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Secure Connections

All good expert in CATHEDRAL that boasts knows the important thing that he is to secure connections, has been spoken very many on this and he has been written much more. But the strategy of connections is a field in which the target and the black are joined to become gray and in many cases we will be attemped in falling in strategies that can be effective short term but that they can put much in game to means/long term. The other side of the currency is that to secure incoming connections manually it is a tedious and at least boring work and not always the effective thing that we would like. But as we chose that pages can benefit to us? that tools we can use to secure incoming connections or to detect possible pages that want to connect with ours? Google Alerts: but than it is seen at first But about some we have worried sometimes, so that Google makes our available tools with which they could perhaps make much money, where this the trick? what is the small letter? the answer is simple, the main business of Google is its finder or rather, the announcements that provide through its network Adwords, whatever but pages and better indexed have in their better finder sera the quality of the same and after all this it has been the law by which it has been in force from the beginning reason why it sounds quite logical to help webmasters to obtain a good positioning according to the content of its pages. The tool of that I am going to speak today at first can seem other people’s to our strategy search of connections to our pages. Google Alerts is a tool that Google has made our available so that it informs to us into when Google indexes content with the text that we indicate to him.