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A friend of mine, a successful Internet entrepreneur, earning the network from three to five thousand dollars per month. He buys expensive clothes, cars, sorites money right and left All that he earns the web, he immediately dissipate the same in real life. Another friend of mine – a humble office worker. Hear other arguments on the topic with Attorney General. His monthly salary is rarely passes for a thousand and a half dollars. However, whatever happens, he regularly allocates its earnings to 10% (Something around $ 100) and puts them in these or other financial assets, according to my recommendations.

The first – had to spend at the computer 12-14 hours a day. As a rule – no weekends and holidays. Money had become for him an end in itself, but at the same time, he did not know how to manage your money. All that he earns, he immediately spends. The second – working, not really straining. That hundred bucks, which he lays out his monthly salary, absolutely no effect on his quality of life. He seemed not to notice this little monthly "loss". First – in order to continue to live as a living now, the rest of his life will have to work hard so the same 12-14 hours a day, seven days a week and holidays. And if you do not bring the Lord, he would suddenly lose his business, he suddenly becomes a beggar! Second – to his thirty-five years (now about twenty-guy) will be a dollar Millionaire, will once and for all to leave your job in the office and in the prime of life will live happily give in the form of interest on their capital of $ 10.000 per month and up! The funny thing is that the first – could achieve the same itself, but much faster! Already after 7-8 years he could put together a million, and instead of hanging around for days in front of the monitor began to receive twice as much as earning now, not hitting at the same finger! Millionaires are not the ones on whom had fallen unexpectedly large inheritance or a big win. These "lucky" as a rule, very quickly lose that threw them fate.

This Gold Standard

Sinking of the Gold Standard economic consequence Perhaps the most unlike the First World War to other wars was the destruction of international payment system known as the Gold Standard This is characterized by use gold to settle international transactions and debts, such as’ value standard “with which the different nations fixed parity of its currency. During the war, European powers had to import large quantities of weapons, and obviously that led to the almost total disappearance of this metal in the belligerent countries. By contrast, the neutral countries, net exporters of weapons, had a large surplus, which was dangerous to put into circulation without falling into hyperinflation. These were mainly the United States and Spain.In these circumstances, to restore this payment system was unfeasible: the central banks of some countries did not have sufficient reserves to make international payments, while others had too much, but could not apply the logic followed by the rate of interest. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Robotics. Consequently, this practice was abandoned. In many countries, was put to use fiat money, ie without any kind of support that confidence. The lack of knowledge about the monetary system and the ease with which it was possible to produce more money for the state, led to the great hyperinflation of the 20s, mainly in Germany and Austria. Internationally, the lack of a stable system of payments trade heavily damaged, though sterling remained the anchor currency, with a gradual tendency toward the dollar.In the late ’20s, we tried to recover this system, but errors in setting the parity of sterling British reservations soon emptied another peak and led to the crash of 1929 held in New York. This was decisive for the arrival of the Great Depression and the ultimate failure of the gold standard.