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Straighten out the wrinkles faster than the sagging tissue. Alignment of an oval face only after the fourth procedure, as in 3-6 months. Contraindications: 1. The presence of pacemaker Heart 2. Severe violation of the integrity of the skin. 3.

Inflammatory and pustular skin diseases in the acute period. 4. Neoplasms. 5. Pregnancy.

6. Lactation. How is the procedure? The procedure of radiofrequency facelift (or RF-therapy) is carried out simply enough. It can perform aesthetists beautician, because management apparatus is performed using the touch panel. Developers devices offer four standard programs Depending on the problem (cellulite, rejuvenation, local fat deposits) and a free program (for cosmetologist with experience). Radio-frequency method for strengthening the party. Before the procedure is necessary to clean the surface (Make-up remover). If the skin is very sensitive, you can use a local anesthetic – 5% Emla cream for 15-20 minutes under the film. Anesthesia allows you to work on high power and therefore get the best effect. Then, on the face applied tonkoprovodyaschy gel. The return electrode tonkoprovodyaschim smeared with gel and put on the back of the client. The working electrode is set on a certain part of the person, then include the apparatus, gradually and smoothly increasing capacity. Capacity installed by the customer feels. He must feel the heat from maniples. The skin is heated to 40 degrees, does not result in coagulation of protein. The penetration depth of 2-3 mm. Duration procedure up to 1 hour 15 minutes. Course of 5 treatments in 7 days. People over age 50 can be made supporting the exchange rate of 1 every year. Effect of prolonged and maintained for 2-3 years. Sagging tissues well podtyagivaeitsya after 8 treatments. After procedures within 30 minutes the skin retains a pink color. The client get the feeling of lifting. Some clients refuse to use moisturizers and masks. Procedure can be performed on separate zones: periorbital area, neck area and chin – 1.2 procedure. RF-lifting procedure can be combined with any beauty treatments: massage, masks, chemical peels and laser resurfacing. After the procedure, you can sunbathe, swimming, etc., ie lead a normal life. Similar procedures are carried out in the care of the body. With this technique, you can strengthen your skin in the buttocks, abdomen, back of the torso. Course of 10 treatments 1 every 7 days. When carrying out procedures were not observed any side effects. Results of clinical observations. During the procedure showed improvement of complexion, reducing puffiness around the eyes, wrinkles and folds. Nicholas Carr: the source for more info. Depending on the age and condition of the client’s skin effect may be noticeable after the first treatment or after the course. Many customers say that skin is more elastic and thus refuse to use moisturizers. In the age group 50 years we have increased the rate to 10 procedures. In this case, the effect of one procedure to the rising.

Only A Miracle !

This story follows a tragic situation, lived in the early days of June 1989 and are recorded in the history No. 191 487 National Hospital “Almanzor Aguinaga Asenjo” EsSalud of Chiclayo. The Shock Around 9 pm on Sunday 04 June l998 in the North American Km.689 of the VW driving toward Chicago where he worked as a gynecologist was infractions by a jeep driven by drunks and drug addicts. The rescue was caught in between braces twisted, with the board and rudder embedded in my abdomen, with the windscreen smashed in my face, the lights went out, the cries grew everywhere, then everything was silent, not lost consciousness and began to scream. My children! , my daughters, I saw nothing, a sharp pain throughout my body shaking, the rudder pressure suffocating me, looked like blood leaking from my broken femur, I knew I could die in minutes, I closed my eyes and opted for the easier: let me shock hJpovolemlco lead to death, but the cries of my courage returned Karinita me Daddy, Daddy!, “she cried It hurts so much, I replied, and gave value to my voice and off, and suddenly several cars parked around accident and three people gave vent their solidarity and their misery, while some others came to help the WV looted, were stolen briefcases, money and gifts that my Natalie had received that day. For serving his first saw indigo..

Radiation Sickness Days

Under a hotbed of nuclear destruction is understood area of human settlements, industrial, agricultural and other objects which has undergone the direct effects of nuclear weapons of the enemy. Behavior and effect of the population in the outbreak of nuclear destruction are largely dependent on where it was at the time of a nuclear explosion: in shelters (shelters) or outside them. Asylum (shelter), as shown earlier, are effective protection from all destructive factors of nuclear weapons and the consequences resulting from use of these weapons. It should be just carefully follow the rules of stay in them, to comply strictly with the requirements of commanders (senior) and other up to 3 days, in the infected area with a level of radiation 240 R / h and above this time is 3 days or more. After this period of shelters (shelters) can go into the living room. During the next 1 – 4 days (depending on the level radiation in the areas of infection) of these facilities can go outside from time to time, but no more than 3 – 4 hours a day. In dry and windy weather, when possible dust formation, when leaving the premises should be used personal respiratory protection. At the indicated dates of stay in refuges (shelters), the need becomes clear, as stated earlier, to have stocks of food (not less than 4 days), drinking water (at the rate of 3 liters per person per night), as well as household items and medical supplies..

