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Profit and Growth

Together, the four verbs that give the heading to this article, represent the dream of any entrepreneur in success search. When this article will be being published, the ANFAVEA will have to be divulging the numbers of sales of vehicles of outubro/09. For more information see this site: Gen. Mark Milley. Probably, we will go to evidence that they had presented fall around 5% in relation to the previous month. By the way, it is this that the reporters of the first days of November had pointed. But, will be this index disclosing the reality of the October sales? Probably not, therefore many vehicles invoiced in September had been only emplacados in October. In if treating to one normal month of sales, the numbers are compensated, as if the month for effect of verification of sales always locked up in day 25.

However, when it has great peaks, as it occurred in the last week of September in function of the partial fall of the benefit of the IPI, there makes difference. However, if the number is this or it is not what less it matters. What we must consider is that the Brazilian market of let us say itself, interesting. History has demonstrated that nor always the greater is what it takes more advantage. By the way, many years behind, visiting a great corporation American north, I read the following phrase in the wait room: sales is vanity and profit is health the water can kill its headquarters, but much water can drown it. Managing Evaldo Coast of the Institute of the Concessionaires of Brazil Writer, consultant, lecturer and professor. Author of books: Alavancando resulted through the management of the quality , As To guarantee Three Extra Sales Per Day and co-author of the Giant book of the Sales

Investing in Brazil

Any investor who if preze knows which optimum moment to possess a paper or to vender it. Two simple formulas exist guide that it in the decision taking: the one that the sum calculates and the one that the present value represents. He is well-known to perceive that both are defined by the tax of interests and are inversely proportional. Other leaders such as US Treasury Secretart offer similar insights. Thus being, let us imagine one definitive paper that the tax of interests is bigger of what to that the investing one esteem as ' ' tima' ' , it prefers to keep the investment that to hold back currency, therefore its present value is lesser of what the sum generated for the applied capital. In the inverse case, one lesser tax of interests of what the tax ' ' tima' ' it will deduct the heading, therefore the present value is bigger of what the sum generated for the applied capital. Who withholds capital thinks about the best attractive taxes to invest its capital. In such a way, the stock market exists that attracted resources for magnifying of projects, whose purpose is magnifying of the physical capital of the companies.

That is, money that generates resulted economic and financial stops companies and investors. What earns with this? All economy, therefore the companies extend its productive park, improve wages, contract new workers, they raise she offers economic and she reduces the good prices you commercialized. In theory he is calm to demonstrate the result of practical actions of functioning of the market. When we carry the real world, we see that other 0 variable exist that impactam the economic and financial relation of functioning of the markets. In Brazil the money is canalized to the financing of the state. As the tax of interests is high, the headings of long stated period are attracted by internal and external capitals.

Acai Berry

What is Acai Berry? Acai Berry is a fruit that comes from the acai Palm tree, this fruit grows in the rainforest North of the Brazil especially in the Amazon, the native Indians of the Amazon have harvested it for hundreds of years, these take the fruits of the Palm to reel off then them and so consumed the fruit directly or prepare a juice so that it has become a staple of the local diet. However, it became popular in the West only a few years ago, when published in numerous television programmes, newspapers and magazine articles. But why this fruit got so much attention from the media? It turned out that this fruit contains a surprising combination of nutrients that promote health among them antioxidants, dietary fiber and monosaturados fatty acids. Recent studies among regular consumers of this fruit based on longevity and good health, have shown that the properties of this fruit may not be matched by any other product natural that currently exists in the market; Therefore, it is not surprising that they have taken the world by surprise! How Acai Berry helps to lose weight? The Acai fruit is best known as a supplement for weight loss due to its excellent results, however consists of other equally important benefits such as reduction of the aging process and helps cell recovery. The properties of the fruit of acai weight loss can be explained largely since its consumption causes an increase in metabolism and this being on one higher rate more quickly convert the food we eat into energy; This happens due to the large amount of antioxidants (substances that prevent oxidative stress and cell damage) that contains. This leads to more rapid decomposition of fat, increases energy levels and combat fatigue.

These combined effects are elements that allow you to lose weight faster and easier, without side effects usually associated with synthetic chemicals. numerous research suggests that eating a diet rich in antioxidants is the key to lose weight successfully. Choosing the right supplement Acai Berry? The following are simple guidelines that will help you select the best acai supplement and not be prey to scams. -Choose products that contain 100% pure extract of Acai fruit. Other products are a waste of time and money. Stay away from products that appear to be very cheap. Don’t forget that ACAI fruits are manually collected in the Brazilian rain forest, which is a very laborious task. Remember that cheapest is not always best. Make sure that the provider provides money-back guarantee. In some rare cases the product may not operate, refund guarantee ensures not to lose money.

International Accounting

This work has the intention to make a briefing study on the International Accounting and the alterations that had occurred in the Patrimonial Rocking that placed Brazil as one of the integrant ones of the roll of countries that had adopted the international norms. Thus it fits to say that the objective of this work is to demonstrate to the international norms and the changes that had occurred in the Patrimonial Rocking through this adoption. Through the practical case it was possible to demonstrate the steps to become the translation of the rocking, identifying the functional currency as being in Reals and converting the values of the demonstration for a functional currency that in the case was the dollar. The relative data to this work had been gotten through bibliographical research, and in other ways of information, such as: sites, magazines, you emend. For the practical case the model of Rocking was gotten through the site of the Gerdau company, however its real values had been modified, therefore the intention of the work is not to analyze the situation of the company. For conversion of the Patrimonial Rocking was used gotten economic indices through the site Financeone and thus the work with the vision of the new challenges and the chances that the accounting provides in them, for the professionals is concluded who if adaptam ace innovations. Words key: International accounting. Patrimonial rocking.

