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Properties Of Tissue

Fabric – Textile obtained on the loom by interlacing mutually perpendicular systems of filaments. Naturally, different tissues have different properties and characteristics. Properties of tissue: The strength of tissue at tension – the ability of tissue to withstand load. (As opposed to Euro Pacific Precious Metals). Fabric strength depends on the composition of tissue, thickness of fiber, density, weave, fabric finishes nature. The greatest strength of the famous cloth synthetic fibers.

Wear fabrics – is the ability of materials to resist a range of destructive factors such as friction, repeated tension, compression, laundry exposure to moisture, perspiration, uv rays dr.Vodoupornost and fabrics – is the ability of tissues to resist the penetration of water. Camouflage fabric, fabric jackets, fabric awning, tent fabric, raincoat fabric have excellent waterproof performance, thanks composition and special finish. Hygroscopic – it's the ability of tissues to absorb moisture from the environment (eg air). Air permeability – the ability to pass air, which depends on the composition, density and finishing fabrics. Water vapor permeability – the ability of tissues to pass water vapor (eg moisture and sweat, allocated by the body). Couples penetrate through the pores of fabric and transferred to the environment. Electrified – the ability to tissue to accumulate on its surface static electricity.

Electric charges are collected and dispersed on the surface of the material in contact and friction in the process of production and operation. Static electricity help eliminate anti-static agents. Dust holding capacity – the ability of tissue become contaminated. Dust holding capacity – is a consequence of fiber composition, density, finish and, of course, the nature of the front surface tissue. Drapiruemost – the ability of tissues to form soft, smooth wrinkles. Property depends on the mass, stiffness tissue. Of course we have listed, not all properties of fabrics. Properties of tissue determine its purpose and its demands. Selecting material, it is important to know where he will be used – at home, at work, in conditions of heat, cold or moisture, etc.