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Kharkov City Council

Economic and political factors remains a major obstacle to investment, which at the moment is not enough in the market. Although it is not a stable economic and political situation in the country expected to increase investment activity in commercial real estate. In this hotel, retail and entertainment projects will be one of the first series in the priority of implementation. Read more from Primerica reviews to gain a more clear picture of the situation. This is due to chance of the matches of Euro 2012 in Kharkiv. A year ago, Kharkov considered as a venue for Euro 2012 games including the spare. After winning the tender in Ukraine the situation has changed dramatically.

Now, regional and municipal authorities are not only have turned to European football forum, but in a voice says Kharkov see at least one of the matches of the championship. According to Victor Hristoeva, Adviser to the Mayor on preparations for Euro 2012 according to UEFA, Kharkov 1927, you must have 5-star rooms, 1335 – 4-star and 175 – 3 stars. To date, the deficit in numbers of high-class as a whole is 2800, while three-star in abundance – "Extra" 773. The second important issue is the preparation of the airport. Victor Khrystoyev emphasized that reconstruction and lengthening of the runway here is crucial: it is necessary that it be not less than 2620 m.

Khrystoyev also reported that the Kharkov City Council has already received assurances from private companies that have built in four five-star hotels. In addition, according to Councillor Mayor, for the reconstruction of ten urban Hotel officials plan to spend nearly eight million dollars. Primerica shareholder shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Nearly $ 15 million will be spent on something to make the student dormitories at three-star hotel. Now in Kharkov 17 hotels. Also, in terms of preparation of Kharkov in the championship construction and reconstruction of public roads Kharkiv – Kyiv, Kharkiv – Poltava, Kharkov, Belgorod, renovation of hospitals. Also consider the possibility of use of recreation centers and camps in the Kharkiv region. Total for the implementation of training and City of Kharkov in the finals of the 2012 European football authorities have provided the city 3.6 billion dollars. Increased investment in infrastructure, increase the investment attractiveness of the Kharkov city, and we can expect major international operators in the field of commercial real estate. Thus, investment DCH group in addition to reconstruction of the stadium "Metalist", developed a project to build a modern sports and entertainment complex 'Metallist City'. Thus, in 2008 – 2012 years can be expected surge in trade – the entertainment and hotel properties, as well as in adjacent areas of commercial real estate – the warehouse, and administrative – office. Real Estate Agencies Kharkov also predict demand and maintain growth prices in the residential real estate and the value of land.

Commercial Real Estate Network

per square. Click Dennis Lockhart for additional related pages. m per month (including VAT and utility bills), the spread is from 100 to more than 1,100 rubles. per square. m per month. The bulk of secondary market for office – this room Class "C" and D. Office of the director of small shopping centers, markets, or start-up companies are located in basements, indoor shopping centers, they may also be absent ventilation and basic set of office furniture.

Most property owners who own real estate office class "C" and D, prefer to lease it, expecting further growth in property values or hoping for an opportunity to reconstruct it in the future by tenants or their own. Offices are located mainly in the central part of town. Today in the Kirov in its historic center office buildings there. In 2008 and 2009. possible to predict improvement attractive for the construction of office buildings south-western district of Kirov, the proportion of areas remote from the center, will gradually increase. This trend is associated with a deficit of land in the center city, as well as the appearance of there business centers.

With the support of the government grows the realization of investment project "Khlynovsky House." Building "houses" will be placed in the street. Water and police, near Veresnikov. The structure of this multifunctional architectural and cultural complex will include a modern shopping and office center class "A". In addition, the company LLC "Commercial Real Estate Network" is designed construction of business center in the retail and entertainment complex "Russia" at the corner of Vorovsky and Ulyanovsk.