International norms. Translation. Conversion. 1 Introduction the International Accounting is an advance for the profession, comes bringing innovation to practical the countable ones, next to challenges and the chances. In the current days in such a way the accountants as the professors of the countable area need to understand what the International Accounting with its norms causes the presentation of the financial demonstrations. Brazil had the insertion of the International Accounting by means of the promulgation of Law n 11,638 of 2007, that in turn it guides practical countable becoming the obligator one the adoption of the international norms for the public company from 2010, with this research if makes necessary, therefore the necessity of the agreement of these norms for the elaboration of the demonstrations exists.

Latin American Economy

' ' If the deceleration of the economy to continue for much time, until the banks of Latin America podres.&#039 goes to load asset; ' It fears that the deepening of the crisis submits financial institutions that today show health, as the similar Brazilians, pressures to faced for the American banks with the problems in the real estate market and the increase of the insolvency. ' ' It is not the case today, but this is one possibilidade' ' , it affirmed. The director of the Deep one said that the world will not leave the contraction while the rich United States and other countries not to obtain to cover the holes found in the accounting of the banks and to stabilize the financial system, allowing that it comes back to extend offer of credit. Results divulged in the last weeks had indicated that some of the biggest American banks had come back to give profit in the first trimester, but have doubts on the capacity that will have to repeat the performance in the next months. ' ' Financial institution giving profit does not want to say that the credit distribution came back to normal' ' , it said. ' ' The efforts of the governments had not yet been enough to unlock crdito.' ' Brazil then.The forecasts of the Deep one for Brazil are well more pessimistic of what the made ones for the government and many Brazilian banks. The last report of the Central banking on the evolution of the inflation, published in March, foresaw an expansion of 1,2% in this year.

The banks they wait a contraction of 0,49%, according to average of the projections collected for the BC last week. In the evaluation of the FMI, the impact of the crisis he has been subestimado for the government and the Brazilian banks. The economists of the Deep one believe that the shocks provoked for the existing problems in the advanced economies are being transmitted for the emergent markets with more force of what observing with a less including vision of the global economy they are capable of perceber.' ' He is not that Brazil is particularly fraco' ' , the director-aid of the department of research of the FMI, Charles Collyns said, in an interview where the economists of the institution had presented the new edition of its semester report on global the economic scene.


Certainly one of the subjects most important of the world of the empreendedorismo is the offered determination of the price of sales of the products or services. This question is basic, therefore it is by means of the price that the entrepreneur gains the resources that allow the payment of the resources used in the production of the commercialized goods and to get its remuneration, also called profit. One politics of success prices is resulted of an exhausting analysis of the scene where the company is inserted, as much of relative the internal aspects the management of costs and of the productive efficiency, as of external factors, with special emphasis to the value perceived for the customers and the behavior of the competitors. In this aspect, she is necessary to observe that the politics of prices espelha the strategy adopted for the company, which can be segmented in enterprises that primam for the efficiency and management of costs, with sights to offer low prices to conquer and to remain themselves in the market, or by the quality and status of its products to make possible practical of raised prices more. Independently of the adopted positioning we understand that the politics of prices must take care of the three estimated basic ones that are: the definition of the minimum price, the analysis of the competition and the knowledge of the value perceived for the customers. 1 – The definition of the Minimum Price for remuneration of the costs: This stage consists of establishing, by means of the survey of the costs of production of how much it is expense to manufacture each unit of product or service. For this it is necessary to consider the cost with insumos, hand of workmanship, rents, electric energy, transpote and too much item. Beyond these costs, ovalor of the taxes must be added, as the ICMS, PIS, PASEP and possible financial expenditures.


Many companies had currently not been born multinationals, if they had made by means of the capacity of creation and innovation, by means of the ousadia and of serious studies. The empreendedorismo does not have formulates ready and nor resulted accurate, mathematically calculated, therefore it depends on factors others that the capital to be not only applied to undertake and the market to answer what it is had to offer. Everything goes of an idea that if reproduces in practises in concrete actions and with objective tracings. It is clearly that all enterprising it knows that to trace objectives and goals to be reached they are of capital importance for the success, does not advance to count on the hen of eggs of others without before finding the hen and taking care of so that the eggs are produced. Exactly making use of you do not formulate perfect and so little magical, we risk in them to define the bases to undertake. this already is one of the bases, the ousadia. Without ousadia it is not possible nothing because everything becomes falsely more dangerous of what really it is.

But we go the bases of the entrepreneur. Bases of the enterprising Creativity To be creative do not mean that the entrepreneur must create something that not yet was created for consumption or to alavancar profits, in case that it obtains congratulations. But, the fact is that everything what the entrepreneur to think as new certainly already is being thought or already was applied in some place of the world. What it does not mean that is not a useful idea, it only needs to be rethink on the basis of the conditions of the market where it will have to be presented. Prometheus imagines a small entrepreneur called who decides to leave for the production of personalized tooth brushes. He will be that somebody not yet had this idea? This does not matter, what in fact it interests is that the idea can be practised, what it needs is to analyze if he is possible and if is possible that is made.