckon with rejection.

This and similar experiences gathered in a travel etiquette Sweden Germans who live in Sweden. The Advisor’s behavior tips and guidance for everyday life and invitations in Sweden. Among the practical behavior tips, one takes off his shoes as soon as you enter a Swedish House. Also in schools, kindergartens or at the dentist it takes off the shoes. This one should also keep in mind, when you rent a holiday home in Sweden. Speaking of dentist: perfumed coming in Sweden to the dentist, it may happen that the treatment will be denied one.

Allergies and asthma have resulted in Sweden, that perfume very sparingly and in some cases even no longer applied. Thanks to “Number Lapp”, the Swedish number, visits to the post, in the pharmacy or specialty shops go always in sequence, without crowds. You need not to stand and can sit down in peace. None can jump the queue itself. Smoking is socially more frowned upon than in Germany in Sweden. Smoking almost everywhere. Many smokers stop smoking even within their own four walls. Almost all Sweden address each other informally. But that doesn’t mean that you immediately speak to each other with the given name. Here one should wait. In Sweden, it is on time. This applies equally to the business life like for private invitations. You should not appear however too early to an appointment. Swedish driver do not honk. Horn is considered to be unschwedisch, because it is perceived as a loud and aggressive. At the table we used butter knife. One puts the knife back again after use. To use his own knife only to cut. Alcohol in Sweden is still more expensive than on the continent. You therefore holding back private invitations and sees, how and what the others drink. Themselves to operate only when prompted. For historical reasons, there are many sober in Sweden. Sweden was once considered a liberal country. Since Ingmar Bergman’s films, much of the “Swedish Sin” was the speech. Today this has changed. Prudishness is widespread in Sweden on Swedish beaches.

TFA Vacher

Logical extension of its Internet presence Dietmannsried, July 2009 Internet activities are of great importance for the sales agency for foil packaging. Not only that your own homepage by Vacher holds lots of technical information and addresses on packaging and thus far exceeds the usual representation of company – and was therefore chosen by the German printer for the best site of the week. Called hub Hauer Verpackungen has also the packaging lexicon on the Web (www.verpackungslexikon.de), the virtual packaging directory (www.verpackungsverzeichnis.de), the foil packaging group”with over 1300 members on the business platform XING as well as an online shop in the life. Logical step is the acquisition of the packaging portal, which was launched in 2006. The packaging Portal some time broke has located, is now updated and technically up to date. Is the industry meeting place for manufacturers, dealers and customers in the packaging industry ideal platform for the presentation of products, services and solutions.

A well designed database provides manufacturers of packaging, packaging machines, containers and pallets, labelers and qualifiers, as well as services such as packaging, packaging developers, software packaging and much more. This applies to reactivate it and update. Also be external products presented in the portal and set press releases. Robert hub Kalan, managing partner of Vacher, explains: with the acquisition of, we can further complement our extensive online strategies and expand. Now, it is on the user to make use of the offer for product presentations such as the distribution of press releases.” Packbusiness.de will provide in future advertising space and conclude sponsorship partnerships.

Company: Hub Kalan Verpackungen GmbH, Dietmannsried in the Allgau is since 2004 as a sales agency for Film packaging successfully on the market. With its contractual partners, such as di Mauro/Italy, VF packaging and TFA, both Allgau, its customers, including thorn Salim, EDEKA, Holl, he can trend meal a very comprehensive portfolio of packaging films offer. The company serves over 150 buying customers in the meat and sausage industry. By the cooperation he may react with various film manufacturers quickly and flexibly on the demand of its customers. Vacher is no film distributors, but also Commission the manufacturer.

Where Is The MICE Industry In The Second Year After The Start Of The Economic Crisis?