Real Estate University

As a result of these adjustments in the popular tourist areas and discounts on accommodation has ranged from 15% to 20% for new housing of some medium-sized cities – just over 10% in areas most populous cities with low living standards – about 5%. What do you think about the government’s actions with regard to housing? Gonzalo Bernardos: These actions are simply deplorable. The government does not understanding of how the housing market. Details can be found by clicking Peter Schiff or emailing the administrator. And it is very harmful to the restoration of the property sector, in addition, they do not understand that out of the economic crisis would have been faster if we could go back relatively active and stable home sales. If sales increase, decrease the “hole” in the states of financial institutions, savings and ordinary banks could issue more loans, increase the number of jobs, increase the collective costs and GDP. To achieve this goal, do not cancel the taxes when buying a home, you need to, on the contrary, to introduce new ones to those who acquire property in order to transfer its lease term of 10 years (except when purchasing real estate for a living). The said tax cuts could be up to 10% and apply only to purchase a second property (but not the first, third or fourth), and the amount to be exempt from taxation, shall not exceed 300 000 euros, as well as to limit the time the effect of this release (for example, a credit will be valid only for three years). On the other hand, to revive the volume of mortgage loans, it would be very convenient if the Bank of Spain has provided 30% of the loan amount, intended for housing, provided that the total amount of the loan will not exceed the appraised value housing.

Thus, decreased the risk of financial institutions in lending, although in reality it is almost impossible to implement. Tell us in a few words about the course of Master-advisers Real Estate University of Barcelona, which you preside. Gonzalo Bernardos: This course is very different from most other training programs of this kind, which are now on the market. Here main distinguishing point is how the process of information exchange between students and teachers. At this rate is dominated by practical exercises. We do not conduct exams and to get Masters, a consultant to several months after the training to pass a thesis. The teaching staff is formed by an exclusive way – of the major real estate professionals Catalonia. Historically, the students of our courses have been created, many companies are bought and sold numerous properties. This is the only Spanish training course, which teaches how to make investments with access to international markets, as a successful advertising campaign and what are the key points of the future strategy for success in real estate. And nobody but us does not teach what should be the steps to be winner of the real estate market during the economic downturn.

Real Estate

First, it is quite noticeable fall return of rental business. During the year the average property price in niches soared by half! Rental prices for it are not tightened, ie, Now, do not make up for the gap in prices and for this year. The next year, experts promise another round of betting on the market. Consequently, the rental prices will be left behind even more. Today, return from rental housing is obtained up to 5-7% per year (for the typical proposals less, exclusive – higher), thus yielding bank deposits even profitability. Landlords may not realize that when Renting them dear Real Estate (odnushka now vstryanet for more than 2 million rubles.) leaves to earn only 100 thousand a year. That kind of money just enough for the very modest life.

Employers, albeit producing more income sensitive average (according to official statistics at the end of the year pay the usual urban residents was presented to 14 thousand. – more recent data is not today), just can not understand how normally reside in rented flat at such steep price tags. While 4 years ago, according to realtors, most of the tenants two-bedroom apartments were couples with children, today often combine two couples and budgets together total rent an apartment. There have been occasions when the couple and the wife's sister or mother and wife couple. Sometimes, such an apartment rented by students. Characteristically, the hiring standard "kopeck piece" vstryanet almost as much as eat 'edinichki' (with comparable as real estate).

Property Market

Sometimes the search can be quite protracted, because friends and relatives are not as "good people" who need a flat and for whom they will be able to vouch. And the relatives themselves, too, have special needs housing, they do not hand over, but the strangers on the street to let it scary. Federal Reserve Bank has compatible beliefs. Still not quite nice to put in their fair housing rights earned in the street, which absolutely know is that he wants a roof over your head! Options for how to catch someone who wants you to live enough. Flat – and good, and inexpensive – it's a big deficit, that's only necessary to determine for themselves what it means to rent: vopolzovatsya services agency or own efforts. To rent an apartment to himself. The first variant. If, however, this option it is much more "warm" to become a competent marketer and advertising at a time, until you look at your client apartment.

