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997 of the CC. Next to this it will come the order of registration, the power of attorney and authorization of the Executive, will have (CC, art. 997, 1). The society will have to require, in the stated period of thirty days after its constitution, the registration of the social contract in the Civil registry of legal entities in the place of its headquarters (CC, art. 998), the lack of the register of the social contract or alteration turning on substance related in art.

997, lead the application of the rules of common societies (CC, art. 986). The entrepreneur and the society entrepreneur in charge of associate the Public Register to it of Mercantile Companies the Commercial Meetings, and the simple society to the Civil registry of legal entities, which will have to obey the norms fixed for that register, if the simple society to adopt one of the types of society entrepreneur (CC, art. 1.150). In the societies, the register will observe the nature of the activity (entrepreneur or not art. 966); the too much questions follow the pertinent norms to the societrio right adopted (CC, art. 983).

The societies for action and the cooperatives are exceptions, ahead of the displayed one in art. 982, only paragraph. In the cases of agricultural societies, that is, whose corporate object is come back to the culture, agrarian development, has the equalization of the agricultural society to the entrepreneur since whom constituted or transformed types according to regulated into art. 1.039 the 1,092 of the CC, in the terms of art. 984. As consequence of the personificao, Fabio Ulhoa RABBIT elenca of the following form: Business title, the society is legal entity, subjects of right, personalized and capable, thus the society will answer for all the legal transactions carried through by the partners on behalf of it.