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Openoffice Impress

One is a user, with a Dell equipment, of 512 Mb memory, that tapeworm a presentation IMPRESS and that at the time of PRINTING, hung the equipment, it began to suspect the content of the lamina and not operating system UBUNTU, neither of OPENOFFICE, nor of the equipment, when it was observed that the impression worked or with any other application. The problematic era due to logos inserted in the presentation, whose sum was of a weight that jeopardized the memory of the processor. Although the logos or emblems visualized in a page occupying very little space in paper, the same was of approximately 2 Mb (stretching it by its corners which can be observed that it does not lose clearness, exposes its hiper-size), when its original version in the page of UNLOADINGS of the 0.330 Intranet is of Mb. And this logo of the company is of 2Mb, venia also accompanied with the emblems standing up by page of ” emblem standing up izquierdo” of 1,6 Mb and the one of ” emblem standing up drecho” of 1.8 Mb. Apparently these logos were copied of a document that circulated originally before RRPP it would place the official emblems in page Intranet of the Corporation, the same in a Dell machine of good capacities, jeopardizes the operation of the equipment at the time of making an IMPRESSION, slowing down and preventing to use other applications, until the impression does not finalize half an hour later. When they want to corroborate the original size of an emblem can use the function TO ACQUIRE – > TO BEAT LIKE NEW in APPLICATION GIMP of the menu of APPLICATIONS – > GRAPHS.

In this point they can use the bar of tool IMAGES and the SCALAR option IMAGE, and measure the size in pixels or simply to keep the image to see whatever measures like file, looking for it with NAUTILUS in his folder where I am kept. The measures of a so large letter in inches remember is of 8.5 xs 11 and the one of a screen 800 xs are 600/1024 xs 768 pixels, if we are speaking that are a logo would have to occupy an eighth of page or screen, thinking about the maximum that would have to occupy. An eighth of page the image of the logo ” enough grande” it would have more or less to be in 4 inches x2 and in pixels 300 xs 200. In this case I recommend to reduce with GIMP logos or to ask to him the user who copies the official emblems that are in the official Intranet of the company.