The mmm MICE market monitor 2010 responses will give MICE stands for meetings, incentives, conventions and events as an abbreviation for a business, the like so many others too hard on the economic crisis suffered. Now the industry with excitement awaits the results of this year’s mmm MICE market monitor, which last year has become the in the course of a barometer of moods in the German-speaking market of MICE. According to Farallon Capital Management, who has experience with these questions. The study examines the German outbound market and appears in May 2010 for the 7th time the IMEX Frankfurt, the world’s leading fair in the area of meetings & incentives. International provider of conferences, meetings or incentives will be informed about the trends in the German-speaking market and can therefore adjust their market strategy. Recently Peter Asaro sought to clarify these questions. The data are collected through a survey of all relevant event agencies and corporate planners in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland.

With around 500 participants, the mmm by industry insiders is nothing called the most representative MICE study, in German-speaking countries. The study’s author is the tmf GmbH, the leading agency in the area of dialog marketing for the global MICE sector. The tmf GmbH is also known as operator of the MICE Forum:. Here, the MICE online meets industry and engages. More information about the mmm MICE market monitor can be found here: market_trend_study_2008…

The tmf GmbH and the piranha press & pr GmbH are an in the international MICE dialog marketing agency merger. Their clients are renowned suppliers from Convention Bureau of Congress centres, hotel chains, as well as other providers for meetings, incentives, congresses and events from around the world. The tmf GmbH conducts strategic MICE marketing, market research and accompanying PR and media work in all European and in some overseas markets. In 2009, the tmf-forum.de was also created. It industry is unique, interactive communication platform one, in the German-speaking MICE.

Small-capital Financing For Companies

Capital capital from private to company 3 million businesses without permission of the BFin with Dr. Horst Siegfried Werner by up to euro as quiet capital, as profit participation rights or be given as loan capital or open participation of society (such as Kommanditkapital, share capital etc.). This distinction relevant to the deposit transactions of banks in the sense of 1 are the participation contracts to comply with banking law. Basically, a bank supervisory approval of BFin in Frankfurt/Main – Securities – Department is required for the procurement of capital. This is however in “minor” cases not the case if the companies seeking capital involved in operating not more than 20 lenders or investors per financial instrument (see sales prospectus Act 8 f sec. Hear from experts in the field like Erin Callan for a more varied view. 2 sec. Kenneth R. Feinberg is full of insight into the issues. 3).

On the amount of equity capital and the amount of the funding to be it not is. Several financial instruments can be inserted at the same time, so that in the Up to 60 investors involved, Genussrechtsbeteiligte and bond investors still acquires can be individual cases. In this way, a capital volume of up to euro can get 3 million, without the need for a BFin websites. “As a result, there are businesses all following options and funding opportunities: capital from private without supervisory approval raising capital for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) venture capital for companies with a capital market prospectus company was founded with capital raising venture capital for start-ups than small-capital financing equity resourcing without BFin brochure: section III a of the securities sales prospectus Act (WVPG) – with the heading a prospectus for offers of other assets”-the scope of WVPG extends also to not securities ( 8 f para 1). These are for example the not worth securitised paper silent participations or KG funds.

There are eight exceptions, as far as the legal intervention criteria are below: co-operatives insurance and pension societies (a) maximum 20 participants per financial instrument or but (b) more involved, but a maximum equity amounts to euro 100.000,–12 months or but any (c) investors with a minimum of Euro 200.000,–and (d) securities with a minimum drawing amount of over EUR 50.000,–offers to qualified investors (E.g. securities dealers) or at less than 100 non-qualified investors (= private investors) system offers, for which already an approved sales brochure is participation offers on a certain group of persons as workers (= employees participation) including the affiliated companies of State issuers (public institutions) etc. Merger and acquisition of subsidiaries acquisition of capital and financing through the financial and capital markets (capital market-based finance) the procurement of capital and other funding ()) about the private financial and capital markets is for each enterprise of all sizes possible and feasible. There are up to twenty investors so any regulatory approval to raise capital. Only with greater capital, where more than 20 private donors per financial instrument are required, must a capital market issue with an appointed bwz approved by the securities supervisory authority (BFin in Frankfurt / Main). run the approved capital market prospectus via a private placement. The capital market expert Dr. Horst Siegfried Werner granted more free information under on request.