It is necessary to promonitorit prices rental market that would not take the cheap or not twisted so the price for which even the king of Monaco would not take it off. Of course, the need to understand where the potential Tenants take information about the proposals that would correctly apply his own. But to start, first of all, you need to with the fact that carefully and usefully explore the existing demand for rental housing. This can be done properly if you view the the same sources as the classifieds, calculated by the meter and similar facilities, apartments, do focus on the city area and your price will be established as quickly as possible. .

Property Buyers

The second type is a modern property buyer conventionally called a "hurry". These are the buyers, who have purchased real estate during its rapid fall, ie From October 2008 to spring 2009. These subjects are distinguished by the fact that had the necessary self-purchase of real estate amounts of money and did not need the support of the bank mortgage. Led them simple philistine fear: "What if tomorrow the banks will lend to? Real estate prices soar instantly! What I shall do with your money? They can no longer suffice for the purchase of selected housing? "These kinds of people, and resolved in a day of falling real estate prices in parting with their savings and purchasing housing. If they lose at a discount price today? Certainly yes! Initially, they were free from all risks with the bank, ie mortgage, but they lost on the difference in price decline since the acquisition of real estate prices fixed on a similar flat in August 2009. And the amount of possible loss, depending on the date of acquisition of real estate may not differ greatly from the loss of "losers." For the third type is the modern buyer Property can only be glad. Let's call it "favorites." These are the subjects of the market that are able to wait for the bottom of it, if only the price of housing in the spring and summer of 2009 can be called a "bottom" (!) As is known, each with the "bottom market "may suddenly open the second" bottom ". .

Buying Property Under Construction

The base offers apartments in new buildings (the buildings under construction). Always a great choice. In the new building you will be able to buy an apartment is cheaper than in the secondary real estate market. Depending on the stage of construction, so does the price of apartment. Thus, at zero under construction, you can buy an apartment for 50% of the cost of similar apartments, but in a house built. Therefore, people who have limited income, decide to buy just such apartment.

On the one hand it is profitable. But there are so many nuances (or risk): First, move into a new home can be only when it is fully constructed and the money will pay for "foundation phase". That is, this option is not suitable for those planning to enter soon after buying the house on a permanent basis. Second, do not know when will be built this house. Under the contract, he may be occupied within a year, and in fact, through year will not be built nothing but a foundation.

Construction could just stop, or company-builder decides to disappear – the options can be set. Third, the quality of the home might not be, as he promised the builder. Building materials – cheaper, skilled labor force is not that strongly affect the quality built home. Also, with the help of our database, you can buy an apartment in an already built house. Apartments in these more expensive but to issue property in his name will be already at the earliest possible time. The database offers selling apartments from owners, real estate agencies and developers. Buying an apartment from the developer, often finishing with allows the economical use of funds for housing. Today, sales of new buildings in the Volgograd region has become one of the fastest growing areas of the company. New to Volgograd infrastructure are in high demand. Serious and lasting relationships with builders, banks and lending institutions allow us to offer our clients a wide range of mortgage programs, discounts, and installments when buying property. Mortgage program for selling new construction, Volgograd and the Volgograd Oblast and real estate, we will implement together with the largest Russian banks. We also provide our customers opportunity to offset the cost of existing housing by purchasing buildings in Volgograd and the Volgograd region. In addition to the sale of new buildings in the area, the agency provides assistance to those who want to buy or sell an apartment in Volgograd. We will help you choose an apartment in Volgograd from our database, exactly suited to your needs. Any real estate Volgograd – a reliable investment for decades to come.

Advanced Property Markets

Promising Future real estate markets real estate markets in recent years there have been significant changes in the structure of the global economic space, it certainly could not influence the market real estate. With these changes there was also strengthening the position of emerging markets in several countries, that was the impetus for expanding the sphere of real estate. Others including Dennis Lockhart, offer their opinions as well. In the near future the main directions of investment will serve the countries in Asia and Eastern Europe, Latin America and others. In this situation, most investors are seeking to use the opportunity and strengthen its position in emerging markets property in these regions, in order to obtain the maximum profit in the future use of the potential long-term investment. The attraction of promising developing markets in the world economy contributes strengthen their position in the global market.