Business Tips

SMELLS rule the world (Notes dentist – sick gums, bad breath) Why do not got a career, and you can not find an approach to people. Why do you have few friends, in spite of your skills. Why close relatives and are experiencing discomfort and nervousness in communicating with you. Why are you being visually appealing, and spending much time and money to maintain a presentable appearance, you can not force a relationship with a girl. After all, it is limited only polite to anything not in possession of dating. Your success with women is realized only after parties, corporate events 2-3 times a semester. Why is your neighbor on his bed in the dorm room he prepared him for individual dishes meal, and you with mockery and sarcasm about that in my soul accusing him of excessive cleanliness. Above all you bother constant salty taste in your mouth and always hanging out chewing gum in the same place, the constant contemplation blood in saliva when brushing teeth and spitting.

Eventually, realizing this, your speech becomes compressed, you crumple words, turn away, and removed from distantsiruetes interlocutor in conversation. Can be a long time comprehend and summarize the reasons for your life failures and small invincible and think, maybe I'm unsympathetic, but worse, a loser. And the reason may lie only on the surface and it is commonplace. After all, our behavior and emotions rule smells. Even the ancient Incas paid this much attention, trying to create an elixir for the nose of the natural components.

Wonders Of Nature – The All-rounder Tea Tree Oil

While mankind has held in recent decades with synthetic preparations of water, the 68'er movement led to discover-tested natural remedies again. In the course of a drug known for thousands of years has been discovered, whose versatility is hard to beat: The Tea Tree Oil Tea tree oil is extracted from the Myrtengewachs tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia). This tree stands out among other things, the fact that it is up to 100 years old and has white bark. In a distillation process is obtained from the Teebaumzweigen the precious tea tree oil. History of the tea tree: the presence of the tea tree was formerly on the river landscapes in Australia (New South Wales) limited. For the Aborigines, he already enjoyed in terms of its healing great reputation. With the settlement of the Englishmen on the Australian continent of tea tree but could also find first recognition.

As the aromatic plant was at the beginning of settlement used primarily for making tea, He still leads the name of Tea tree, that is tea tree. In 1930, the Medical Journal of Australia published a first study on the possible uses of tea tree oil. The following studies were concerned mainly with the use in Mykoseerkrankungen, such as foot or nail fungus. The respiratory tract and inflammation could thus be treated effectively. So it was no wonder that tea tree oil was used in the Australian Army units. Today's application: Today Tea Tree Oil is used in many medical and therapeutic areas. Especially in aromatherapy plays this essential oil a large role. Everyday applications arise in: * Massage (for example, rheumatic complaints, muscle pain, etc.) * disinfection * Athlete's foot (eg by foot bath 1x daily with the addition of 5 drops of tea tree oil) * Insect repellent and treatment of insect bites * warts (by daily Eintupfen with tea tree oil) * grooming the pet, and eliminate parasites such as fleas and Lice * minor burns This is only a besipielhafte counting, tea tree oil has in addition to other substances or in its pure form on a variety of applications. Tea tree oil is again an example is that the use of natural products in many everyday situations might be advisable.

Properties Of Plants

Burdock – Arctium lappa L. Aster family – Asteraceae Biennial herbaceous plant 60-180 cm root of its fleshy, long. Stem erect, softly – hairy, ribbed. The leaves are large, long, alternate, cordate-ovate, lower surface tomentose. Flowers red-purple or white, gathered in the inflorescence – baskets placed on the tops of peduncles in the form of plates. Flowers in July and August.

Distributed almost throughout the former Soviet Union. It grows like a weed in garbage places, along roads, river banks, in gardens, orchards, near housing, especially in damp places. Use of roots collected in the fall (one-year), or two-year, collected spring. Chemical composition: the polysaccharide inulin, essential, fatty oil, tannins, stigmasterol, sitosterol, bitter, stearic acid, palmitic acid, protein. Action: diuretic, diaphoretic, anti-allergic, regulates metabolism, particularly carbohydrate, and the function of the digestive system.

Only used in folk medicine for skin diseases (eczema, neurodermatitis, prurigo, skin itching, hives, psoriasis, abrasions, hair loss). According to N. T. Kovaleva (1971), plant alkaloids, the second fraction, obtained by electrodialysis has a pronounced ability to delay tumor growth. One might think that the positive Burdock effect in psoriasis is due to its ability to inhibit mitosis, which then reinforced dermatosis. How to use: decoction or infusion (1 teaspoon of crushed root in 0.5 liter of water) – 0.5 cup 4 times a day to meal. Burdock root is a part of medical fees for treatment of many dermatoses. In their effectiveness, mechanism of action of burdock root can successfully replace the imported root sarsaparilly that Churolinov P. (1979), Pophristov P. (1963) recommend for psoriasis, lupus jingoistic, eczema, neurodermatitis, urticaria, acne vulgaris. Externally a decoction of burdock root is used for baths, washes, wet-drying Turbans in itching dermatoses (Eczema, neurodermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, prurigo, skin ulcers). Decoction and tincture is rubbed into the hair roots with hair loss. Ointment with burdock root has a good therapeutic effect in eczema, hair loss, burns (AP Popov, 1968). – Traditional recipes treatment