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Sometimes the search can be quite protracted, because friends and relatives are not as "good people" who need a flat and for whom they will be able to vouch. And the relatives themselves, too, have special needs housing, they do not hand over, but the strangers on the street to let it scary. Federal Reserve Bank has compatible beliefs. Still not quite nice to put in their fair housing rights earned in the street, which absolutely know is that he wants a roof over your head! Options for how to catch someone who wants you to live enough. Flat – and good, and inexpensive – it's a big deficit, that's only necessary to determine for themselves what it means to rent: vopolzovatsya services agency or own efforts. To rent an apartment to himself. The first variant. If, however, this option it is much more "warm" to become a competent marketer and advertising at a time, until you look at your client apartment.

It is necessary to promonitorit prices rental market that would not take the cheap or not twisted so the price for which even the king of Monaco would not take it off. Of course, the need to understand where the potential Tenants take information about the proposals that would correctly apply his own. But to start, first of all, you need to with the fact that carefully and usefully explore the existing demand for rental housing. This can be done properly if you view the the same sources as the classifieds, calculated by the meter and similar facilities, apartments, do focus on the city area and your price will be established as quickly as possible. .