The increase in foreign investments, intense pace of economic development, as well as increasing the number of domestic companies boost demand for office facilities, industrial and commercial real estate in emerging markets. Since the new real estate markets are not yet sufficiently developed, the profitability of real estate is still very high and can bring great profit to investors. High income from investments in private ownership show that investors are willing to pay quite a lot of money to get a stable income in the future. The increase in property values due to the increasing investor interest in developing real estate sector. Moreover, this increase is not limited to the territory of new markets, and extends almost all the countries and world markets. Likely investors will exercise active investment in real estate in the so-called advanced regions, which will bring considerable benefit to them. Source: news-house.ru.

Real Estate Transaction

It is better to avoid these options. Since there possibility that for some reason, most often financial, to get the right amount of floor space will not work. You can wait for 1.5 – 2 months, and eventually left with nothing. Advance will be returned, or offered a higher price for apartment. The buyer of your apartment, most likely will not agree to wait until you will choose another option. You will have to return the down payment, lose the time and the buyer.

Therefore, before making a purchase decision, carefully analyze the situation the seller, whether it is real. Dennis Lockhart takes a slightly different approach. 4. You picked an alternative. The following is the procedure we discussed in Section 2. But now you act as a buyer and make prepayments for chosen apartment.

5. Preparing for the transaction of sale of real estate. At this stage you must prepare the documents needed to sell your apartment. And most importantly – make sure the legal purity of the purchased real estate. If all goes well, you will find the final step: the purchase and sale of real estate. 6. Bargain sale of real estate can be divided into two parts, the mutual settlement between the parties of the transaction; signing of contracts of sale of real estate. Typically, settlement between the parties to the transaction carried out using a subscribed deposit box. Next, you sign two contracts of sale real estate. The first – sell your apartment, the second – the purchase of alternative real estate. Treaty shall be subject to state registration, then you become the owner bought the apartment. Now is the time prepare for a housewarming! Conclusion Here is a general scheme for sharing an apartment. In fact, any purchase and sale is unique. Each transaction has its own quirks and peculiarities. In order to circumvent all the underwater stones and safely to follow through, above all, requires experience in conducting such operations. If it is not – you are risking much by exchanging their own. We recommend to ask for professional help. In Ultimately you will save time, money and hassle.

Managing Director

It is gathered together is the impassable wall that we crashed, quite often, when we try to talk to someone and can’t because he is meeting. Today we will not make reference to those occasions in which heads of offices, as well as assistants and advisers are defended by their Secretaries or Secretaries with a simple is meeting. Only talk about the times in which is meeting really. Our team meetings are a calamity. I’m lost, I don’t know how to improve them. According to Dennis Lockhart, who has experience with these questions.

We are all good professionals individually, however, when we met, we only got to lose time. We spent hours together and we do not reach agreements, on the one hand we don’t communicate with equity, on the other hand deconcentration plans constantly on all of us. I confessed recently the Managing Director of a large organization. Proudfoot Consulting conducted a survey in 235 companies around the world, about the exploitation of the meetings, and found that only 41% was preparing a schedule of the 38% fulfilled meeting before carrying it out, of these only, and of these, only 13% revised Treaty at the end of the meeting. Anchin may find it difficult to be quoted properly. For which such meeting unproductive?. It is clear that the meetings are necessary, since they constitute the most popular worldwide organizational internal communication instrument. In addition to be valued by facilitating the contact face to face, which contributes to cohesive work team, they are very useful for deciding, prior debate, on issues that have relative importance; they are also necessary to lay down criteria, put in common aspects and share opinions. Well planned and targeted, lead us to create links and synergies between each and every one of the members of the Organization, since the participation of each of them, can only be done effectively through tools and instruments afinadamente designed for this purpose. See the faces can come in handy, but it cannot be the aim of the meetings.