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Housing Stock Company

In the house is usually present fireplace (firewood to heat the dwelling or electricity to you, the selection of the desired power is not an issue, the application for connection is made within 3-5 days), the minimum built-in furniture, the obligatory sauna, sometimes as kind of a bonus, the owners leave the washing machine and dishwasher. Curtilage, the area will be at least 15 acres, in most cases, much more. When purchasing capital structure, intended for permanent residence, no permission need not ask. On the procedure of the transaction discussed later. We also note that if you decide to own an apartment in Finland, you have to be member of the joint stock company, the so-called (Housing Stock Company) – remotely resembling a Russian hoa (homeowners) or cav (Housing – building society). Together with the housing you become the owner of the shares equivalent area of the apartment. Payment of utility services will also depend on the number of square meters belong to you.

It is worth noting that from 1 January 2008, Finland joined the By law introducing energy passport for housing. All residential premises are divided into classes, according to power consumption by 1 square. m. total area. Introduced several classes of electricity from A to G. The most high A class consists of residential premises in which the total energy consumption per each meter of the total area is less than 100 kw. Premises exceeding the threshold of 281 kw / sq.m. recorded in the lower class G.

Property In Bulgaria Is What I Dreamed !

In recent years, Bulgaria continually proves that it is for Russian buyers of real estate the most positive power for the insertion of capital. Demand for houses and apartments, as well as non-residential property in Bulgaria grows daily, but the number of offers is constantly increasing. If we take into account only Runet, the mass for sale of immovable property, Bulgaria ahead of the rest. Our sellers of real estate estimated that in the last year of the Russians who purchased villas abroad, account for about a quarter of those who bought a cottage in Bulgaria. It is believed that first came to Bulgaria British buyers real estate, which, as they say, 'great specialists in this matter.

" Practice shows – where they came and began to acquire real estate British, the country began experiencing an unprecedented economic boom in this area. Pattern of the last time – for the British in the country come to Russian businessmen. As it happened with Bulgaria in the early 21 th century. If an analysis of what forms of property involve our businessmen and ordinary Buyers then can see what sold: cottages and apartments located in the building stage, erected on the water, mountain or building plots, plots of land to be used for subsequent construction of a cottage to shelter or sale; apartments and commercial property in the capital and major cities for the operation, lease or profitable resale. No secret that our countrymen increasingly interested in alternative to the purchase of housing for their own needs, often for a summer vacation and stay than to emigration and the future of citizenship in Bulgaria.

Major Education

The uncertainty without investment spending on education is money thrown away. Much money is spent on fighting poverty, insecurity, corruption, drug trafficking and little to create wealth. The great problems of society make up a colossal monster against which there are no adequate checks and balances, that is why it seems that this monster is winning the battle.

The solution is not to fight that monster because it is a losing battle. The solution is to create checks and this is created with a quality education at all levels and this can make the monster fall under its own weight. If we say that quality education is the solution to the major problems is essential to talk about this in abundance, and put all our attention on this so quickly generate the agreement and what we have. What we have in our daily life is hard to imagine in all dimensions and quality is what we lack, that is why we talk about it in abundance to come to understand and integrate into our lives. Putting quality in education means putting joy in what we do, is to put meaning, is to integrate what we study in what we do in our future to create wealth in this country, is to connect students with the institutions to enlarge the country and its people. Must break with rigid plans and programs, the student will be guided to make their life plan that is linked to a national project that it will be created.