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Certainly one of the subjects most important of the world of the empreendedorismo is the offered determination of the price of sales of the products or services. This question is basic, therefore it is by means of the price that the entrepreneur gains the resources that allow the payment of the resources used in the production of the commercialized goods and to get its remuneration, also called profit. One politics of success prices is resulted of an exhausting analysis of the scene where the company is inserted, as much of relative the internal aspects the management of costs and of the productive efficiency, as of external factors, with special emphasis to the value perceived for the customers and the behavior of the competitors. In this aspect, she is necessary to observe that the politics of prices espelha the strategy adopted for the company, which can be segmented in enterprises that primam for the efficiency and management of costs, with sights to offer low prices to conquer and to remain themselves in the market, or by the quality and status of its products to make possible practical of raised prices more. Independently of the adopted positioning we understand that the politics of prices must take care of the three estimated basic ones that are: the definition of the minimum price, the analysis of the competition and the knowledge of the value perceived for the customers. 1 – The definition of the Minimum Price for remuneration of the costs: This stage consists of establishing, by means of the survey of the costs of production of how much it is expense to manufacture each unit of product or service. For this it is necessary to consider the cost with insumos, hand of workmanship, rents, electric energy, transpote and too much item. Beyond these costs, ovalor of the taxes must be added, as the ICMS, PIS, PASEP and possible financial expenditures.