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The Territory

It is in the territory that the economic, social and institucional resources if complement in the formation of nets of cooperation between micron, small great companies. It is there that the collective learning if materialize, the diffusion of complete technology if, constructing strong relations reliable between entrepreneurs, local society and public institutions (Creation, 2002). Due to scarcity of resources, to the high competition and the process of economic globalization, amongst other factors, the business-oriented accumulation represents a strategy, mainly, for the micron and small companies, who can develop its activities in partnership. ' ' Agglomerated it is a grouping geographically concentrated of interrelated companies and institutions correlatas in one determined area, tied for common and complementary elements. The geographic target varies all of an only city or been for a same country or a net of neighboring countries. The accumulations assume diverse forms, depending on its depth and sophistication, but the majority includes companies of products or final, supplying services of specialized, component insumos, equipment and services, financial institutions and companies in sectors correlatos' ' (Porter, 1993). The agglomerated concept of can be used as a methodology of regional development, however opens here the conceptualization for a strategy not only of industrialization local, but enterprise as a whole, therefore it will be able to have a specialized local accumulation in one determined type of service. In one determined locality chances of investments and economic growth can be identified in diverse segments of the economy.

In this environment, the local companies will have the chance to develop its businesses reaching one better productivity and, consequently, becoming more competitive. The accumulations can be presented of the most diverse forms. They can also be vertical, when each company is in a point of the value chain, or horizontal lines, when the companies carry through the same economic activities. For example, if in one same region a leather company if associates with one of footwear, that in turn associates a retailer store to commercialize its production, characterizes a vertical accumulation.


Summary: The performance of Manuel Antonio In service Da Silva, in the colonial context of Brazil, with the installation of its typography in Salvador, made possible the dissemination of literature in scales not yet tried. Important workmanships of the then Medicine, religious item, among others, had given ‘ ‘ new ares’ ‘ to a country of scarce readers. The confection of periodic Age d? Gold of Brazil was an excellent landmark for the model of reading of the time (now plus a periodical) and the note for a new entrepreneur, with an objective defined, according to consulted sources: the search for customer-readers. Word-key: Manuel Antonio In service Da Silva; Literature – impression; Brazil – Colonial Period – books 1.

The FIRST PARTICULAR TYPOGRAPHY In way to the raised informacional flow it century XXI, we find, as inherent aspect to our days, the relative easiness for reception of the contents emitted in diverse supports (half digital, electronic and printed matters)? that they are transformed into knowledge for the receiver, in the case, the reader. However, when it has little was commented on the bicentennial of the arrival of the Real Family to Brazil, as well as on the evolution of the world national printed matter with the installation of the Regal Press, we detach, here, the initial publication spreading in Salvador, in the scope of the particular typography, and the dissemination of literature. Citing Muniz Tavares, Wilson Martins (2002, P. 299) salient: ‘ ‘ Until a transference of the cut for Rio De Janeiro, the metropolis never wanted to assent in the establishment of tipografias coloniais’ ‘. The author detaches, still, that the first assays of the press that ‘ ‘ they had had place in Pernambuco and in Rio De Janeiro in elapsing of century XVIII, about 1706 and in 1752 respectively, rigorously they had been suppressed, kidnapping material’ ‘.