Giving to continuity to the subject del that we have come commenting in days last over the benefits that the Programs of affiliate can offer to us, in this week I will begin a to share with you some tips personal that me has worked with good results Fodder that the departure point must be to define that it is to be successful like affiliate. For my, a successful Affiliate is that one that makes sales is certain, but that simultaneously it acquires good commissions whereas day with day constructs to its credibility, prestige and good image while its list of contacts or prospectuses grows continuously becoming a dynamic and participating community; A successful affiliate is that one that enjoys than it does and that it knows to optimize his resources which is reflected in a balance between its personal life and the time that dedicates to its business; he is somebody that knows the product that it promotes and it becomes qualified constantly to acquire better tools of work. Perhaps I need to mention some things but in general form east is my concept of a Successful Affiliate and to get to be it the following thing is required: To have a Product Adapted that to promote, chosen with base in a profitable market; meaning that it has demand or as it is said in the network, a hot product. To count on a Plan or Strategy of effective promotion, using all the resources available for example the email, classified publications in, traditional forums, forms, and until the telephone among others many. A good method of pursuit of the results of the activity, fixing indicating clear, remembers that the statistics are important to know if we go or or our strategies require changes. Perhaps a System to catch prospectuses or To increase the list of contacts, this is but the important one, because without list it does not have to that to offer the product to him by very good that it is. To chain products by utility is recommendable, this way it is made feasible realise consecutive sales. To combine with other forms of business, because one can fortify to the other and in any case our income are increased, it to count on a page Web or blog would be helpful. Original author and source of the article.